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Is the Government hideing from Mad Cow?

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posted on Dec, 3 2005 @ 09:24 AM
I wonder if anybody really thinks that the Gov would not cover up something like this, since it would cost so much to really inforce. Here is a quote from a article I read...with the URL for the rest of the story.

In November 2004, a cow tested positive on two initial rapid tests, but it subsequently was ruled negative by the USDA on a different test. BSE-testing experts and consumer groups have questioned the agency's rationale for not using a third type of test -- called a Western blot -- on the cow that may have helped clear up any confusion about whether the animal was infected.

The USDA plans to scale back its BSE testing program in 2006. Its proposed mad cow testing budget for fiscal year 2006 would fund testing of only 40,000 animals.

Here is another site about it,

According to the FDA, this is a nonissue.

quote: Was a second case of BSE identified in the U.S. in June 2005?

Yes, the USDA surveillance program identified the second BSE case in the U.S. This cow was originally identified in November 2004. Results from this animal were inconclusive in screening tests, but negative in confirmatory immunohistochemical tests. USDA recently conducted an additional confirmatory test, Western Blot, and the results were positive for BSE. USDA sent the samples to the Weybridge, UK lab where BSE was confirmed. An epidemiological investigation to trace the origins of the cow is underway. USDA confirms that the cow was born before the U.S. instituted its ban on the use of most mammalian protein in feed for ruminant animals-believed to be the most critical protective measure in preventing the spread of BSE among cattle.


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