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Habit 0

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posted on Dec, 10 2005 @ 11:16 PM
It is strnge sometimes how our brains work.when we are young the world is new to us and our brains are this point depending on the ability of the individual to think and use their brain through the developement of the genetic evolution that their family line has experienced they begin to discover and realize their world around youth we are formed through our environment and mental conditioning.the levels of influence from each variable is succeptable to change.this is where we get the instances where aperson who has all the makings of a good home turns into a killer or where the grey area in this topic is why do people sink into paterns of comfortability.and habit.i believe that the subconcious is the its hard to describe and discuss something that as far as i know has no physical form id like to let people know that i have
little school education and rarely do i read on others thoughts until now....
but i believe that the way it works is that with time our brains accept the information that we recieve in a sort of
i gains weight with time so to speak the more its programmed the more concrete we believe the if i have these thoughts .surely those in charge of the americana propeganda assault on our subconcious to buy their products through trained actors and 35 second bombardments know this all to well.
now i dont watch t.v.but i wonder how many minuits if we took all the people who watch tv in one day.and
added up the amount of time of Macdonalds commercials watched i bet it would add up to ten years worth.
now we all look at time as being one thing that governs our lives(well many of us do)but i dont.each experience of life is its on individual time line.for many of us do not exist at the same time.although we are here at the same time.....thats another topic.but ten years worth of macdonalds commercials are watched in one day by all of us
now i bet its more but hey..this is all any way i have gotten off topic a bit i think
all for now l8r

posted on Dec, 11 2005 @ 03:30 AM
Intresting post.
Suggest that you might want to post this line of thinking on the thread here in Media and Education under the room "How to control people".
Some of what you are posting is mentioned in this "How to control people " thread. Your line of thinking can cover alot of ground...a whole lot when thought out to its logical conclusion. Well done!!


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