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Why does Most of the Arab World Deny Jews/Israel Belong in the MIddle East.

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posted on Mar, 11 2006 @ 02:55 PM

Originally posted by MsPalestinian08
We didn't deny The state of Jews at all But we did deny the state of Israel and there is a big difference.

The difference being ??
The State of Israel is a product of the Zionist movement to establish a Jewish homeland, which ironically was initially acceptable to the Arabs of the region.
Israel presently is a fraction of what was intended for the Jews as per the mandate for the region. You must understand that a Zionist state is meant to be a pluralistic one, accommodating both the Jews and the Arabs of the region but sadly the tumultuous history of the region has subverted this idyllic concept.

When we gave Jews as Jews the chance to have part of Palestine as in Share some of the land , All we got in return is what you see now. They named Palestine Israel .Killed its history and People.

That is exactly what the Jews want, a share in some of the land of the original Mandate for the Jewish people and that is what they got after the British separated it into Israel and TransJordan. But apparently the neighboring Arab states couldn’t have this and demanded that there should be no such state of Israel.
As for destroying Palestinian history, I think you are under a false delusion of some independent identity of "Palestine" in the region of the British Mandate and this identity having a glorious history. The people of "Palestine" have always considered themselves as Syrians ad identify more with Syrians than with any supposed "Palestine" identity. Israel however has a clear and documented history that can be verified by physical evidence. Even the Romans account for the Jewish kingdoms of Israel and Judea. Lastly, the British upon their mandate in the Middle East conferred the name Palestine. It was not that the people of the region saw themselves as Palestinians or some such. Also the first time that region was given the name of Palestine was when the Romans destroyed the Jewish kingdoms and wanted to permanently destroy Israel’s identity by calling it Palestine. The British inadvertently followed this and thus gave shape to the huge controversy that we have today.

Second: Israel doesn't belong there. Israel is a matter of of Name - For example: What Americans did to Native Americans -using the same mentality. Changing The real history of Indians and Named It AMERICA.

Again historically speaking, it is the Palestinian State that has little of no legitimacy for claim over that region, as there was no Arab State called Palestine in that region and the Roman territory of Palestine fell within a few centuries. The kingdom of Israel has in contrast lasted for the greatest period of time in that region and is even mentioned in the Quran. The word Palestinians also makes no mention in the Quran, as it is a roman creation. Also the Koran speaks of Solomon as a general of Allah and him defeating the Queen of Sheba. This clearly shows that Israel was not only there but is also sanctioned by the Islamic faith.
Regarding America, there has never been any attempt to corrupt native American history as not many American know what it was in the first place and also remember that in the 1700's the immigrants from Europe were not all that civilized themselves to understand the ramifications of their actions or the impact on the Native Americans. Today obviously the picture has changed dramatically and Native American history is celebrated and regarded with pride across America.
BTW the Washington Irving passage was very good though his critique a bit extreme but nonetheless a good read. I think I shall pick up that book for a through perusal.


posted on Mar, 11 2006 @ 08:13 PM
Greetings Fellow Believers,

History is fickle mistress. Some would have you believe that Native American heritage hasn't been corrupted. I suggest to you that many Native American beliefs have been adopted and corrupted by the United States.

George Washington was the first president of the United States, and I submit to you that he was enigmatic and greatly exaggerated. Two mythological (and I do not state this with any "tongue in cheek") situations were his supposed "chopping down a cherry tree" and "throwing a silver dollar across the Patomac".

To begin with, "chopping down a cherry tree" was borrowing from the Native Americans. The "tree" to Native Americans was the Tree of Truth. Just like Washington, A Native American chopped down the Tree of Truth. The difference was that Washington became a hero doing so--because "he" admitted to his father doing so.

Secondly, let's observe the historical "throwing a silver dollar across the Patomac". The very same Native American accomplished a similar feat with Wampum (which to this day Wappum is still misunderstood by historians).

If any of you are doubters--I acknowledge that evidence of these inconsistences in history is solely my responsibility to prove. However, I submit to you that these facts can be found by you. I remain under the spotlight as the "fool" until you discover the truth yourself.

posted on Mar, 13 2006 @ 07:50 PM

Noam Chomsky is a complete @#$%@&^*%$#. (in my opinion)

What a great argument! I am impressed! :-)

Do you actually have any valid logical reason for Chomsky being a complete ?

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