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Why there cant be aliens

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posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 02:59 PM

Originally posted by TrentReznor
Any E.t. that is Far advanced that us cannot and will not Be Hostile,
for if they were, they woulden't have got that far.

They would most certainly have Destroyed themselfs.

True Peace, Must be one of the Biggest hurdles for evoloution and is
IMPERATIVE for evoloution,

We as Humans are failing,
Maybe theres a chance we can pull through......Maybe

I completely agree. The only other reason for warfare is resources. That is what is going on today. And i'm sure if a more advanced civilization needed our resources they wouldn't hesitate in taking it. But our civilization is still on a power trip. Someday I believe we will unite all as one but maybe not in my life. As we become more intelligent the gap grows a lot smaller. We can only hope our children and their children will use what so many died trying and that's having similar goals while maintaining peace.

posted on Dec, 15 2005 @ 04:33 AM

Also Human logic don't cut no ice with aliens. When ever they encounter human logic they just laugh and laugh.

Really? How did the Aliens tell you?

I believe that yes some alien races are out there and some are visiting and goverments are aware of this. I think this because of what I have read and talking to other people about it.

But has anyone ever considered that yes there are other races out there who are not visiting us and we are the most advanced race in the universe? Why not if all this other stuff is possible this could be. Do you know what else could be possible we could be the aliens by this I mean our goverment are visiting other worlds and abducting. I never really thought about this but while where all down here talking 4 doctors and a pilot from Earth could be on there way to a planet to do some tests on someone. On their planet could be books with pictures of humans in 'Many people believe these Alien beings are abducting them' Even an ATS alternative of someone who seen a flashing light by their window or a sighting of one our crafts.

By the way the title of the topic should be 'Why I believe there can't be Aliens' I don't think people should assume they know for sure it should be what they think.

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posted on Dec, 15 2005 @ 11:35 AM

Originally posted by naXaH
What is the differnce between us and them?

You humans usually only see two things because of your dysfunctional genetic disposition. Everything you look at you ask yourself only two questions:
1) How is this positive for me? AKA What can this do for me?
2) How does this potentially threaten me and how can this either hurt me , and can this take anything that is positive away from me?

Stupid humans only measure in terms of fear and hate, and all they can see and witness and experience and create are still subject to their own fears and hates. Fear and hate. Too cowardly to even resolve their own fears within their own minds. We see how you manifest your fears in your shared reality. We don't want to share that reality. Think about it humans: You only hate because you justify in you mind that that which you hate has the potential to take something you love away from you. Your entire race is the lowest on the planet. We see no other life on Earth that chooses to eraticate entire species and commit genocide upon even your own race. It's pretty obvious what you'd do to us, well at least what your intentions would be. You humans are also the only race on Earth we see that kill for fun. We don't understand. For the first 700,000 years we were visiting the stars we found no one. We were all alone. The universe seemed so empty. We did not want to be alone. Here you are in paradise with so much variety and so much life, and you either hate it, fear it, or use it as your own.

The aliens have overwhelmingly better technology. It is pretty sure the most have achieved immortality due to medicine, nano technology or something we dont even imagine.

Wait for it . . . . Wait for it . ... . . . here it comes . . . . . .

Immortality is what all or most life forms will try to achieve due to instinct to survive.

Ha Ha Ha. There it is. "Self Preservation" means:
Self = me me me me me me me me me me me
pre = Before, prior to, before all else
Serve = to aid, to help, to love, to serve anything or anyone

Anyone that is "I'm selfish before i serve anything or anyone" has that encoded into their very dna, their very cells. And since you the big and powerful human are only 1 you are simply too great to see how you are mortal because your very cells don't work together, because of their fear and hate, because of your fear and hate! We did not achieve immortality because of technology or medicine, we achieved immortality by simply choosing to do so, telling all our little cells to change the code that was wrong.

Ok now they are immortal what do they want now? Stay alive! So the first and obvious next step is to eliminate all threats. I asume the most will pretty soon eliminate all local threats or migrate to safe stellar systems.

Of course you humans would assume that. You are only capable to judge anything by comparing it to what you know, and all you truly accept as true is what you know of yourselves. And all cowards can do is either run or destroy that which they don't understand. You only permit yourself to see two choices (because you are a ignorant race):

1) Serve conquerers
2) Conquer conquerers

Far to stupid to see if conquerers are conquered by servant the servant will be the next conquerers to be conquered. We've learned over the past few million years that service is the only truth, and that life is far to rare and far to precious to loose. We revere and love and serve. Once you're at the top, define the top as serving truth. Not like we expect you to comprehend. I mean look at you! 7,000 + years of written and recorded history devoid of 7 consecutive days without war, killing and distruction. Why? Because over 7,000 years you haven't learned a thing from yourselves. As for your mighty tecnology: How is it you belive you went 7,400 years of using beasts of burden to get from point A to point B between 5,400 b.c. to 1902 a.d., and then from the mass production of the automobile to walking on the moon in 62 years? Simple, you have nothing else to tell you how stupid it is to say technology begets technology at such a rate that 7,400 years of animal transportaion to 1902 model T Ford mass production to 1969 walking on the moon. Nothing in your minds tells you how vain that sounds.

Not that we would expect you to understand this in your present state of mind, but we still serve you, and protect you with as little interaction and as little interference as possible. But, look at you! You want to hold us to your standards, and yet you can't even hold yourselves to your own standards!!! This country called America is the "Greatest nation on Earth", and their leader is always blabbing "God bless America", and his God is the God of Christianity. And, our (your) Christ said "An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind", we know this because we were there to witness Yehoshua bin Yoseph say these things. Now look at your actions and behaviors and compare them to the lies you say and hear. You say you follow the teachings, and yet when you have 2 buildings toppled due to the ideologies of 19 people from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, America's response is to topple 2 countries: Afghanistan and Iraq. Your actions speak louder than words, because your words are a waste of vibrating air (especially when you are not listening to them), well that is not entirely true, they are not a waste, for we hear your truth in them, however your conscious mind may not.

This is what I think an alien would say, if i had enough empathy to understand.

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