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alien abduction anonymous

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posted on Sep, 7 2008 @ 08:42 PM
Reading these posts (even tho several years old), my gosh they are so interesting!

Personally I have not been abducted, but reading insights are frightening and worrying but at the same time intriguing.

Im a late teen male from England and there was a story in The Sun news paper:

It just has a hold on me. It is like Ghosts and strange happenings, Im just trying to step closer to finding what is out there or what is going on?

Its a shame all we know is what the public tell us, Governments do not seem to pass comment or even mention things like this because they will only be ripped to shreds by the media.

I'd love to check back and see how everyone is getting on in these threds... because reading several pages of stories and im left wanting more.

Patman x

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 03:12 PM
i found this 7 years after it was created by the thread author. i should have maybe looked here a long time ago.
it's funny, I noticed that while the author first posted this when he was 20 years old, i was also 20 at the time. that's neither here nor there.
I should add myself to this list of people who have been, or are certain to have been abducted. In my case i like to think that the aliens decided i was not worth visiting more than once for whatever reason, as it only happened one time and never again.
It was early spring when i was 12 years old. that would be 1997. One thing that bothers me about the entire experience is the reaction i got from my parents. At 12 years old my first instinct when i found myself back in my room was to run to my parents room. They automatically told me i had a nightmare. In their position I would have done the very same, but to me that answer was hard to swallow. For the better part of a week I insisted that it was not a nightmare, and when it seemed that what i was doing was making me look like a mental case I stopped arguing.
I pushed the horrifying memories to the back of my mind and persuaded myself that it was a dream. for years i did all i could to forget what i once believed happened to me. this is what of my story that i can remember:
It was an average ordinary weekday, i was an average kid. i was in my bed, but not yet asleep. debunkers love the fact that so many abductees are in bed during an abduction. it makes it too easy to discredit as a dream. I do not remember any entity in my room. all i remember is this incredible light. This light is like none i have seen before or since.
There is a point i should make before i go on. when i was young my parents were a bit over protective. i was never allowed to watch anything about aliens. I wasn't even allowed to watch the simpsons until i was about 12 or 13 i believe. Because of this i had no preconceived notion of what an alien should look like. if it were my mind recreating memories from the media then the aliens would have looked like steven speilbergs "E.T."
Anyways from what i do remember, i remember being on a very uncomfortable type of operating table. I did not notice any physical bindings holding me down, but i could not move. i could move my eyes, and nothing else. The reason that i could not talk could have very well been from shock, but that i can not answer. What i can tell you for certain is that the media does not portray the greys accurately. I understand that though because you can not create an advanced being out of plastic and make up. In reality I could see in detail that their skin is not just grey, but pale to the point of almost being transparent. when close you notice the veins beneath the surface of the skin, the imperfections, the lines. What you notice above everything else however is the eyes. they draw you in like the sight of a horrific plane crash would draw your attention. Then by the simple act of looking in their eyes you become stunned and shocked. People say that these beings are capable of telepathy. I don't know, but I do know that with their stare you feel as though your very soul is being invaded.
I'm running out of characters for this post, so i will wrap it up. I remember very little, but of the time line of the event i remember the first bright light, waking on the operating table, then with my senses coming back I saw two of their silhouettes from behind what seemed to be a curtain. They seemed to notice that i had come to and one came to my side, looked over me for what felt like a lifetime, but was probably only a few seconds, then reached his hand over my face and BOOM that big bright light came again and i woke up on my bedroom floor unable to move. Over a period of a couple minutes I began to regain control of my body and yelled, went to the bathroom, but I know i didn't throw up or get a nose bleed. that is when i went to my parents room and you know how that went.

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