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WHOA - Airforce 2025 documents

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posted on Dec, 5 2005 @ 10:28 AM

Future study conducted 1995-1996

I've come across these AF 2025 papers before, but there have always been more than a few missing pdf's. This site however has them all. I recommend anyone who likes to read a bit about future military technology to visit this site AIRFORCE 2025 DOCUMENTS

They also have some very interesting ideas in their concepts page. Here are a few of my favourites.

  • The Supression Cloud
    Dispense submicron (nano-particle) smart encapsulated chemical explosive. Explosive would be made of advanced ballotetic chemical like "red mercury" with lighter than air suspension units to hold the particles at a set altitude above the battlefield. As part of an upgrade these particles would have a limited holding pattern capability. Initially the particles could be drifted in on the wind or delivered via aircraft. The particles would injure and/or degrade any large caliber fast moving object from the battlefield. Their small size will aid in a nearly collidal(uniform) dispersion of particles. With special commands the suspension units could be commanded to drop and cover the battlefield as limited life vehicle degradation mines.

  • The Night Vision Canopy
    Rather than a set of night vision goggles or a limited view display in the cockpit of fighter aircraft the full canopy could be utilized to project a 360 degree image of the outside enviornment. On board sensors provide the data and project the image onto material embedded in or coated onto the canopy. The canopy must be transparent as well, allowing unrestricted use both day and night. Ideally the canopy itself would become the sensor by absorbing energy,then processing and displaying the view of the night world. The process could eventually become automatic so daylight viewing changes to night viewing as ambient light decreases. Sudden bright light shining into the canopy is automatically negated preserving the night image and preventing the crew from becoming blinded.

  • Sensor Fuzed Heat Seeking Bullet
    These projectiles have a trajectory like any other bullet but nano-technology sensors and control surfaces deflect their flight path toward the target. Once in or near the target nano-technology projectile fuzes would cause the explosive in the projectile to explode creating a self forging slug towards the target. The sensor would be either a nano-laser transmitter/sensor or infrared sensor looking outward from the axis of the bullet. As the bullet spins the scan pattern generated would create a lethal volume around the bullet. The detonation would be aimed an appropriate number of degrees past the sensor to account for any lag in the fuzing. The seeker and control surfaces would guide by nano-technology control surfaces which would extend and retract to destabilize the flight path of the bullet in response to signals from a nano-focal plane array in the projectile nose.

  • Human Cranium Resonance Signal/Messages
    A weapon that uses mulitdirectional high freq sound waves that cannot be heard by the human ear system. These signals, once they penetrate the human brain cavity, resonate and combine to form a signal that can be `heard` only by that person that is targeted. The signal can be a `message from God` that can warn the enemy of impending doom, or encourage the enemy to surrender.

Anyway there's a few of my favourites.

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posted on Dec, 5 2005 @ 12:01 PM
Good find,
Most of this tech is pretty radical and a long way off but I am sure the most of these things will come outl.
The Whole suspension cloud this is crazy. Wont that be very very polluting, spraying an entire area with nano-redmercury ?
Some other cool things to check out at the concepts page :

  • Nuclear AA missile
  • Modular Aircraft
  • Smell sensitive weaponry
  • Anti nuclear weapons
  • Stealthy ICMBs ! Imagine Iran or the North getting that!
  • moving mines

All these are too scary or too cool to imagine and the tech capability required is insane.
Concepts page

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