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US President, GWB is quite upset these days (Chinese POV)

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posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 08:53 AM

US President George W. Bush has been quite upset these days for non-stop troubles in Iraq and problems one after another at home. What annoys Bush the most is poll. 60 percent of American people wish a "change" to the master of the White House for one that is totally different from the current one.

According to a latest poll conducted by US Time magazine, currently, 53 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with Bush's performance. On the Iraq issue, even 60 percent feel that way. In fact, Time is not the only one pessimist about Bush. In mid-November, surveys by USA Today, CNN and Gallop showed Bush's job approval rate had dropped to 37 percent, the lowest since his presidency...

What I find interesting is the wording of the article, it only simply says this is this, and that is that according to this... It doesn't "directly" accuse Bush of anything and even says he enjoyed a bicycle trip in Beijing, it seems to me its an article meant to downplay any mistakes Bush may have made inorder not to upset Washington, yet also still tells it in a way meant to inform Chinese citizenry of these issues in America, keeping it in reserve incase things sour.

Which interestingly enough is kinda like CNN towards China... [:insert thinking smily here:]

[edit on 8-12-2005 by The Middle Kingdom]

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