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Japan fear of a Ballitic missile attack :

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posted on Sep, 23 2003 @ 11:29 AM
RADIO NHK 22/09/03 (TOKYO).

The general manager of the agency of Defense, Shigeru Ishiba, entrusted to the press which the Prime Minister had asked him to restructure radically the agency, in order to improve its effectiveness. Reporting the words of the Prime Minister, Mr. Ishiba quoted the need for these reforms to counter new threats, including the terrorist attacks and the ballistic missiles. Mr. Ishiba added that the agency will study the means of answering the threat posed by the ballistic missiles. What would seem to confirm the intention of the government to continue the development of a system of defense anti-missile ballistics.

posted on Sep, 23 2003 @ 11:37 AM
I would agree, there is a significant threat to Japan from a ballistic missile strike from North Korea, especially now that they are claiming to have operationally deployed nuclear weapons.

For those who dont study much history, Japan invaded the Korean peninsula in the 1920s, and occupied it as a foothold for gaining entry into China. Japan was known for its extremely harsh and cruel treatment of Korean prisoners of war, and civilians alike.

Japan took the measure of setting up numerous "Comfort Stations" in Korea, where Koreans civilian females, some as young as 12, were to "service" Japanese soldier... sometimes as many as 20 a day.

Suffice it to say, the Koreans have a historic reason to hate Japan.

Japan has also publicly stated that while thier current constitution precludes them from engaging in warfare on foreign soil, they are quite willing to take preemptive measures if they percieve a significant threat from North Korea. This has gone so far as to signal a willing to launch airstrikes against NK if they so much as fuel thier missiles.

posted on Sep, 23 2003 @ 12:03 PM
N. Korea better get its "act" together.......!
Japan has a spy satellite to monitor this.
Japan's 'threat' is real!
Japan is currently installing a missile defence system at roughly 200 billion yen or 1.7-2.54 billion dollars.
Japan has stated on numerous occassions that it would do preemptive strikes, if necessary......:

"Japan could hit foreign bases if threat of attack clear: Koizumi" (Wednesday, May 21, 2003)

"Japan warns that it will attack if North Korea aims missile" (15 September 2003)

Here's something further to consider:
I would wager.....considering Japan's technical ability and their manufacturing capability, and add that to the nuclear power plants they have, and I'm personally convinced that Japan is either a current member of the atomic club, or they could become a member in about fifteen minutes flat!

Here's a bit more thoughts on this:
Clinton's policy toward North Korea was based on two false premises: one, that Pyongyang would keep its promises [regarding the 1994 agreement to abandon its nuclear programme]; and two, that North Korea would collapse.

North Korea has neither kept its promises nor collapsed. We are now faced with the consequences.....Mr. Clinton!

Bears repeating for any Liberals and Democrats out there.

And's well known that South Korea and North Korea both do not like Japan, but South Korea will not attack Japan. North Korea might, but will be seriously contested instantly. Payback coming Japan's way? Maybe, but not much, I think.

IMHO........I'd love to see how China reacted if Japan started rolling out the strike aircraft and cruise missles. Rolling them out completely independent of US manufacture or permission. I'm guessing KIJ's switchboard would really light up at that point.....



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