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Magick and Psionics

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posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 09:09 AM

Magic can be spelled many ways yet how you spell it doesn't really matter. What really does matter though is the intent by which you use the word. Too many people quibble over the small technacalities, like the spelling of the word, but for old times sake I'll explain the perceived differences in the words used, you may agree or disagree but either way doesn't really bother me for this is my view point on magick.

Often seen or perceived as stage magic and slight of hand, rather a deception than the true essence of magick.

Seen as true magick and not your stage magic and slight of hand, this is magick that socerers, witches, mages and any true magick user uses.

More of a subcatagory of Magick, as this represents the ritualistic side of magick.

As you can see at this point, I tend to favour the use of the word magick, so please if you use different terminology for the same concept, use your term instead of mine.

Now let me begin a little more formally than before. My career in magick started long before I went and looked up these terms and terminology, my career in magick start back when I was a mere 6 years old, perhaps before that but those small details are unimportant as I believe magick starts upon the frst realization that "you are different but also the same as those around you"
Now before I go further than that point, I just want to make this clear, magick is not something only gifted children or certain people are blessed with, it is something anybody and every can do. So please do not think that it is something only certain people can or rather are able to do.

It may be true that some people find magick easier to use or are more natural with magick, but please do note, this does not make them adepts, merely more naturally inclined onto the path of magick. Just how some people are gifted with a natural tallent in music, math, languages etc. some people are gifted with magick. Now just as rare as a genius is in any other subject, it's the same for magick and although you get many gifted people, many of those who have the gift may turn down the responicibility which thins out the ranks.

Those who have natural skill may get results a little quicker but it does not change the fact that they have to work just as hard if not harder than those who are not so inclined. They know they are gifted and to become more skilled at their art, so they work exceptionally hard to become better and they push themselves because they want to find out the answers to their questions.

Amoung these questions, one of the most prominent is the question "who am I?" but just as many times as a natural would push themselves, they grow arrogent and think they are much better than everybody else and don't work and only use what natural tallent they have.

These people are the one's who claim to be masters of their craft. Now as I see it there are various classes for those who practice magick. None of the classes hold rank over another, they are merely guidelines for the two things, the first relates to the skill level of the mage, his/her raw power if you will. The second relates to the control that person has achieved, or if I were to give an extremely oversimplified way of stating this, it would be one's knowledge of magick. This second point is the more important point out of the two.

Skill Ranks

• non
A person who does not have a natural tallent at magick but are rather the opposite. People who suffer from this do have magick ability and c an use magick but find it rather difficult. This condition is just slightly more common than genius. where lout of every 1 000 000 may be a magick genius, I would say lout of every 100 000 would be a non. Sometimes those called nons are confused with those who don't believe or have developed a block due to how they are brought up or just a total lack of belief and are using their natural tellent to block or disinvow their ability to use it.

• Average
A person who mayor may not use magick but is not inclined or disinclined to or against magick. This is the general level of the mass of the population, it raises and drops according to the times.

• Above and below average
A given defined by it's mere name in relation to the skill rank normal

• Genius
A person who is the exact opposite of the skill rank non. They are naterually inclined to magick to such a degree that they surpass the
ran ks 0 f above averager and average by an ammense degree. What sets genius apart from those who are classified above average is the fact that they have an instinctual knowledge of n the subject of magick. They may conciously or subconcious be aware of this but either way with or without finding out prioir information regarding the subject they are able to do magick to as high a degree as an adept without prior practice or training. At this point in time there are an estimated 664 natural Genius' in magick.

General Ranks of control/knowledge ranks

• Dabbler
The lowest in the ranks as this is a person who only plays with magick, does no serious research but claims to be involved for the cool factor of it all. This rank is given to all who just mess around with magick to "see if it works" or for fun without doing any of their own research.

• Novice
Anybody who is not a dabbler and is starting onto the path of magick. At this point the user still follows the techniques of others to the letter and trusts other sources greater than their own instinct. They have gained some control over their ability but the majourity of their work is instinctual. Novice is the level most people quit at but it's also one of the most important levels as this defines the base for your magick pratices and is also the section where you learn most about magick in general.

- Adept
A person on this level has observed how others practice magick, tested what works best for them, and what doesn't work for them and as such they listen to themselves and their instincts ore often, they have accomplished the true essence of magick and made it personal. An adept has grasped the basics on their ability and can conciously control the direction of their will and power.

posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 09:10 AM
Magick Continued 1

- Master
A person on this level has gained enough control over their will/power that they can not only create change in the intended enviroment but determine how that change is going to occur as well as how long it will take for the change to occur. Masters have total concious control over their abilities and have to focus specifics conciously.

- Grand Master
A person on this level has the skill of a novice, now many will ask why J say this so I'll be specific instead of vague. The person has the control of a master but that control has become instinctual, but they no longer need to focus on it as they shape the world according to their thoughts now, no concious intervention is needed as they have their own background knowledge and total control over their abilities without having to use the time to focus them.

- Genius
A genius is stated here again as a genius not only has natural power/control but also knowledge. A genius may fall into any of the previous catagories and can vary from dabbler to Grand master. Although most genius' due to their concious understanding of the knowledge or total lack of that knowledge conciously would fall into the novice catagory.
Genius level may have been a Master or a Grand Master from a previous lifetime. Both those levels are rare as not many people have continous practice until that point.

Please note that although I have written down skill levels here as well as knowledge/control levels that these are just my own personal guides and no rank has command over another rank, they merely show/demonstrate a person's place on the path of magick, how far they've come. Also please remember these levels are not set, a person can achieve a greater level in both skill divisions...

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