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Mother Charged With First-Degree Murder After Putting Her Baby Into The Dryer.

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posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 09:40 AM
This is very sickening and is hard for me to report.

An 18 year-old mother in Louisiana has been charged for the murder of her son. She put him into a hot, tumbling dryer. The details are not for the weak of heart, so some may want to skip reading the article below.

Bogalusa Police Sgt. Darryl Darden said Lakeisha Adams called them Monday night to say her son had died. She first told officers she thought she saw somebody near her home and attempted to say someone else placed the baby in the dryer, but later confessed to it, the Baton Rouge Advocate reported Wednesday.

The coroner said 50 percent of the infant's body was covered with third-degree burns that were consistent with prolonged exposure to heat. There also was bruising on the front and back of the child's head, which is consistent with being tumbled in the dryer, the report said.

Adams offered no reason for her actions during her confession, and her 1-year-old daughter was taken into state custody.

Coroner Peter Galvan said that a bottle of a "common antidepressant" was found at the home, but he didn't know if the mother had taken them, or if she suffered from postpartum depression.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

As shocking as this is, things like this happen too often. We really need to evaluate our society as a whole and find out where we need to change.

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 09:57 AM
Sick. My mind cant comprehend these actions. I lived in Arizona for 2 years and EVERYDAY there were reports of people leaving their babies in a hot, locked car all day, only to find them dead. Their excuse? THEY FORGOT.:shk:

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 10:14 AM

Their excuse? THEY FORGOT.

They forgot they were parents
. Leaving a baby alone is irresponsible. If a baby is left alone in a car, whether or not the baby is harmed as a result, the parent should be charged with neglect. Anything can happen to a baby that is left alone.

Things like this happen where I live too, a city of only a million people in Canada.
Last year a baby was put out with the garbage. The mother kept her pregnancy secret then placed the baby with the trash out side after giving birth. A couple years ago an infant was left alone for 3 days before he died while his mother went out 'partying'.

These things happen all the time and every where.

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 01:59 PM
Hey. What happened to a woman's right to choose. If the mother knows who the father is and if he were a devoutly religious man, NOW would be all over this in a heartbeat.

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 08:29 PM
That is a disgustingly sad story. It is hard to imagine the suffering the infant must have went through, it had to be a long drawn out torturous death.

She will probably serve less than 8 years.

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