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A Potential Cause of Global Warming

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posted on Dec, 1 2005 @ 10:54 PM
First off this isn't as much a threaded opinion as it is a question I am posing to myself and the ATS Community. I was cooking some popcorn in my microwave the other day and about the moment the grease started sizzling it hit me.
When I was a kid pretty much everything that switched on or off, still had a wire attached to it somewhere. The concept of Wireless Communication was still limited to localized television and radio broadcast, then within about a decade the technology just exploded man. Suddenly your television had Wireless Remotes, RC Cars, all the tv's were becomming gamma ray blasting color sets, maybe a quadrillion microwave ovens, automatic doors at stores, motion lights, centillions of celluar phones, and septillions of transmitters, transceivers, cb's, radios could pick up stations hundreds of miles away... you get the idea.
All that technology is pretty nifty, but it raises a concern about the potential effects of continually and exponentially increasing the amount of energy being pumped out of these devices. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, at least not in terms our noodle can grasp, or our math allow, so all of this energy is being radiated out into the atmosphere. We live in a bubble, and one of the reaosns our planet is such a cozy and nice place to live is because that atmosphere likes to collect radiated heat and trap it in a layer above our biosphere. Air is also matter, it resonates like everything in the universe does, when matter resonates faster we call that process heat. All that nifty technology we have come to know as wireless works because of this vibration. Common Radio is what we call low energy, it is far below visible red light in terms of energy, yet it still moves air back and forth through either frequency modulation (FM) or amplitude modulation (AM), it isn't a high energy wave but the kenetic energy of that vibration is bound to be a source of heat. Take a step up in scale and we get into infrared and then the visible range of the spectrum, if you know what a street light is, then you have an idea of what kind of energy we are talking about in that range. Microwaves are souped up radio waves, cancer causing high energy, noodle cooking kind of waves that we emit from a variety of sources en masse. Ultraviolet, no lack of that being pumped out either. Then you get into Xrays and Gamma Rays, those are a little more rare in your day to day life, but more common than you might think. Aside from the commercial devices, of course the governements of the world love to spew out these rays indiscriminately in who knows what projects and operations. You start bouncing all that energy around in a thick insulting layer of nitrogen and oxygen gases, eventually the temperature inevitably has to go up, right?
If you were in a PERFECTLY insulated room (which is of course impossible), you could literally eventually boil water by shouting boil at it over and over again. I forgot how long it would take, but it wasn't like an incredible long time either though. It either bounces around, gets absorbed, or converts to another form, but energy doesn't simply go away,.
Now add all that compeltely unatural energy output that to what I call the Combustion Factor, which is to say that before mankind, combustion was a rarity, and now it is a constant yet ever increasing ebb and flow. Then end result is that a TREMENDOUS amount of energy is being radiated, rather than consumed and recycled by natural processes right into our atmosphere, and alarmingly, most energy eventually is converted to heat.
Not only are we increasing the amounts of green house gases in our atmosphere through unrelenting combustion, but we are bombarding this new insulation with a constant flow of RF and other Energy.
Is there any global energy output information that includes the whole spectrum? Just how much energy are we robbing from the natural processes and beaming out into the cosmos? I bet you if there is such research the numebrs would be astounding.
I guess as laughable as it might sound, I guess my question is, are Radios going to kill us all? Ironic, I guess they told us, rock and roll would kill us.

posted on Dec, 2 2005 @ 10:32 PM
I found this site from the FCC that seemed to have alot information...
But the FCC regulates and therefore caters to transmitters in the Commercial bandwidths and telecommunications so they could hardly be considered a reliable source of information.

The FCC does not have the resources nor the personnel to routinely monitor the emissions for all the thousands of transmitters that are subject to FCC jurisdiction.

Do any of you guys know of a good source for independent research?
Is there any such a thing as independent research? lol

posted on Dec, 2 2005 @ 11:05 PM
Well it cannot be that since it’s occurring on other planets at the same time:

Global Warming on Pluto Puzzles Scientists

Mars Ski Report: Snow is Hard, Dense and Disappearing

Venus Probe Searches for Global Warming Clues

Personally I think it’s this:

Space Dust Flooding Our Solar System

Defenses Down, Galactic Dust Storm Hits Solar System

Causing this:

Sun's Output Increasing in Possible Trend Fueling Global Warming

Sunspot Activity at 8,000-Year High

And resulting in the warming of all the planets.

Apparently so do a number of scientists, but they are having a difficult time in proving it. Personally I think that they need to spend a bit less man hours pointing figures at what is causing it, and a few more in what they should be trying to do about it, or to protect as much of society as possible during it.

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