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UFO theory of everything READ

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posted on Dec, 4 2005 @ 02:33 PM
ok guys after hours upon hours of deep meditative states, and much dillusion about the UFO ET phenomenon i think i have finally got a sounds theory regarding ET activity in and around our solar system, the World governments as a whole and the New World Order. the reason there has yet to be disclosure regarding the ET's is because intergalactic santctions have been put upon the governments of the world inhibiting them from any kind of trade or diplomatic relations with the ET's because oil reserve depletion and habitat destruction which is against the intergalactic protocols. through several series of remote viewing combined with telepathy(two highly regarded forms of psuedo science still in their infancy, but two i have been practicing diligently for the past year) caused me to come to this conclusion. i think this would honestly explain everything regarding the secrecy shrouding the most elusive topic on the face of the planet. take it from joseph mcmoneagle, the black dot equals death. the house floor is shudering in their boots.

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posted on Dec, 4 2005 @ 03:06 PM

Originally posted by sturod84
the reason there has yet to be disclosure regarding the ET's is because intergalactic santctions have been put upon the governments of the world inhibiting them from any kind of trade or diplomatic relations with the ET's because oil reserve depletion and habitat destruction

What is this thing about Oil?.. Should it stay in ground? Is the Intergalactic santctions about - keeping the oil under the surface?... Or is it simply depletion?...

Good work anyway..

(Hours of meditation) oh my god..

posted on Dec, 4 2005 @ 03:31 PM
the natural earth habitat is at stake man! the oil belongs to mother earth, it shall not be stolen!

posted on Dec, 4 2005 @ 03:37 PM
I've actually heard about this. Where taking the oil out of the ground and burning it above grounding is causing a major imbalance in the energy of the earth. Trouble is I've read so many books that I'll have to do some digging...

posted on Dec, 4 2005 @ 03:59 PM

Originally posted by sturod84
the natural earth habitat is at stake man! the oil belongs to mother earth, it shall not be stolen!

Am I right in thinking that you cannot destroy energy, just transform it from one form to another? It's not as if the building blocks of what we call oil are being destroyed; just altered. None of it escapes from the realm of mother earth. Where is the problem? Mother earth made the oil that we all use, surely more is being created as I type this? Or am I miles away?

posted on Dec, 4 2005 @ 04:05 PM
it doesnt matter if you violate the protocols adn disrupt the delicate balance of nature, you are automatically excluded from the intergalactic federation. changing oil back into its original form, would be costly and time consuming efforts for the ET's. for us beyond daunting. abiotic or not depletion of natural resources would still be in violation.

posted on Dec, 5 2005 @ 12:05 AM
the main delema regarding my theory would have to be the accuracy( seeing as im amature RV'er) and reliability surrounding my entire outlook on these psuedoly scientific experience. from what i gather the ET's have the ability to remote view rather afluently at any given time through out their daily concious state, given that outter body projection ability and their overwhelming ability to telepathically resonate. i would say they have the ability to dipict certain ideals in a sort of story book fashion astrally.

please take all my theories with a grain of salt for i have not a shred of conclusive evidence to back any thing i say up, all just my cooked up theory from what i have gathered over the last year or so i have been trying to master the remote view.

my mind in a nutshell


posted on Dec, 5 2005 @ 12:24 AM
it's okay.. I think it's allrighty..
Sometimes we need to goto toilet - and other times we need to see how far our minds can travel...In the imaginary space..

Almost same thing..

Did you see that Buddha -boy? on news..? I wonder where he's going these days?
thread184880 - page 1

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posted on Dec, 5 2005 @ 12:51 AM
its more of a projection of the energy of the mind, nothing much to do with religion i do say. then that gets into the topic of what really is the mind, concept of human thought, or material entitiy? the latter would allow the quantification of mind abilities into some sort of energy wavelenth. is it on a larger level or smaller level, lower demension of space time or higher? there is really no ideals about what is the mind as to pertaining to scienific fact in this day and age...

just one word with ET would make all the difference, disclosure cant come soon enough...

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posted on Dec, 5 2005 @ 12:52 AM

First of all, there's no such thing as oil depletion, we can make how much ever oil we want, and it will never run out.

Second of all, habitat destruction also exsits as a natural process, and sometimes it is just necessary....infact it's impossible to build anything without destroying a habital - even on a micro scale. Taking off the grass, with all the bugs and that....that's habitat destruction.

So that means, every intelligent speci is guilty of that.

So what you're suggesting, to me at least makes no sense.

posted on Dec, 5 2005 @ 01:07 AM
ok excellent points

except for the fact that when you as a civilization have come close to attaining the TYPE ONE level ( i will try and find the post explaing level TYPES) you come to agreement with all habitual life on your planet, and thus begin to augment resourcfullness to an extent where you are producing more then what is being indulged. there by nullifying any degredation to speicies, plant life, geological structure, and eco system.

posted on Dec, 5 2005 @ 01:28 AM
plant and animal life help harbor maintanance of industry and economy, where raw materials might undergo some type of hyper regenerative state, given the proper technological out look. and there you have it. no need for waste!

what happens when the tree bears more fruit then you can stomach?

apples and oranges

posted on Dec, 5 2005 @ 05:14 AM

Originally posted by Manincloak

First of all, there's no such thing as oil depletion, we can make how much ever oil we want, and it will never run out. your suggesting that we can MAKE oil!?

I know we can make oil..synthesized oil..but it's not at the prize anyone is willing to pay for!!

I think oil depletion is very much a fact we have to face..sooner or later!

Quote from

'However, there is no denying that in a few more decades we will enter a period when the lavish supply of rich, easily secured natural fuels will no longer be available. Synthesized oil or alcohol will be more costly than oil from gushers'


..sorry for deviating from the subject...

posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 11:08 PM
thus we begin, the consolodation of all militaries on planet earth. succeeding all former network barriers to interlock communications increasing information awareness among states. this will then harbor the ultimate goal enhanced development of enviromental sciences/technology. through longer lasting peace and enhanced resourcefullness, the globe will flourish with technological exchange programs. advanced enviromental and commericial reperatory achievements will bring about stability of nations. evil will be abolished, the human race will triumph.

order out of incohesivness, the cards are still being shuffled as i see it...

posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 11:28 PM
i also think the shadow government does and has been working with ET for the last 60 years to implentent a cohesive agreement to our resource depletion delema. planning, mapping, and alternating industrial abilities through the quantification of mother earths physical equations. each planet has a different resourcful path to follow, ours might be hazy, off balance, mucked up due to enviromental degradation. which would require a healthy does of ET insight to readjust and correct these problems.

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posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 05:29 AM
oh yes i forgot to mention while all this is happening the corperatization and (
) marketeering aspects of globalization will foister new methods of technological implementation. something to do with interest rates and taxes and allocation of funds and stuff like that... sorry economics was always kind of confusing to me...

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posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 06:10 AM
Honestly I can think of only a few reasons why "they" won't reveal themselves to the pubic:

1.There is some other force or rule that is preventing "them' from showing themselves.

2."They" don't want to cause demage to our relgions, or mass panic.

3."they" possibly don't want to show us any of there technolgy untill we get to the point where were ready for it.

In any case,it's there choice as to why they won't come out and show themselves to the world because if they really wanted to there would be no power on our planet that could stop them.

posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 11:49 AM
We on earth are a type 0 civilization because we have no control over the vast amounts of energy produced and avalibal on this planet, we just use the energy of other species.

To advance to a type 1 civ is to be able to control the total energy output of the planet.

The trick in the universe is to advance to type 1 and be able to defend yourself from outside destructive stuff like comets etc.

The next step, type 2, is to control the total energy output of a solar system (so, being able to get all the energy from the sun).

Type 3 is controling and being able to use all the total energy output of a galaxy.

For example, in Star Trek, the federation is type 2, the borg are type 3.

The real trick is to advance from a type 1 quickly to a type 2 would require things not understandable right now (breaking of "proven" laws) and advancing to type 3 would be the same. Plus you have to think about the universe possibly cooling down. However, I think it is a good bet to say that with all of the systems out there, that there is something like this being played. It's just theoretical in the mind, but its definitly a start.

posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 03:54 PM
yes with solar, wind, tidal, current, and geothermal powers there is ample energy to drive a motivated and coordernated civilization past the bounds of earth and onto another planet.

just think of the possibilities of harvest say wind power on jupiter with its dense gas systems and torrential levels of wind.

"Pictures of Jupiter, which always view the ammonia clouds, indicate that the clouds tend to be organized into a series of cloud bands which are oriented east-west. The bright bands, called zones, are believed to represent regions where jovian atmosphere is rising. The darker cloud bands, called belts, are regions where the atmosphere which has risen in the zones is descending back into the deeper part of the atmosphere. By tracking cloud features in photographs taken of Jupiter over a period of time, we know that at the level of the ammonia clouds there exists a system of winds blowing basically in the east-west direction."

posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 09:32 PM
The Human Race is far too primitive. How would a race that is only been around since well , in the galaxies way not even a blink of an eye. So you could say there * was a human race. You all seem to enjoy this dreaming of a better life for human's and alike when you all drive your cars pollute the very air you breath. Mass populate with little regard for quality of life. Having kids left right and center only have a poor child ask himself "why was I born into this hell". Kill and slaughter animals on a massive scale in order too feed its overpopulation. I gota say but right now I think this galaxy is better off without a human race. Till we prove our selves too be smart, inteligent beings able to controle Food, birth, death, energy management. Then maybe we can live past the next century. However it is not all in vain, our resources are here to be used. With time maybe we will have achieved space travel and colonization of other planets. But at what cause how long will this blind fold last we cannot last forever in our current society based on consumption.

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