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Spontaneous Human Combustion - Fact Or Fiction?

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posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 04:23 PM
Spontaneous human combustion (SHC) is the alleged burning of a person's body without a readily apparent, identifiable external source of ignition. The combustion may result in simple burns and blisters to the skin, smoking, or a complete incineration of the body. The latter is the form most often 'recognized' as SHC. There is much speculation and controversy over SHC. It is not a proven natural occurrence, but many theories have attempted to explain SHC's existence and how it may occur.

Our aim is to explore these theories, add our own, and listen to any more from others.
We shall examine past cases of SHC and decide whether there could be a reasonable explanaition behind them.
This project will hopefully conclude with us deciding whether or not IHC can happen.


# 1: To determine whether SHC can happen.

# 2: To determine whether past cases are infact SHC.

# 3: How does SHC happen? And under what circumstances?

# 4: To discover whether certain people are more Susceptible to SHC, eg...alcoholics etc...

# 5: To determine whether or not the following popular theories are possible...
1. The wick effect.
2. The methane meets enzymes theory.
3. The static electricity theory.
4. Larry Arnolds Pyroton particle theory.

Team Members

Team Leader: MickeyDee
Right Hand Woman: Oni xx

Any members wishing to participate can u2u me.

posted on Dec, 26 2005 @ 07:25 PM
Spontaneous Human Combustion is something that can open the doors to spiritual science.

From my research, i've come to the conclusion that Spontaneous Human Combustion is possible, and here is a basic overview, with the full explanation of each concept underneath.


Spontaneous Human Combustion occurs when all the chakra's of the human body open simultaneously causing uncontrolled Kundalini activation. The amount of energy released causes the body to combust from the inside out.


What is a chakra

The human body has a total of 7 layers within the chakra system. An 8th is that of the earth's field and will be described below. The chakra system has to do with the nerve bundles in the spine, and depending on the colours of your own chakra system, determines if you are ill of health in that particular area. The opening of these chakra layers simulatenously causes Kundalini Activation and thus Human Combustion occurs.

7th: Crown Chakra. Located at the top of the skull. It is the smallest of the Chakras. The colour of this Chakra is violet. If has a direct energetic connetion to hyperspace (different topic) and has a constant energy stream enetering and filtering into the right brain.

6th: Pineal Chakra: 4 of the 5 senses are located in this chakra. It is located just below the nose to the bottom of the crown chakra. The colour of this Chakra is Royal Blue

5th: Thyroid Chakra: The colour of this chakra is Ice Blue. It is the colour of communication. It sits from the bottom of the neck line to the bottom of your nose.

4th: Heart Chakra: The heart chakra represents close relationships and emotional levels. The colour of the heart chakra is medium green. Medium green is also the colour of oxygen thus where the lungs are.

3rd: Solar Plexus Chakra: Solar plexus is in the centre of the physical body. The colour of this Chakra is Pale Yellow. This means you are learning and digesting about yourself.

2nd: Creative Chakra: The colour of this chakra is Pale orange and represents truth.

1st: Root Chakra: This chakra is in Pale red. and is the place where energy is received from an external source.

0: Earth: Not a chakra but it does have a colour that means grounding by the earth. The colour of this area should be brown.

posted on Dec, 26 2005 @ 07:34 PM
Next topic in the series is about Kundalini Activation. This is when all the Chakra's open up. Uncontrolled activation is when it happens simultaneously and can cause Spontaneous Human Combustion.


Kundalini referes to the S curve along the spine which looks like a snake and houses the seven main nerve bundles, otherwise known as ganglions. Estorically, the ganglions are referred to as a chakra.

Kundalini Activation

This refers to the opening uo of all chakra centres along the spinal column This results in activation of all DNA codes and sequenes in the body. When activated prematurely, it can result in insanity, illness and even death as the energy released during activation causes a fiery reaction in the body, thus Spontaneous Human Combustion

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posted on Apr, 25 2006 @ 04:51 PM
Well......I have been a busy little bunny havent i!

Over the last few months i havent found the time to be here as much as i wanted and get this research project going, but all has changed!

Im back now and am ready to get this thing off the ground!

I recieved a few u2u's from members wanting to participate and those people have been invited by u2u to join me and Oni...(Just waiting for a response from them)!

As soon as i recieve confirmation from them i'll post their names and get started!


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