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How to help a spirit move on?

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posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 07:59 AM
It's probably been talked about already on here somewhere, but does anyone know how to help a spirit move on and can anyone do this?

I work at a university and I just had a talk with a lady who says here son and his roomamte are scared and shaken up because last night they found out they were sharing their dorm room with a ghost. It's very old university and this ghost is well know here. It's supposed to be the ghost of a young pregnant girl who hung herself in the dorm in the 1800's. She is not theatening and there has never been a report that she has done anything other than try to speak with people.

Nova Scotia - Wolfville - Acadia Ladies' Seminary - The old Acadia Ladies Seminary was originally a Baptist finishing school for girls. It's now a co-ed residence of Acadia University, called Seminary House. Since the 1960s or earlier, the residents tell a story of a Baptist girl in the late 1800s who hanged herself off "the well", a large opening with a banister in the second floor under the skylight. She apparently killed herself because she was pregnant, and her presence continues to haunt the building. Some people report strange noises, mild poltergeist activity, and odd appearances in the back stairwell. taken from -

It's the only blurb on the web I could find.

posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 08:12 AM
This will sound totally nuts, but oh well.....

If the spirit is a negative one, with ill intentions, I have been told that cursing it out and basically reminding it that it is no longer of this world and has no power of you, can make a spirit stop bothering you.

However that is not helping the spirit move on.

In order to help a lost, confused soul move on, I have been told to pray for assistance from other souls, ancestors, angels, gods... and ask them to guide the lost soul on. Telling the spirit to seek the light and not to be afraid is also usually suggested.

However I feel that in addition to above, a cleansing of the home or area, usually with candles and incense can help break the bonds that connect the spirit to the location.

Now even though I know these things, I have never attempted to help any spirits move on. My experiences with spirits have never given me the opportunity to even consider whether or not the spirit needs help in getting to where it has to go.

posted on Dec, 12 2005 @ 01:54 PM
sometimes it is very hard to exorcise a ghost not many members of the church these days are true enough to the call of the world and (god)
so to speak.there are many on the other side of the pickett fence that could help but you have to find someone who truly knows what it6 is to deal with spirits.being told how to do so without understanding ghosts and demons can result of bringing them more energy.the best way to get rid of low level cases where there is only sensing or seeing the ghost
just merely not giving it your energy is usually enough.see the problem with most ghosts is that they are energy forced into a strange state well not that strange.and when we think about them we give them the energies that we contain making them stronger resulting in a longer in a school it would be hard to stop this ecspecially
if there are numerous have to be careful because it might turn into a nasty poltergiest if you do not find someone who knows what to do.
see every case is different pertaining to the individual specter cause of death and reasons pertaining to this.the fact that it was a suicide is bad there was probably a big deal about it back then and alot of people grieved or whatever anyway enogh energy was given to her to make her
last so long now i believe that this would be a middle level spectre the fact that she talks to people is not so good but if she has not been seen then its not so bad its when you have ghosts strong enough to show form and produce voice that you start to get into shaky ground.once there if provoked the simple crying ghost can turn into a nightmare or shade or whatever nasty thing exists(or doesnt?)and start really messing with you remember that these things are not human and they are part of something alot deeper than most can understand you must find someone who can deal with it although i doubt you could many ghosthunters are ridiculed
mabey if you find the oldest church because some still teach exorcism
although they wont admit it....
if not you could turn to the other side of that particular fence(one of many)and search for a seasoned witch. seek actual help if it is a big problem.any items being moved or people falling or getting hurt otherwise take my advice and dont pay it doesnt sound like you have an ill intent on your hands just some poor tortured soul...

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posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 12:19 PM
Thanks for the replys.
The people who were in contact with this spirit did not feel threatned, it just startled them. (An unseen speaker.) I haven't seen anything, ever, myself but this was a professor telling me this and I don't think she wouold make this up. They felt sorry for the ghost because it seemed lonely and they were wondering if there was anyway to help it. Many people have seen her over the years and she is quite famous.
There was another haunted building here on campus until it was renovated. The old library was haunted by a man who died in WWI and was supposed to have come back to finish reading the books he loved so much in life. A lot of professors are said to have seen and heard things there. But after it was renovated everything stopped.

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posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 12:25 PM
I know i have lived in haunted houses...never a bad feeling, i just knew i had "company".
I would say outloud that i was home and i wanted a peaceful night and that i didnt want to be scared.
This always worked for me..
On occassion, i would be standing at the bottom of the stairs and a quarter would fly and land at the bottom side of me. Nobody could have thrown it. Besides, sometimes a quarter comes in handy.

posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 01:08 PM
You know in the story about the ww1 ghost.It sounds like the ghost was definetly attached to one or more of the books,or even the library itself.must have spent alot of time there.....As for the girl,dont expect her to go away any time soon...

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posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 01:33 PM
Just remember there are demonic forces. Sometime some spirits search/reach for you for help. Which I'm sure you will feel what they are trying to get accross to you. Sometimes listening will enable you to do so. But when the spirits are bad and demonic and you have no control over what they are doing to you definitely seek some local help. Or simply move away. If the spirit follows you maybe you posses an outlet that they want. Clear your mind and heart and release those negative energies. Meditation works sometimes, baptising might work, or even changing your mindset. Kind of ignoring them and forgeting or believing they don't exist may work also. Sometimes these spirits can come from you mind aswell. A passage for just have to know how to shut the door. Some souls are not that fotunate and become victims because of the lack of control. Never be afraid to ask for help because you will never know when someone might have the answer you seek no matter how kwazy it sounds. Everyting exists that we can concieve. Creepy but true. ??

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by dgtempe

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 08:42 AM
reply to post by elab

i have always been very spiritual from an early age , ive tried to talk to the spirits that try to get my attention and find out what they want, but i never really know i guess they just want to be noticed,sometimes they worry me and wake me with voices and loud footsteps and shout things like get out ,ive been told these are children and some how it doesnt seem so bad,but i still feel afraid sometimes the more i try to ignore the worse things get to be honest, they go away for weeks at a time only to return and try to play with my children, i guess i have to learn to live with these happenings as people i speak to of my church tell me im to open,and not shuting down properly but i feel i do, i have asked them to go and they do for a while but when i sit and think what if i never had a spiritual experience again that scares me even more, i know im lucky to have my gift and i know plenty of people who ask for things to happen and they dont so im just enjoying the quiet at the moment before they try to communicate again

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 09:07 AM
Assuming the place is actually haunted by this girl. It was some sort of Baptist institution long ago. She got pregnant and killed herself. The same reasons that made her decide to commit suicide are the same reasons she did not pass over into the light.

After she died, she was afraid to go into the light and face god or judgment, what ever her beliefs were that had been pounded in to her head while she was alive. She did not go in to the light because of fear and because she was ashamed.

She does not need to be driven out of this place. She needs to be talked to and reassured that it is ok to pass over. She needs to go in to the light and pray and reassured that god loves her, etc, and that everything will be ok.

I have heard that a ghost can go to a hospital or funeral home and use/share another person's light to pass over. This could be suggested to her.

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 03:22 PM
This may sound too simple but I believe when a spirit is acknowledged in the right way it will move on out of itself. The right way is to make contact with the spirit as it is (not how you perceive it or expect it to be), like a connection on a soul level. This can be done with the right intention and some physical ritual, can be something as small as lighting a candle dedicated to the spirit.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 11:26 PM
Hey, i don't know if anybody actually followed through with the whole talking to the seminary ghost, but i haven't seen or heard it once. I live right next to "the well" in seminary house and i've been here since september 2008. everyone tells the story of the young lady who hung herself in the well back in the 1800's but there were a few more acadia students who again hung themselves in "the well". The story is that eventually because of all of these suicides in the opening from the second floor to the first, the university filled in the opening. Today you can clearly see where the opening was, the university left the banister standing even after they filled in the floor and where the opening was there is a inch drop in the floor. (its actually pretty creepy to look at during the night by yourself) None of the rest of these people who have hung themselves here have a story behind their deaths but the sounds or hauntings the original person who posted on this page was talking about could have been made by one of these other ghosts. Regardless, I have never seen or heard anything out of the ordinary. I've never felt any strange presence here, and my room is literally 4 feet away from the banister.

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 12:32 PM
reply to post by librasleep

In many religions there are passing rituals that can be perform to "help the spirit" pass on. Frankly, if its not a malevolent spirit, I would try to leave it alone. These things are not meant to be messed with by amateurs, they can have adverse affects, like the other posters mention. Such as angering the spirit, and yes ghosts can physically attack you. As I know of, Wicca and new age religions have passing rituals, that can be performed. I believe some of the major religions might have their own rituals are well. What you can do is burn sage, frankincense, murr, or dragon's blood. Make sure you open all the windows and doors, and go to each corner of the dorm or room and pray say out loud a protection or passing prayer. What this does is clear the area or protect the area from negative energy. This might only be a short term solution though, to really get rid of this thing. I would think about going to a professional, like getting a priest to bless the place, or getting some wicca healers to come do the passing rituals. What you don't want to do is piss this thing off, because if you do, it will never leave you alone.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 01:44 AM
I am new to this, I am not the one who is victim however my partner is, I believe him however what he says can come off so movie like and I dont believe it at first.

He tells me his had this since he was young, my partner is very scared and doesn't know what to do, you could say his been suicidal over it however fortunately his trusted in me, it took awhile, but he wants answers.

I dont know what it is and either does he, but his told me this morning he woke up to someone physically shaking him where he felt hands on him, his been sleeping in his parents room and his sisters room sometimes and when we were sleeping together one night, during the night i woke and he physcially just woke up and put his hands around me like really hard and was choking me for three seconds I believe and saying to me he was going to kill me, than let go turned around and went back to sleep and I was in shock for 2 seconds than I laughed thinking he was joking but he was fully asleep straight away, but I dont even think it was him and he cant remember it and has even said he doesn't think it was him either.

His told me before he even told me about his issue, he said things like I dont want to hurt you, he meant physcally, than after he told me these occurences he than said it again but than I relised what he meant but Im showing my support and im not scarred of this but he is very scared and his afraid he mite hurt me or this thing my hurt me.

I want to help him so much and he needs it, I have a friend who use to be a nun for many years and she understands *this level of life thing*, i wish i had it sometimes but really my partner does't want a bar of it, he is under the impression i believe by the sounds of it thats its evil he doesn't want to let it in.


posted on May, 5 2010 @ 09:24 AM
There is nothing you can do to "help a spirit move on". Spirits have free will just like we do. When a spirit passes over they have a choice to accept truth and follow Yahweh's sovereign laws, or not. If they accept, great - they can then "cross over". They are considered holy and no holy ghost or spirit would cause fear and oppression on a human.

If they refuse they are by default considered converts to Satan's side of the spiritual war. They are not admitted into the upper planes and are detained to this plane of existence along with Satan and his demons by the Azmon Barrier that surrounds the earth.

There is no magic remedy to their removal from where they choose to be. All rituals do absolutely nothing aside from give the person affected a false sense of security.

If a person is being harassed and/or oppressed by a spirit, convert or otherwise, prayer for deliverance to Yahweh is the only option. If it is God's will that there be an intervention it is the Cherubic Order of Holy Angels that will force their removal.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 08:57 PM
getting the spirit to move on like other users say is by choice, but what you can do is rid the spirit from the area by cleansing the area of its energy. You can burn sage, dragon's blood, etc to do this. Saying a prayer and identifying the ghost that it is passed on and that whatever he or she is looking for has also passed on and they need to move on as well. With any luck, they will get the message and move on, either way, the burning of sage will at least clear the room of the energy, for awhile. If this ghost is super stubborn, then you might need a holy man to come in to do a blessing or a passing ritual. If you search online there are websites that teach you to do passing rituals, you can try to do it yourself, but I would be careful you might piss he or she off then the activity will pick up. Might be good to hire someone to do it, alot of times, they dont even take payments, just donations for their work. If that still doesn't work, and this thing is strong, then I recommend moving or learning to live with it. As long as the spirit isn't violent, it should be alright.

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posted on May, 7 2010 @ 09:11 AM
after my brother passed away, i used to have dreams about him. The dreams i had to begin with he seemed lost and confused. I then had a lucid dream with him in it and i tried to tell him that he was dead and now a spirit and that he should move on. The dreams i had following that he was in the spirit realm and he showed me some of the places he was living in in the afterlife. So i believe i helped him to move on. So maybe the way to help a spirit move on is to visit them in a dream and do what i did.

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