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Luciferian bloodline

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posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 12:27 AM

Originally posted by dontreally

Originally posted by nlouise

Originally posted by Treeoflife
More like modern man confusion. Dismissing the theory does not make it untrue. If you combine all the text including the bible there are truth in them all, and none have the whole truth. Religion is like this. Books of Enoch should have been included and the churches removed it because they wanted to control the masses. The bible contradicts the truth because part of the truth is missing. Enoch is the missing truth. Non Kabala. The bible speaks of Enoch. The Kabala may have some connection to the bible. But I base this information on two things, the bible, and the Book of Enoch.

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Some of the Pharisees were the connection to the Kabala. Jewish mysticism, secret society, different sect of Jews.

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uh, you do realize that the entire Jewish tradition is based on mysticism, right?

Even 'before' the pharisees, the torah was to be understood mystically.

Anyone remotely educated in fields that matter, understand this.

Thus, the Midrash, which go as far back as 2000 years, is a mystical homily on Torah. The Mishna and Talmud, although appear straight forward in some areas, is to be understood in the context of kabbalah. It was only in 13th century with the publication of the Zohar, that Jewish mysticism began to be studied openly. Before than, it was contained within the secret socieites of Judaism. Just because the knowledge of the esoteric level of Torah wasnt promulgated, doesnt at all mean it didnt exist. Anyone who knows anything about religion, knows that every single one of them is based on a mystical theology; the very nature of which is secret (because the spiritual 'encompasses' mans physical oriented awareness, therefore allegory is utilized to express spiritual matters which correspond in dynamic to the physical analogue).

So, Pharisees were the only real Jews. Its a shame you people talk so much like you know anything about these matters, when you absolutely nothing about the Pharisees, what they believed, verses the group im sure Yeshu would have identified with, The Sadducees. The Sadducees were a purely political arm. They adoped GREEK ideas. If you know anything about the jewish holiday of Haunkah, its abouts the battle with the Greek mentality. Thus, the sadducees were a 5th wheel within Israeli religious and political matters. They slandered the Real Rabbis (who history calls the pharisees) and accused them of making up the oral tradition; which of course is patently absurd. They knew full well, as any mystic knows, that all religious texts of a mythos type nature are to be understood in a mystical/allegorical manner. Difference between the Torah and all other such books, is that the Torah can be interpreted along 4 different levels; one of which is also the literal. What happened i the Torah happened also on the physical plane, in some literal fashion. Sadducees argued that the Torah was ONLY to be interpreted simply. as the Text implies. This was for the purpose of trivializing the powerful esoteric dimension of Torah. to the ignorant masses who didnt know any better, the matter became equivocal. It was the word of the rabbis verse the word of the Sadducees. And with the growth of hellenistic influence in Israeli sociey, the tides had shifted. People were being exposed to the world demolishing ethos of Greek philosophy, which challenged the concept of free will and reward and punishment. The holistic consciousness of Torah, the devotion that one needed, was being sullied by a pessimistic, sketpical, cynical and heavily materialistic view of reality.

And so we are today. The Christian tradition actually entirely based on lies, entirely controlled by the Rome/Vatican empire, which has been the case for 2200 hundred years now. Romes mission was to spread the philosophy of Greece. And they have clearly succeeded tremendously in that. Also, notice the very quirky fact that the Obelisk standing in saint peters square is the VERY SAME obelisk that stood in heliopolis in Egypt during the 5th Dynasty, 4500 years ago!. Augustus had it transferred to Alexandria, eventually finding its way to Rome at Nero's colliseum. Than in 1566 Pope Sixtus ordered it placed in St. Peters Square. If that isnt a message of the very intimate spiritual (GNOSTIC) connection between Christianity, Pagan Rome, Pagan Greece, and Pagan Egypt (Babylonian and Hindu philosophy also had an enormous influence on christian thought), i dont know what is.

The truth is as simple as the Torah says and what Bilaam says. Israel is a people that dwells apart. 6 billion vs 6 million (Jews). Thats the truth of the matter. Spiritually, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Taosim, Buddhism, etc all share the same underlying perennial philosophy,. Of coure, this doesnt imply that 6 billion people are going to go to hell. Thats not a Jewish belief; thats an orthodox christian and muslim belief. The talmud says unequivocally "the righteous of the nations have a place in Olam Haba(heaven)". So, the issue is really just an idolatrous belief system, which is an offence to G-d, vs a pure spiritual philosophy - Torah, and the 7 noachide commandments that all mankind is beckoned to follow.

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Ok. I have read every single word you have written here, probably 3 times over. I was prepared to counter what you were saying from the beginning until something caught my attention, and I have to comment on it. Forget everything else.

First I am a non-denominational Christian, always have been. I agree that the mainstream churches keep their people ignorant on spiritual matters. This has been a frustration of mine for a very long time, I believe 99% of the christian churches are apostate today. I do not celebrate the pagan traditional holidays, nor do I wear crosses around my neck or display Christian symbolism of any kind. This is something I didn't always know, and most do this in ignorance. I've attended messianic circles for a few years and there is nothing spiritual there either. They keep expounding on the equivocal, not the spiritual, and I know they don’t have eyes to see it.

The part about Rome and Catholism, plus 1 on that. I know all about it. I know about the oblisks and the christian church steeples, etc. and those pagan traditions. I also see how mainstream christianity has become paganized, even in the span that I have been alive, so I can well imagine how deep that rabbit hole goes into history.

What I would like to comment on is this: “Difference between the Torah and all other such books, is that the Torah can be interpreted along 4 different levels; one of which is also the literal.”

I don’t believe in secrets or secret societies, and was totally blind to this one thing that you have written until, eighteen years ago. I was 24 years old. God opened my eyes for a period of 3 months, and what I read within the pages of the Bible completely blew my mind. I don’t know how else to describe it. You say “4 different levels” I can relate to that. For three months it was like the Bible read to me. It went so deep, like stories within a story, meaning within meanings. I didn’t want to put it down because I was afraid this manifestation would leave me. I could faze in and out of it, too. That was the weird part. This all happened during my strongest walk with God. I guess at that point I wasn’t religiously tainted by the churches of today, at that time.

I had this manifestation going on in all pages of the Bible, not just the old testament. That is where I think you and I separate that line. I did however spend more time in the Torah section of it because I wanted to read it start to finish.

Until now, you are the first person I have ever heard mention this. Every Christian that I tried to explain this experience to thought I had imagined this, and even got scared about it when I tried to explain it to them, months later. I realize people are ignorant of the spiritual, but this is what frustrates me about the mainstream churches. They are fast food religion.

What I don’t understand is that I believe in Jesus Christ (Yeshua) and you do not. Right? If you see these things in the Torah, do you not see them in the NT? I saw them in both, I know I did. I was reading the KJV NT when it happened. I wish I had that manifestation back again. I really do. I can only describe the whole thing as an experience that was more powerful than any drug (for lack of a better description). It opened my eyes to the fact that not everything is as it seems. Its much deeper than that. Ever since that time I can not take the churches seriously. I know there is more, and the people there haven’t any clue.

What are you thoughts on this?

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 02:06 AM
reply to post by dontreally

I went back and reread some of your earlier posts. I've come the conclusion that you see what you see, I saw what I saw. Both of us were operating under a different spirit. Satan is real, yes he is Lucifer, and yes there are minions of fallen ones. I know because I saw them too in other people at the time. I was being spiritually attacked the whole time, but I could see them in the people they were operating through. I watched them go in, and I watched them go out.

What God opened my eyes to is that these spiritual gifts are possible for other Christians. None of it was secret, other than I had the manifestation of it and others did not. The equivocal reading of the Bible is enough, but only through a real intense relationship with God does he open ones eyes. The reason others do not have this is because life, possessions, and other things are more important than time spent with God. At that time I had lots of time on my hands and spent most of it with God.

Also, there are other manifestations too that come from God. I only experienced a couple of them (discernment & understanding) He told me there were many others. I would imagine these to be other gifts of the Spirit.

There was no need for me to do anything in secret or study secret books. I didn’t even know that stuff existed at the time. The reason I spent so much time in Torah is because every time I went back and read it had deeper layers to it.

If you are in any way suggesting Lucifer is not Satan, than you are operating under a familiar spirit and you are being lied to. Secrets are for those who wish to have power over others. Like they no something that no one else is to know. The power of God is to be shared with everyone, no secrets. It is used for exhortation for the brethren ( I didn’t realize that at the time). I wasn’t in touch with other Christians until later, but those around me (at that time) knew something was different on a positive level, and were drawn to me.(Actually God within me, not me) That is the difference. The other difference is that the entire Bible had those layers. I was reading Jesus’ words when it happened. I know he is real and not just some buddah or something.

Any spirit that tells you that Jesus is not the messiah is a lying spirit. Any spirit that says that Baal is good is a lying spirit. Period. At least I can remember that much about it. I can’t remember exactly what I read on the pages from back then 1989 (21 years, not 18 years,) but I remember the experience I had, and remember laughing out loud at some of what I read. God really does have a sense of humor. I remember that part too.

The part that I have a problem with in churches is that they either downplay the Spiritual gifts or eliminate them altogether. I know a few years later I walked out of one because they were downplaying it, making people think that everyone had them, and I KNOW better.

I don’t have that manifestation today. My own stupidity, which I won’t get into here, but God still speaks to me as he does other believers who know him. There are no secrets with God. If he withholds knowledge it is for a reason and almost always has something to do with us, and our own hearts. He reads the hearts of man. If any true believer wants these gifts they need to ask him. And don’t believe that they are simplistic. They are deep and powerful.

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 11:48 AM

Originally posted by Melissa101

Originally posted by dontreally

Originally posted by Treeoflife
I am a professional genealogist, and have answers to questions about the bloodlines of both Jesus and Satan. The truth is Cain who killed his brother Abel is the son of Satan. The real fall in the Garden of Eden was not because of just eating fruit, it was actually sex between Eve and Satan. There is evidence in the bible and other non biblical text, that the answers can be found. The book of Genesis and the book of Enoch are where the answers can be found. There is also scientific evidence to support this theory.

There is a phenomenon called Heteropaternal Superfecundation or twins with different fathers. Please go here for information about this subject.

Heteropaternal Superfecundation

More about Cain the son of Satan in my next post.

Please spare us.

Youre name treeoflife suggests that youve heard about kabbalah, and yet this post suggests the complete opposite.

Satan has sex with eve? Okay. I will admit that kabbalistically Satan impregnated eve in a METAPHORICAL sense. There was a spiritual intemingling of forces. In Hebrew the word for advice is also the word for marriage; meaning one who accepts advice essentially 'weds' himself to the advisor. His knowledge having been transmitted, like 'semen' to the neshama of another.

but it has absolutely no physical application. Satan is a spiritual force, not some interdimensional entity at odds with G-d. Hes a creation of g-d, completely subsumed under his will. What he does, is directed by the creator. Only mankind was granted free will. Angels do not possess it.

The sons of God (Angels) had sex with the daughters of men (human women) and created the giants. The book of Genesis touches on this right before the flood, that is why he flood occured at all. Noah was of pure blood and his family had not mated with the angles so he and his family were saved. You can read more about this in the book of Enoch. If geneology and bloodlines were not important then why does the Bible chronical them so well. It is very significant thus why DNA is so importatn to the elites. I could go on and on but if you are interested you will look it up.

The Torahs mention of geneology is more than just chronological.

Humanity is an analogy of a divine story, you could say. Every name used in the torah is also a Hebrew word. Thus, each name signifies something archetypally about that collective generation of mankind; it describes a spiritual state; and thats the message to be imbibed.

There were no physical giants on earth, and when the Torah mentions size (midah) or height (ram) a reader of Hebrew knows that midah also means emotion, and ram can me an elevated awareness (Ram-ses, for instance, being the king of egypt, therefore symbolized the collecive egyptian personality, and when the torah talks with him, theyre speaking with the very archetypal mentality of "egypt" - which in Hebrew is 'mitzrayim', related to the word Mitzarim, "limitations". Thus, the exodus from Egypt represented mans liberation from the limitations that the usual framework of life arrests him to. Strife (tzar), and other emotional and societal difficulties, are overcome when one 'exits' egypt symbolically, by turing wholeheartedly to G-d. Also, the concept of a god-man, which is what the pagan concept of 'christ' represents, is also symbolized by pharoah, who, as history and mythology understands, was considered a god-man, the figure that united heaven with earth). So, when Og is called 9 cubits tall, whether or not a 9 cubits tall human being existed or not should not be a concern, (and im only leaving this possibility open because i dont want to profane G-ds holy Torah by making any assertions that wouldnt be supported by rabbinic judaism) the issue is WHAT DOES THAT MEAN. The torah is a spiritual book that needs to be understood in a spiritual manner; attempting to understand it as your believe would leave you as clueless as believing any pagan mythology as anything but allegorical. For instance, in the East, theyve utilized mythology but with the complete understanding that it was allegorical;with commentaries explaining the spiritual nature of the texts. This is the same in the West; in Sumer, babylon, Egypt, Greece, the americas etc. Every myth you have ever heard has a spiritual interpretation; its merely the archetypal covering of a theological metaphysics.

Also, ive read teh book of Enoch many times, and this especially applies to it. Enoch is clearly allegory. For instance, the concept of 'watchers' is the spiritual awareness of watching oneself in what Freud terms the 'super ego'. Each of these archetypal spiritual states are things in themselves, it should be understood. Man is merely the Neshama (consciousness). The states he experiences are various spirits and forms that he has full choice whether to experience or not. Thus, this spiritual awarness of guaring your behavior in thought, speech and action were called 'the watchers'. Eventually, makind collectively began to falter; the main spiritual challenge which men face, is the desire and lust for the other sex. And so, this was how the 'fall' of the watchers occured (notice how this is describing a spiritual psychology). The watchers 'lusted' for human women. Translation: Mankind who was in the spiritual mode of 'watching' ie; completely aware of their source and remaining faithful to him, began to desire physical forms; they began objectifying, which was first experienced by the objectification of women. Thus, the 'watchers' (that is, the spiritual energy that man possessed while at this spiritual level) cohabited (contributed life-force to this demonic power) with women. This produced 'nephilim'. Nephilim is from the Hebrew root, nafal (to fall). Thus, makind had fallen in consciousness. They were now subject to demonic powers; Nephilim being a symbol for constrictibe emotions that suck life-force from man. This can manifest as depression, lust, fear, anxiety, greed, vanity, arrogance, jealousy, etc. Each one is a unique archetypal form. Each one is a 'giant' that surrounds the consciousness of he/she who is immersed in its power.

So, these books describe a spiritual chronology.

posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 06:41 PM
I don't know if there is an original demon seed or not. But more realistically, there are bloodlines of families who practice rituals such as necromancy, demonic binding and human sacrifice. There are also family histories of child abuse which create the kind of trauma that are said to generate talented occultists, as well as other types of "healers" like prostitutes.

posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 08:09 PM

When dontreally talks about "different levels," I believe he is referring to the various levels quabbalistically speaking. It is possible that when you read the Bible, its meaning reached you on a higher level of your soul. If you are interested, google this concept and do some reading.

According to quabbalah, there are various levels to the human soul -

Neshamah - Higher Self (the divine part of you)
Ruach - Mind and Reasoning (your intellect)
Nephesh - Animal instincts (earthly autonomic systems)

As dontreally mentioned, if you understand the message of quabbalah, the Bible takes on a whole different context which is quite enlightening... However, it is also taught in quabbalah and the Bible that you should not "throw pearls before swine." People will not understand enlightenment until it is their time to do so...

posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 09:19 PM
reply to post by nlouise

Since you claim to had a epiphany then riddle me this. Did you figure out the curse of Malachi? And did you see any dualities in your studies?

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posted on Sep, 5 2010 @ 11:27 AM

Originally posted by CIAGypsy

Just to correct you

Neshama = Self consciousness. The reasoning analytical function

Ruach = emotion

Nefesh = physical vitality, and could also be associated with the 5 physical senses.

This is actually perfectly reflected in the hebrew words for each level. If you watch closely, you can see the tremendous wisdom in it. Neshama means 'to breathe', as in Genesis G-d 'blew or breathed' life into Adam. Ruach means 'spirit', but also wind. It implies exhalation (which produces a wind). Whereas Nefesh has the connotation of 'to settle'.

Therefore, the progression goes


3 basic stages in the breathing process, or in this case, the creators breathing life into man.

The 'spiritual' higher self in kabbalah is called the 'chaya' which corresponds to the sefira of wisdom (what we would call the personal unconscious), and the highest level of soul, is Yechida (singular essence - which would be the collective human unconscious) which is the sefirah of Keter (crown). This highest level is realized when one nullifies himself to the will of the creator; and no, not to be meant in the typical gnostic pagan sense. The creator has a will thats entirely reflected in his Torah. The 7 Noahide commandments are encumbent upon all mankind. One true nullifies himself when accepting upon himself the yoke of self discipline for the sake of what Kabbalah calls 'turning the vessel into light', transforming the negative nature in reality, into holiness. Going against ones INBORN nature is what the Torah is about. This is what is meant by Esau and Jacob, the twins. Esau came out first, and he was 'ruddy'. Esau symbolizes the evil inclination, which is what man is naturally born with. Later on in life, at about teh age of 13 (emotional intelligence - when man receieves the ruach level of soul) "jacob" is born, holding on to the 'heel' of Esau. In other words, at this age, man becomes morally aware, his good inclination is born, and its job is to overcome the overriding influence of his evil inclination (ie; holding on to the heel of esau). Thus, the entire Torah is about the victory of good over evil. It acknowledges the existence of evil, and mankinds need to rectify it through proper thought, speech and action.

This is true self nullification.

'nullification' according to gnostic and typical pagan thought is actually ridiculously self centered and arrogant. One tries to mimick the dualistic nature of reality, rather than accept the premise of the Torah. that G-d desires us to improve upon it, as only we, being made in his image, are capable of doing.

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