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The reason why I haven't post yet about the bush and chirac meeting :

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posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 01:44 PM
Simply because I dont mind. I dont need to read the newspaper to know what they have to say...

When a liar meet a liar, truth is absent from the discuss. And because I believe in truth, I cant trust 'em.

The surname of Chirac in France is Super-liar. You see how we can have confidence in our president !

He made his com' (his ads) when the iraq war was starting, last year, but simply because he wanted to be consider by the international communauty. And when 15.000 people died this summer, he stayed on holiday and went back after the disastear.

And BUSH is not better.

I hope my point of view wont shock you :
A french singer say in one of his song that the political people responsibles shall all end in a psychatric hospital. Maybe we would have better days...


posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 02:23 PM

Not to go too far off topic but the current French presidents name always reminds me of Blacque Jacque Shellacque from looney tunes

posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 03:09 PM


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