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You know how we worry about the NWO thing....

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posted on Dec, 2 2005 @ 04:42 PM
.. and how we don't like the idea of the Powers That Be prying into our private lives?

Well... I know we are not directly responsible but we do feed off it, which is why it is provided... What am I on about you say? Stop drivelling and get to your 'point'?

Well, we happily will sit there with our newspapers and watching the news, prying into the lives of TPTB, watching their slip ups, picking fault with their offspring's behaviour, sharing their births, deaths, achievments, etc.

Pictures like Cheri Blair answering the door looking like crap, Bush's drunken going's on at Parties, Prince Harry smoking dope, etc... We all enjoy seeing it, laughing, crying - passing comment. So really we are getting from them what we have done to them for countless years.

Not saying it's right, but if it does come about - then maybe we will be really equal with them.

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