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Some (bad) news from IRAN :

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posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 03:03 AM
RADIO NHK 23/09/03

Iran celebrated yesterday Monday the 23rd birthday of its war against Iraq by a military parade, in particular revealing its ballistic missile of average carried, Shahab-3. Soldiers in uniform ravelled in the suburbs of Teheran, accompanied by trucks transporting by the tanks and the ballistic missiles by national manufacture. Most modern of the Iranian missiles, Shahab-3, officially delivered last July to the national army, was the nail of this demonstration. According to Iran, this missile is equipped with a range of 1 700 kilometers, that is to say 400 kilometers more than what had been previously announced.
That means that this missile can reach Israel, which expressed its fear with the development of missiles by Iran.


Iranian president Mohammad Khatami stated the 22 that its government was opposed with the proliferation of the weapons of massive destruction. President Khatami made this remark before a military parade to commemorate the war irano-Iraqi. He indicated that terrorism and arm with massive destruction constitute two great threats for humanity.
The Iranian government estimates it is necessary to earliest carry out peace and stability in the Middle East, according to the Iranian president.


The International Atomic Energy Agency will dispatch Sunday in Teheran of the teams of experts to bring to a successful conclusion inspections and to meet Iranian persons in charge, so as to clear up the points outstanding on the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic.

September 12, the IAEA gave to Iran until October 31 to show that it does not develop nuclear weapons under cover of a program of civil energy and to suspend any activity of uranium enrichment. On its side, Iran decided to make the deaf person ear with the requirements of the AEIA, to reduce its co-operation with the latter and to continue to make turn its factory of uranium enrichment of Natanz.

posted on Sep, 26 2003 @ 01:33 PM
aren't those missles knock-offs of the KOREAN LONGDONG? or at least fabricated from the Longdong superstructure ?? as a direct response to Irans' delivery system, and evidence of nuclear weapons grade may want to read this article:

the title of the story, kinda gives a false impression that Israel is 'planning'to use nukes on Iran...

in any event...Iran-->Islamic state+Jihad+wmd = ??


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