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posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 05:50 AM
Now that we are in the Age of Cloning what kind of effects do we think maybe instore for us in the future? Will it become accepted? What are it's benenfits? How con we control it? Do you aggree with it? or are you apposed? Will Michael Jackson finally live forever with the use of Cloning?

posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 06:10 AM
I think that for some thing like medical reasons its a good idea and could save alot of lives,
but i really do believe that it will get in to the wrong hands, and be used for the wrong reasons..

and i believe if Michael Jackson gets hold of it
yes he will use it..

posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 10:35 AM
With any good, there will always be evil. I believe cloning and a higher understanding of the human genome is the next greatest hurdle in the further development of the human race.

This is obviously debatable, but simply my humble opinion.

Obviously, there are plenty of "horror stories" that circulate from anti-cloning organisations, the destruction of Dolly (suffered from lung cancer, arthritis), the combination of human/animal DNA, etc. But these milestones will lead to a greater knowledge despite the high level of distrust.

posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 10:39 AM
i hope they only go so far as to clone stem cells, reproductive cloning is apsolutely infeasible, we have a population problem as it is we needn't be making copies of ppl oh crap

posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 10:42 AM
The Three Laws of cloning were presented in Scientific Magazine by Michael Shermer. Michael Shermer is a massive cloning supporter. As the founder of "skeptic" magazine and
1. A human clone is a human being no less unique in his or her personhood than an identical twin.
2. A human clone has all the rights and privileges that accompany this legal and moral status. 3. A human clone is to be accorded the dignity and respect due any member of our species.

The first law of cloning states "A human clone is a human being no less unique in his or her personhood than an identical twin."
This is untrue. God creates all life. If clones are created by humans, then they will no have souls and thus posess no idivduality. The individaulity of every person is what makes us who we are. It's the ability to choose, "Do I want to eat this pizza and get fat beacuse it's bad for my cholestrol, or do I want to eat that disgusting pineapple salad the doctor recommended for me?" If this person is a clone, everyone will know what they will think, say, and do. This would be horrible.
Mind Control.
Fate and destiny predetrmined by another human.
Your fate already decided for you.
Can you accept that???

The Second Law of Cloning states "A human clone has rights and privileges that accompany this legal and moral status."
This is also untrue. Like I just said if people, the people that ceated them, would already know what they would do, then they have lost their freedom and right to make their own decisions. They have lost their right to be humans. Being a haman is also all about love. How can their be love if there are no parents? How can God love them, for he did not create them? How can they be human?
They can't.
I don't expect a real hard battering from anyone by saying this. After all, there are no clones yet.

The Thrid law of Cloning is just a horrible illusion that disrergards human nature...."A human clone is to be accorded the dignity and respect due any member of our species."
People always put down new ideas. Unfortunatley, racism still exists in the hearts of many Americans. If it wasn't for our Civil War in the 1800's, then there might still be slaves. Lincoln didn't care about the slaves, he cared about winning the war. That's why they were freed in the South. The thought of cloning's existence in society is simply impossible.
With the continutation of cloning research and development, clones will inbreed with humans leading up to the eventual loss of humanity...
Is it worth???....

I'd say cheers, but this isn't a cheery subject,
- Tass

posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 11:46 AM
Best bet seems to be two-pronged.

1. If cloning an entire being, that being must be seen as having the same rights, etc. as an identical twin of the being who is cloned.

2. If cloning part of a being, such as an arm to replace a lost one, etc., then it should be treated just as would any other biological tissue as property of the donor.

If these two are followed, I really don't see the problem with it....though the idea of cloning Micheal Jackson, should quickly be outlawed just on principle....


Gazrock: I agree!
Gazrock2: I agree!
Gazrock3: I agree!

posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 01:08 PM
i find to say that a clone doesnt have a soul not so much a scientific observation.......and i dont believe so. In my believe everything has a soul and we are all part of the same everything so a clone would be part of the same everything and have a soul. But until we can actually talk to one (if we are not already watching clones on CNN that is) we cant be sure.

i think we cant say 'are you in favor or not' anymore. Cloning is a fact and will change medical and technical part of our earthbound lifes. yes we already have a overcrowded population, but we need to expand to some of our neighbourplanets soon anyway so that problem will be fixed with time.

wich is the only thing we need. Time. If we dont destroy ourselves with fear and deaf ears than we may buy ourselves some time on this planet. And with time, maybe we can overcome our egoistic thinking pattern and put our hands together to build a future in the stars we might survive ourselves.

Cloning could help humanity to overcome desceese, but it can also destroy our dna. i say in favor becouse our DNA is already getting weak and a multycultural society is not enough to get fresh genes in the pool, simply becouse we love living on islands and dont 'mix' enough.

if there is one thing we should be sared for it is not cloning, but nanoprobes in your milk.

posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 01:17 PM
It is the next step in our evolution. I think it could bring us great benifits but there are stil some problems

posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 01:26 PM
I supose the following step after genetic alteration and biological creation is is neuro-electical implants, mechanical cyborg manifestations, robots replacing human.
Humans are flawed.
Computers are created by humans.
Once computers attain a cetain amount of knowledge they will inherit human traits.
They will develop a desire for power and control.

I'm sure plenty of you have seen the Matrix and Terminator...
It's not that hard to believe nowdays is it?
Sixty years after developing the first plane we landed on the moon. A global government is forming.
Imagine what Earth will be like in fifty years...
NO, on second thought don't,
The future is not looking like a good thing

Still no cheer,
- Tass

posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 02:10 PM
I submit for your educational pleasure:

Will Genetic Engineering Kill Us?

The Clone Wars

Mutant Rats!

Ya just have to love the whole Mutant Rat Idea. Crossing a Rat and Muskrat. Genius guys!! Just think of the millions of useful applications there!!

Let's get creative next time

A Grizzly Bear and Badger. Throw in a Bat if possible for flight?!?!?

A Shark (Imune to all sickness and diseases naturally), Komoto Dragon for "Out of Water" living and Running Speed on Land and Poisonous Bacteria Saliva. Ya baby!!

Seriously, how about something productive for once?!?! Gee I don't know, why not see if you can bring back California's State Animal "The California Grizzly Bear". At least that is genetic cloning/manipulation used for some positive end. Killed our own State animal and yet the best idea by scientists is Mutant Rats. What Retards!

posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 05:56 PM
Are you asking us to research your college papers for you?

posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 06:05 PM
well i do not agree with cloning cause it cant be controlled it is going to be misused

posted on Sep, 26 2003 @ 11:14 PM
justthrowing in an offshoot here.

Ben Elton, in his book " This Other Eden" came up with an interesting scenario on cloning.

In his story, somehow people had found a lock of Hitlers hair, and had cloned Hitler to put him on trial. genetically was HItler,,,,,,,,,,, but was he? There is a scene he writes where he describes the Hitler clone sitting there during the trial listening to all the stuff he was supposed to have done and having no idea what people were talking about.

It put an interesting spin on things for me at least, reading that .

posted on Sep, 27 2003 @ 03:29 AM

Originally posted by TassadarGod creates all life. If clones are created by humans, then they will no have souls and thus posess no idivduality.

This is pure supposition...How do you *know* that a clone would have no soul? How do you know that God won't grant a soul to a clone once it's developed enough to contain one? Did He tell you this personally?

Yes, I agree that only God can grant souls, but how do you know what kind of parameters God will follow as to who is granted a soul?

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