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Reptillian Research Project

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posted on Dec, 9 2005 @ 11:00 AM
I finally got around at starting this thread and do some research, I have the remainder of this month to work on this, after the 30th (of December) my participation might decrease since i'm moving to another country (United States), I still encourage users to continue after my reasearch post deminish.


The goal is to proof (or provide hard-evidence) or disproof the existance of Reptillian beings, if plausible, determine how they evovled and where they are from, otherwise if not plausible, determine why such stories took place in the first place.


We all heard many stories within UFOlogy that they exist and some completely deny the possibility of their existance, let's once and for all bring a strong case pointing towards them existing or not based on the plausibility of their existance, this could be attempted to be proven by field-trips by our members to collect evidence, if this doesn't provide the wanted evidence and/or proof further research should be done investigated abduction cases and the ones involved (possibly evaluating them in their credibility), investigation of sightings should be done as well, possibly have field trips to these hotspots, possibly alledged sites like Dulce.


Serious research only, No Hearsay or personal theories and/or hypothesis, updates per members should be around once per week.


-Arm Of Geddon
-All Seeing Eye

Others willing to contribute in other ways:
-Redmage, he is "game" for expeditions, esspecially in Iowa when I move down there, findings will be posted in the research thread ofcourse, only if it's anything of interest.
-LizardsAmok, he surely will provide links for research and he could share his own alledged account with the Reptillians, i'm still uncertain about his credibility.
-SniperBanshee, a member of this site and my wife, she probably wont post personally due to her MS but she is willing to share her own accounts with strange reptillian beings visiting her in the night.

posted on Dec, 9 2005 @ 11:07 AM
Great to see the project up and running

I agree 100%, hearsay and personal wild theories/debunking won't get us anywhere, especial on a subject such as this...

I'll start of with the abduction side of the story, where it all began. At least to my knowledge.

Should be interesting.

Ground Zero, would your wife be willing to do video/audio interviews for the project? If so, that would be great.

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posted on Dec, 12 2005 @ 07:50 PM
link's pretty obivious that these stories are hoaxes but some appear interesting. Well, here it is:

posted on Dec, 12 2005 @ 10:07 PM

We can start now. Ive been MIA for a few days, but I am ready to roll. If it is cool with everyone else, I will start digging into the history of reptillian beings. I have a few websites that I found that deal with reptillian beings if anyone wants to browse them. One is very detailed and would surely take a few weeks to read completely!!

I also have a book that has drawings of reptillian beings based on personal descriptions. It actually deals with encounters of different types of alien beings, and there is a section dealing with reptillians. If anyone is interested or you are going to focus on what these beings look like, let me know ok.

And awaaaay we goooo....
(Ooops, sorry 'bout that. I guess its my bedtime.

posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 03:00 PM
Ok, here is some information from the book I found on alien descriptions.

The book is called "The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials" by Patruck Huyghe. Here is what the book looks like:
external image

This creature is referred to as "Swamp Creature". It was seen by Fortunato Zanfretta on 12/06/1978 in Marzano Genoa Italy

This creature is referred to as "Lizard Man". It was seen by Ron and Paula Watson on 07/??/1983 in Mount Vernon Missouri, USA

This creature is referred to as "Goblin". It was seen by Billy Ray Taylor, Lucky Sutton and the Sutton Family on 08/21/1955 in Kelly Kentucky, USA

The description of the encounter is inside the book also. If you cannot find the book at your local library like I did, please let me know and I can give you the information about each encounter. The validation of each encounter was not availible in the book, however the author did his best to not include accounts he knew were hoaxes.

Here is a link to that website I mentioned earlier that has alot of information on it. The Reptillian Agenda There are a few things there worth looking into. Later on I will post some other links I think will be useful after I have looked through them.

posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 04:08 PM
Ok i get picture #1,but #2 looks don't looks fully reptilian.It looks like a human crossbred with reptilian genes,and 3 looks like an Imp. Have u ever heard of those things b4?

posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 09:08 PM
I have heard the names themselves before, but not in reference to an alien being. (Except for "lizard man" of course) From what I understand so far, they have a few different forms that are definitively associated with them. Hopefully we will get some real answers during our research.

posted on Dec, 15 2005 @ 11:07 AM
Here is a list of most accepted theories on the reptillians concerning where they live, where they come from, etc.

Reptillian Humanoid, Repotoid
Origin: Earth/Terra

Eyes: Retillian eyes (often gold or have a star shaped glow around their pupil) with horizontal slits
Skin: generally reported having scales, having different colors and patterns.
Hair: Little hair has been reported, but there have been cases of reptillians with alot of hair, esspecially on their head.
head and Face: Human like flat faces are common, but they are often reported having snouts and having more of a Komodo dragon type head, they also often have ridges on their heads like dinosaurs (dinosaurmen is also synonymous to reptillian and reptoid).
Length: 5ft - 6ft is probably most commonly reported but there have been extremes as well such as 8ft and 4ft tall.
Weight: Unknown, open to speculation.
Body: Reptile like (obviously), tails have been reported but not in all cases, sometimes are reported having plates on their back and their tail, but not as common.
Genitalia (I know, Ick): Males often reported being well-endowed, some reports seem to point to them carry their genitelia on the outside unlike reptillians we know, According to the disputed Lacerta files, females have a small genital region, this species seem exceptionally sexually active.

Sometimes they wear clothing not too desimilar from us, sometimes they don't wear clothing at all. as stated before, seem very preoccupied with sex, often men and women get sexually assaulted during their encounters with this species, little is known of their culture.

I will add more in the future, members feel free to add additonal information, most of this is straight out off the top of my head, I will add corroberating links soon.

posted on Dec, 15 2005 @ 07:25 PM
The research forum is for productive posts only, all comments and posts should be contributing to the further study of the topic. No small talk or introduction is needed, as explained here.

TL you can now retake charge of your team.

posted on Dec, 16 2005 @ 05:19 PM
Advisor is right, I did not make that clear yet, Street-Fighter, this is not a thread to just discus things, this is were we actually post our research that we have done reading books and read on the internet.

The blame should go on me for not making this clear in the first place, but we can learn from our mistakes.

Advisor, is it possible all non-relevant post will be removed? thank you.

posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 05:29 AM
Please do not directly link images from other sites. If images are to be posted, please right click and "save as", a new folder can then be created and all research imagery can be saved there. To post an image, just use the "mCenter" or member center, then member upload where the saved file can be posted by finding it with the "browse" feature. From there it can be saved and then accessed by selecting it from the file name list.

This is so that ATS doesn't leech any one elses bandwidth, they paid for it.

Thank you for your patience, fall out.

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posted on Dec, 18 2005 @ 10:57 AM
OK, this link has some history about the reptilians and the battles they were involved in:

This one seems to be a negotiation between a Human female and the Reptilian male.It's a good read tho:

This one is about an abduction of a college student:

Don't know about this one, but i can tell u this, it's probably about their history and how r they were known:

This link is kinda the same as the last one:

That's all i've found 4 now.

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posted on Dec, 21 2005 @ 07:07 PM
First, I'm contributing by helping to understand the hypothetical anatomy of reptilian humanoids (reptilian, reptoid, draco, whatever), in order to see if it would be physically possible for such creatures to have evolved on Earth. I'm trying to analyze probable paths of reptilian evolution that could have, theoretically, lead to the existance of a sentient, "humanoid" saurian species.


Here's a list of traits and notes about anatomy I put together (so far) that I think should be taken into consideration. I made this list by observing and comparing characteristics found in humans, dinosaurs, birds, and various reptiles (and careful observation of myself in the mirror). I think these traits are very important and could possibly be deciding factors in determining whether it is physiologically prossible for a reptoid (humanoid reptilian) species to exist.

For a reptile to appear humanoid, I believe it may just require some of the same choices in natural selection, sexual selection, and (oddly) domestic selection that we made in our own evolution. There are plenty of animals that look similar, have similar traits, and perform similar functions, but are completely different species (take birds and bats, for example). In theory, it's not entirely impossible that a reptoid could exist. What we should probably look at is not the possibility of reptoids existing, but the probability of reptoids existing.

The following traits may not be completely essential for a humanoid reptile to exist, but they would have needed to develop some sort of alternative equivalent (in the same way that bats don't need feathers in order to fly, instead having webbed skin between digits).


Pelvic bone - In humans, the pelvic bone bares the weight of our internal organs. It does this by forming a semi-"bowl" shape that cups the lower organs near our hips. In quadrapedal animals you'll notice that the internal organs are supported by the ribs, not the hips. The same is true in all other known bipedal animals, such as birds and dinosaurs... Although they are obviously standing on two legs, they are not standing vertically. pelvis_male_anterior_PB121176.JPG - Male hip, front. pelvis_male_superior_PB121177.JPG - Male hip, above. pelvis_female_anterior_PB121174.JPG - Female hip, front. pelvis_female_superior_PB121175.JPG - Female hip, above.

If you're a supporter of the "Reptoids evolved from dinosaurs" theory, reptiles would had to have evolved mammal type hips, then evolve a hip that would form an appropriate shape for supporting their organs. Otherwise, they would not be capable of standing truly upright, only at a vertical angle, probably somewhere between 45 and 90 degrees. If you look, you'll notice illustrations of dinosaurs, such as Iguanodons, standing semi-upright. However, these pictures are somewhat misleading. Their normal posture would be more horizontal, and would probably only stand semi-vertically for brief moments, such as when reaching for food from high places. - Notice the awkward way this skeleton is positioned. It looks off-balanced. This Iguanodon would not be able to stand like this for long, much less actually walk like this. The torso is too bulky and heavy. (Add: torso of dinosaurs would need to be shortened)

Female hips - The size of female hips would depend on the amount of space needed for the birth canal. If females give live birth like humans, they would look similar to human females in shape (i.e. wide hip, hour glass shape). However, if they lay eggs, like most known reptiles, the birth canal would be significantly smaller, meaning that the difference between the shapes of male and female hips would differ very little, if at all. - Note the difference between male and female hips in humans.

Male and female sizes - Many paleontologists, based on dinosaur skeletons and clues from modern birds and reptiles, believe that some dinosaur species (such as Tyrannosaurus) may have had larger females than males. Just something to think about. (Has anyone run across stories of female reptoids in abduction cases?)

Knees & Standing on toes vs. heels - Because of our vertical posture, humans center their body-weight with their legs. So to take some of the stress of weight off our leg muscles, we've developed knee bones that prevent our legs from bending backwards. Because of this, we can keep our legs straight and balance our weight on our legs much easier, as if being supported by straight poles.

When looking at skeletons or illustrations of bipedal dinosaurs, you can see that they're shown standing on their toes, instead of their heels as humans do. - Leg bones of a Utahraptor. Notice that the heel is raised and forms a sort of reverse knee-type joint, instead of a structure for standing on.

You might notice that if you stand on the tips of your toes that you automatically tilt the rest of your body slightly forward in order to counterbalance the backward push of your toes. This is an awkward position for a person to stand. Now, if you bend your knees some, you'll notice that your back will straighten again (assuming you have a straight posture to begin with).

If a humanoid reptile were to stand upright it would either have to stand on its toes with bent knees, or evolve to stand on its heels with straight knees. Upright posture means that more of the body's weight is focued into a smaller surface area on the ground, instead of being spread out and balanced. If standing on its toes, this would mean it would be in a constant state of holding its full weight up with its leg muscles, resulting in either extremely powerful leg muscles, or the creature becoming easily fatigued after extended periods of movement (definitely not an evolutionary advantage).

(Add: also, heels have sponge-like bones for shock absorbance. I don't know if dinosaurs toes are formed like this, but reptoid heels would need to be, if they walk on heels)

I'll post again after more research and typing.

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posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 10:12 PM
Take a look @ this link:

posted on Dec, 25 2005 @ 07:16 AM
Please refrain from posting links without any comments, the purpose of a research thread is to post indepth research and refrain from chatter.

posted on Dec, 26 2005 @ 01:43 AM
From my friendship with Stewart Swerdlow, who has encountered the reptilian beings, I have learned a few things about the reptilian race.

1) There are two types that evolved in this galaxy.
.....a) Reptilians from Alpha Draconis - otherwise known as the Draconians or Dracos
.....b) Reptilians called the Annunaki

2) The first, the Draco, are 'androgynous' and are without gender but are said to be masculine. They propogate through cloning in 'physical Reality'.

3) There are 7 caste system with the Draco. Lower ranks are workers, higher ranks are white winged reptilians and are warriors. The Hindu Caste System is based on the Draco caste system

4) The Draco DNA is the 'base' DNA found in human beings. They are the original Creators of the human race with a pact made with 12 other species of humanoid life which were added to the reptilian base DNA.

Evidence 1: Embryo of a human takes the shape of a reptilian form as the reptilian DNA is activated. As the embryo continues growth the other 12 DNA contributed to the project are activated.

Evidedence 2: Humans have a reptilian brain stem.
.......Have fight or fight characteristics. Instinctly the human 'core' is reptilian

5) Draco life form originated in the astral realm.
........They thrive in the lower astral levels. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Astral reptilians are attached to alters in programmed slaves used in sexual Majick otherwise known as satanic ritual. (Real satanic ritual has nothing to do with satan, but that of demonising a body with that of an astral being)

6) Draco thrive off fear and blood letting
.......See number 5. Used in Ritual

7) Draco thrive off chemicals produced by the pineal gland.
.......See number 5. Used in ritual - a tonic mixed with other chemicals with that of the chemicals released by the pineal gland are used in ritual.

7) Elite of earth are direct descendants of Draco
.......Shapeshifters whatever. They have a 50/50 genetic split of pure human and Draco DNA. This causes shapeshifting. They are able to hold form because the mind-pattern prevents the reptilian DNA from activating. Once activated by ritual and or blood letting, the DNA of the elite activate and causes a shift in EVERY cell of the body with active reptilian DNA (There is a science behind this people).

So far, this is all I will reveal for the time being....

I believe people can believe whatever they want, and others shouldn't judge them purely for different beliefs. Good project people!

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 04:57 PM
Aww man. This link has their history. It's a very good read:

This link has alot of case files about the reptilians, greys, and the draconians. I'm telling ya, these ppl can do this job:

About Stewart Swerdlow, wasn't he involved in the Montauk project?

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 05:17 PM
Thank you for the links!!

Yes Stewart Swerdlow was involved at Montauk

Kind Regards

posted on Jan, 5 2006 @ 12:33 PM
Your welcome. I think i'm gonna find some links based on the Montauk Project and Stewart. I think i know a person that knows about these creatures but also one of the reps...i can't remember tho. (This happened when i was 11) if i can remember then i will give y'all the info.

I won't be able to tell much since of my memory

Just kidding! Anyway like i said, i will find more links based on the Montauk research and this Stewart guy.

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posted on Jan, 5 2006 @ 06:52 PM
Hey y'all, this link is kinda connected to the Nibiruan Council reptilians section, but mostly about more of their history. Well, here it is:

OK, this has alot of info based on the reptilians, but how this person knows so much? The only way 2 find out is click on this link:

Anyway, i'm getting suspicious about something. Merger, can u U2U me?

Back to the subject. I wonder about this all the time. R the reptilians trying 2 intimadate us by abducting us or they r doing it for another reason?

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