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alien abduction anonymous

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posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 04:54 PM
there was a man on coast to coast the other day who spoke of demons and angels ancompassing the earth to spread their messages. the demons were there to direct, guide, and ultimately save the human race where as the angels were the detering factor in human kinds greater ambitions of a higher spiritual awareness. lucerifer the father of all humans would be the influencing factor in creating a sort of oneness with all the humans coming together. he then got into remote viewing and predicting numbers stuff i have been practicing sort of for a while but stuff not that amazing to me, i would rather remote view alien worlds, and complex classifications of governmental compartments. what was truely astounding to me however just as my interest in the subject was weining, he spoke a person who was listening at the begining and whos name started with an "S" hrmm... mind probingly adept this man spoke then that this person whos name started with an "S" was looking for something in this world, anything. hit the bullseye with that one! im really looking, hoping, eagerly awaiting anything to steer me towards one such level of understanding to perturb all the insolent factors of irrelevance plaguing mankind today. alas, the streets are nigh, emptied to the fantastic wasteland of worlds of digital asfixiation. i only mention this because, if that man truely probed my mind and gathered my deepest emotions a the while on the air on a million listener radio show, then just think of what kind of awareness an EBE ET is capable of sitting sulking surmising aloft the humid atmospheric surroundings of our earth, and the emotional compenstation derived from having such. they might know our probelms better then we do.

posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 05:10 PM

Originally posted by sturod84
im really looking, hoping, eagerly awaiting anything to steer me towards one such level of understanding to perturb all the insolent factors of irrelevance plaguing mankind today.

i'm right there with ya!

posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 09:36 PM
haha no i believe in aliens etc, don't worry.
Well even if it did go static, that would be pretty solid proof that something did happen. Static, or catching them in the act ( static much more likely ), you're going to win either way.
My friend has a security set up in his shop, where if theres movement, it will record. The movement will show up as a red dot, you click that in the morning to see what happened.
Just delete the old files every night to save room. The setup costs about $1000 AUST apparently.

posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 11:41 PM
1- im very glad to hear your a believer, i was wondering if someone would come to this forum and start debunking and hating, im glad that's not the case...
2- id def put up a system if i had the cash but i dont... i really think something like that would give me a little sense of peace as well... so until then, ive got man's best friend, my faithful (beast of a) dog (not really a beast, a pit/shepard mutt)
3- since you are a believer, got any experiences?

take it easy, t0by and all, and have a good weekend!


posted on Mar, 4 2006 @ 02:19 PM

Originally posted by UnterMir

bpletcj, so the winter is you tough time regarding aliens... mine isnt strictly seasonal... they are times my feelings are strong and wanting to converse and (as my lack of posting for the past 2 months prooves) other times i am so affraid that i try to shut the topic out of my life... which doesnt work since that is just denying yourself and your being


Maybe each persons encounter is different.

My last one was defiantly out of the ordinary. Like my previous episodes I went numb but this time when I woke up I woke up face down in my bed and it was several hours later . Once I woke up I went into the bathroom, when I looked in the mirror there was dried blood all over my face and I had a big gash in my fore head. After I cleaned all the blood off my face I went and checked my pillow to see how much got on the bedding. To my shock there was none. In fact there was no blood to be found any ware in my house. I went to the ER to get it checked out and had to get 12 stitches put in to close the wound.

When I got back home I looked around to see if I could find out where I could have cut my forehead at, but like I said I found no blood any were. Not even in my bed.

I hate to think I got hurt during an abduction, but I can't figure out how I got cut, and why there was no blood any were but my face. It doesn't make sense.

Anyone else with a similar experience?

posted on Mar, 5 2006 @ 02:48 AM
interesting read. yours was the post I read that lead me to posting my story. I read some other post and though Im in no position to judge anyone, alot of people here talk about some "very" strange things. your post stuck out cause you stated you were just an average guy that had to go through this crap.

I was very terrified obviously while it was happening and for a few years after. I don't think anyone is normal if they aren't terrified after such an ordeal. alot of people go through this during or after sleep so thier memory is fuzzy, I had to see these bastards while I was awake unfortunately, as you know that makes it even worse, cause it cast out the last bit of any doubt.

and yeah, winter is the worse time for this stuff, but I came to the conclusion it's relevant. these things go through a great deal of trouble to try not to be seen. winter provides darkness, and you can kinda feel when they are around. lucky for me I haven't had that feeling in awhile.

and I agree with the military part 100%, I served in the military and I know damn well that guy outside the door was wearing BDUs (woodland fatigues).

posted on Mar, 5 2006 @ 07:54 PM
Ok I guess its time I share my experience, Utter & Wing has had some incredible life changing things happen - so at least I'm not alone! I do not recall any abduction Thank God, I don't feel that has happened, but all the signs are there that something is in fact happening - I'll share my story with you all. maybe someone on here will say they too saw something similar!
Back in 1978 is when I had my first ufo experience. I'll use my friends Initials when reffering to them, in order to keep all names private. I was speaking with my friend P., & His girlfriend L on the phone, they invited me over and asked me to go to their apartment and drive with P to pick her up when she would get out of work later that night. Then we all could go for a bite to eat afterwards.
So I showed up at their apt. I got in P car and we drove to the city which was about 35 min away. Longer really, but the way P drives, we get there in practically no time at all! We all lived in the country at the time, we were going to arrive way to early, we were going to stop at friends and kill some time, but they wearn't there. So we didn't want to go where L worked yet, it was a gorgeous summer evening, still had close to an hour before we needed to get her, & we were only about 10 or so minutes away.

Right outside the city, was a place we all loved to go and hang out! Was an old dirt road, with huge corn fields on either side. Was just a peaceful beautiful place that one could lay on top of the car, and stare at the endless stars in the heavens, while cranking up the stereo and not be bothered by anyone telling you to lower it!
So there we were drove up to our favorite place, and had the car idling and the stereo blasting as usual, and before we could even get out and lay on the hood of car, the cars radio was all static, weird static & so I'm trying to fix it, and tune into another station. Every channell was the same! I just looked puzzled at P because it was unusual we never had a problem pulling in at least a few good stations, being not that far from the city!

Then everything went dead. I mean dead, no radio, no car idiling - zero nothing! P & I looked at each other, and said Man thats strange, P right away tried to start the car, and to no avail of course. I said P, you better let it sit or your going to flood it! Besides I said, no rush, we don't have to pick up L for.... what time you got, my watch stopped, He said wait a minute I'll check mine, his too stopped, it read 8:53pm. I said now thats real weird, mine was just working a few minutes ago, P said the same thing, and mine was stopped at the exact time. I started to freak out a bit, I didn't know why just had an uneasy feeling about things. So did P... I said try the car again, dead as a door nail - nothing not even a squeak - we looked at each other with a expression one has like they have seen a ghost, and we both burst out laughing hysterically! We always seem to do that over the silliest things, but really it wasn't a laughing matter, I mean L would be real mad, if we wern't there to pick her up on time, and so I guess you could say it was one of those nervous laughter moments one has!
Well I said to P, as I remember when I last checked the watch before all this happened we still had at least a good 45 min. or so till we had to get her, let the car rest and Im sure it will turn over soon!
Being a little spooked out, for some reason neither of us was aiming to go outside and relax on the hood of the car, like we always do when we visit here. So my window being down from the get go, being their was a nice summer breeze, well their was - that too stopped abruptly & so did the sounds of hearing any crickets or night time critters for that matter. Maybe their was a animal in the area thats why the silence, was my thoughts. As I put my back on the car door I shared with P how everything was dead silent, he noted that he too was aware of it!

So I decided to at least take in the view of the stars, but in the safety of the car, When one lives in the country one knows, when critters, & animals stop making noises, it usually is a sign of bear or coyote nearby. So their I am leaning my back on the door, and leaned way back and put my head out the window, facing upward toward the night ski. It being a crystal clear night, for sure their would be plenty of them in full view like always.

I stood there motionless unable to even mutter a sound from my lips- I was moving them but the shock of what I was now seeing, kept me from doing so! P last I seen was fooling around with an old flashlight he kept on hand that wasn't working as well.
My words came bursting forth in the next breath, P P P OH MY GOD P LOOK,
he too, stuck his head out, together we were both saying Holy ---- do you see that, and several other slangs not appropriate to put on here!

There appeared directly over the car, was a huge ufo. We had both heard about the story of Barney & Betty Hill, but we wearn't the kind of people at that time to take to heart all that we have heard. We wearn't the kind of people who easily believed everything we heard! Pure skeptics from the get go.
So this is what we saw, if P & I stood on the top of the car, we both could have reached out, and touched this thing, that's how close it was over the car!
I saw a huge silvery roundish maybe a slight ovalish to it but not very, the lights were blinding, but not where we couldn't see. There appeared many different colored lights beaming from beneath this thing, underneath were all these squares, in the squares were letters of the alphabet - not in any sequence of order - So one could not make out any words, all the letters were brightly illuminated and each had its own color! The outer lines of the square were bright white as the color of a light in your house, spectacular brillant in splendor! Beautiful....

The bottom underneath edges were silverish & glowing as well but not glowing from being illuminated by lights, it was like the ufo itself was somehow pulsing with life, is the only way I can explain it! The sides were of the same material as the bottom edges but I could see further up the sides were windows slanted inward, I was shielding my eyes to stop the intense glare that was shining at us from the bottom of the ufo. Looking up at the windows as I was squinting my eyes to make out something P & I were clearly seeing, their were dark figures glaring down at us, they appeared to be in a human form, but one couldn't be sure they were human, all we knew was their were alive, we could see them moving & motioning with what appeared to be arms!

All while we were seeing this, I & P were screaming LOOK THERE, YOU SEE THAT, OH MY GOD, LOOK ON THE SIDES - DO YOU SEE THEM THINGS, OH MY WHAT THE HE-- ARE THEY? I jerked my head back in the car, as P did, fumbling to find the ignition with the keys, I'm screaming, TRY THE CAR, TRY THE CAR, He's screaming back, shut up I Am I Am, still dead, I pop my head out and P did also, it started to have this strange low hum that started for a few seconds, and as were staring at it, it doesn't fly off, it disappears right before our eyes. The thing just vanishes! Poof, Gone! P & I are still screaming Oh My God, and several others things, when the radio comes on bursting, which made us both jump a mile. P must have left the key turned on to where one can play the radio when the car is off! I started screaming start the car, start the car, which he yelled once again I AM I AM OH GOD START PLEASE START - and it did.

We must have laid about a 100ft of rubber zooming out of there as soon as it started! We both never looked back, we just wanted out - right before we got to L's work place, the radio station that was playing said it was now 9:08. First thing I said well P, at least we have no missing time right? All P could say is Right & looked at me, he was as pale as a ghost, I could only imagine what I too looked liked! He was physcially shakened up as I was, trembling so much, we swear we could hear each others heart beating & my teeth were even chattering I was so dam scared!
I remember my teeth chattering only one other time in my life, and that was when I was alone in the house in the country, and heard footsteps all around the outside of the house. I hated living there, my parents moved me there from the city, in which I spent the first 14 years of my life! A drastic change for a teen, but now I was older and had my license and grown to like the country a bit more than when I first moved there. Lets just say parents shouldn't move a 14yr old city slicker to the country! lol The only reason I grew to like it, was because Mom & Dad thought I wouldn't get in trouble there, so they had very little limitations on what I did. Little did they know, country life is all about having parties! No cops around to bother you! But my love for horses kept me real busy and somewhat out of trouble lol! Until this happened! Lets just say I did go to a lot of parties and kept as busy as I could so my mind wouldn't dwell on the ufo experience! lol

So there P & I are in the parking lot of L work place, sitting there silently still in shock over what just happened. I broke the silence and told P I had a great idea, got any paper I asked. We both were in too much shock to really talk about what just happened, so I said Maybe we can draw what we both saw, and then exchange papers to see what the other saw too! He reached in the back, in a duffle bag and grabbed a pad out, He was in college practicing to become a lawyer, so he had all his books there and paper handy too! P was a lot like me, we both always would Methodically think things out, and always we would come up with rational explanations, on things that others would be spooked out about! We loved proving to others, what was the real reasons that lurked behind things. Many things we could prove, and yet their were still some things that were left unanswered! I think thats what gave me the passion to work for a Private I. I knew all people needed answers in their lives, and many were willing to stop at nothing to find out, and would pay big bucks to do so! My studies at college would help me with that, amongst other passions I'm trying to accomplish as well!

P and I finished drawing what we saw earlier and exchanged papers, and we sat there, our mouths wide opened shocked, and in awe, we shouldn't of been surprised but we gladly were, it assured us that what we both had seen in detail - wasn't any product of our wild imaginations. We both knew without a doubt on what we had seen, it was just reassuring to know we both agreed completly with each other!

L. got to the car and we shared our ufo experience in detail, what I or him left out, the other filled in with the tinest of details! The first thing I was going to do was call Dad, when we got back to the Apartment, and ask Him what we should do! He worked for the Air Force at one time and was brought here to Massachusetts, from Alaska where He was stationed before! His old base wasn't that far away, and they would know if any sightings were caught on radar. So we should give them a call, & report what we have seen!
We did just that, P and I, huddled close to the phone so he could listen in, I told the Gentlemen all what happened, and gave a clear description of everything we had seen. After a quick pause, He answered and told me, their in fact were multiple sightings that evening. He assured us no helicopters or planes have any of the type of descriptions we told him about, Or any secret miltary crafts for that matter either. He told us, they took down all the information, and if there were any additional questions someone would get back to us.
They of course never did!

On the way home, which was about a 20 to 25 minute drive from P & L apartment, my eyes were on & off the road all the way home, looking at the night sky making sure nothing was over me or near me! My life as I've known it had changed in an instant, and I was no longer the same, neither was P. I knew inside me, their was more to this life & world then meets the eye! You can say it was the start of a major awakening!

Now when I got home, later that evening, and showed Dad the picture I had drawn and shared everything with him. He looked at me, well as a Father would look at his 5 year old daughter! I wasn't 5, Of course this made me raging mad, saying, P was in the car, and he drew the exact same thing I did. Deep down inside, I didn't care if no one believes us for that matter, I knew what happened and that was that. No if ands or buts, it happened!
Well Dad looked at me and said, were you drinking or..... I said Dad we were sober totally sober, and you know darn well, I was! I went to bed upset, that Dad would even question me on that!
But that's where I learn't about being Methodical about things, Dad was a good teacher, in dissecting everything!

Three nights had passed, and all I yearned for was my Dad to believe me. I don't know why that is so important to girls, but it is! One can have Mom to question them and that seems ok, but when Dad does it, well thats another story!
Dad was up early, it was three days since my ufo experience, he was going scouting, they loved hunting, and so in nice weather they would scout out where they were going to hunt for that coming winter! it was 4Am and my Dad & Sis's husband were outside packing the car. When I was abruptly awakened by them wildly yelling outside. All I heard from the window of my bedroom which was opened, was YOU SEE THAT, when I realized that the dog was madly barking & growling - I ran to see what all the comotion was all about! By the time I found my housecoat & slippers, & ran outside, there was nothing there to be found. My first thought was a deer, which wasn't unusual in the neck of the woods we lived. Bear too, for that matter!

So Dad & my brother n law, were totally ecstatic, and I asked them to please calm down and tell me what the heck they had just seen. Over the House Dad said were not one but 3 ufo's huge, incredible! Silverish, they weren't as low as mine was, so they didn't give the details like I was able to give. Just that it was silverish and huge & glowing and they were moving slowly out from the wooded surrounding area, over the house, and then in an instant dashing away at speeds he never seen before!

I too was estatic that now they too had witnessed something like P and I did. Dad would now believe me for sure!
Dad wouldn't stop talking about it, and I stood there the same way He stood there when I told him my story. Hand on my hips, I simply asked him were you guys drinking or anything??? Huh Dad, He smiled and said Sorry Baby, but you know one has to question things to usually find the right answers! I smiled and walked away saying, I'm glad you believe me now Dad!
Many more strange sightings have occured since then, but nothing like that night in the country! Few years after that I went back to live near the city, where I felt safe, my family soon joined the rest of us & our relatives as well! To this day, I have researched this with many known people who have had years of research on ufo's & abduction cases! Derrel Sims is one, that I not long ago shared my experience with, I said to him in all my research I have done I have never heard of a description of one like the underneath part of the ufo I had seen. His reply Oh Yes, There Are Many Who Have Seen & Photographed many, exactly like the one you saw that Night!
I was relieved to know, someone else had a close eye view also! P & I were no longer alone with this!
Believe me or not, I swear to God all I have told it is the Truth!
If you don't believe, maybe someday you too, will see then believe!

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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 11:06 PM
WEll Folks this treath is going great so i will share my experience too. Ilive in Mexico, in Monterrey, so mostly everybody knows that here we have a lot's of sighthings. This is just the beginig of what has happened, this was 6 years ago, I went to a ranch with some friends to have some fun, make some grill sleep there and return the next day. It was around 8 pm in the night when me and 3 more friends were chatting, eating and having fun, around that hour we saw a yellow light in the sky, more big than any other star aroud, i saw it but i got really exicted when i saw it moving, so i told my friends and they started to watch it, it moves like any ufo video you have saw, like floating, they too were at first feeling..ohh this has to be a we started to watch it closely, later maybe 40 to 50 minutes we started to see that more small ball lights appearing in the sky..very close to were this first yellow light ball we said..ohh ok..not this is strange... theye were much smaller than the yellow one but still moving. Then we saw one of this light balls been stationary and then boom! fly out of the sky so fast it lead a line of light in the sky...woow we everybody watched ourself, then we didnt pay attention to the lights for sometime like ok is cool..let forgive about this and chat everybody normally..we at around 2 am in the morning the light in the ranch started to flick out, like the voltage get it very low and then returned to normal so the light bulbs would dimm off and then return to normal, we started to freak out a little bit about it, but when we watch to the horizon..we saw the yellow light UFO!!! just around 300 meters from were we are! flying real low..about 20 meters from the ground! then stop and started havoring on the same place!! at this point we really got afraid! i mean everybody was freak out including myself, the light bulbs in the ranch started to come on and off, so we started to think at that point let's get out of we started to pack the stuff when i remember, to go to the freeway you need to cross aorund 2 km of hard roads to get there and the UFO is flying just one side of this pathway! I would not go and pass close to this thing! so i told my friends about it, they agree! nobody wanted to pass real close to this UFO...the UFO was still there like watching...we got real afraid and beleieve or not we start to pray (i am catholic).. One of my friends banished counciously...i and the other two freak out! we call him and he got up again..form the ground and was freaked, he told us that he felt someone pushing on his chest hard that he couldnt breath air and lost consience there and we saw it,,this thing has got out of hand by this time luckely we werent all alone , 30 meters form us was a family sleeping in a campain house,,so we walk and get close to it, if something again happen more freake at least we could wake them out! at least it would give us some confidence..we saw the UFO still there and it was now around 4 am in the morning we dicide to get everybody in the car. and put it close to where the family were staying. There we would be freakng seeing this UFO, we didnt see anything coming from was just there havoring, with not friends sleep around 4:40 am...i was the last one to get was around 5:15 am because i was exhausted..around 8 am in the morning i woke up and the sun was hiting us hard on the face....we saw no UFO around..and we all think.Thank GOD it's gonee! we pack our stuff around 12 am and went away freaked by the experience we just pass the night....this was only the start of my experience...... i will tell more in later

This happen for real......and yes it did freak me out to death me and my friends that night 6 years ago.

posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 06:37 PM
Hi Alex
Wow, doesn't it just take your breath away when it happens, one just thinks oh if anything like that ever happens it be so neat, but its not. In fact its chilling to the bone!
I don't know if its because our spirits sense pure evil or what. But all I know I was never so memerised and so scared to the max, like I never been in my life!
But so much now is going on, I don't know if its because of me sharing on here, I'm sure its a coincidence, but things are weird, just plain weird- and I'm really looking for answers on whats been happening for the last few weeks!
Can't wait to hear more on your situation. Glad everything ended up ok for all of you though! I'm sure since that day your not the same are you?

posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 09:36 PM
Angel, that is an awesome encounter!

Alex, welcome and thanks for your post.

Angel and i have been talking about important dates. im gonna throw it out there again, anyone have any dates that seem important to them?

i'd told Angel that alot of people say dates and they come and pass with no significence, but id like to throw mine out there.
im not saying its the end of the world or anything like that
just that ive got a weird feeling about both march 24, 2006 and march 26, 2006.

i dont know if it means anything or not, but for a little more than the past year id felt like it meant something...

so i guess if anything happens then, cool.
if not, im not proclaiming it as "world" changing...

do those dates mean anything to anyone else?

take care, one & all!!!


posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 11:33 PM
Angel thank you and eveyrbody for hearing my story, of course i am not the same person because i have actually have encounter with ET's after that, mostly is at night when i am sleep. Of course i am different, from that day on, nobody is the same has far i know.

Has far i know in my own experience Et's can communicate in two ways, when you are in a dream state and the other one been there in presence. When you dream is like you open yourself up (or part of you) so they can detect you more easy, its like if when you are sleep you are a radio reciever opening up so they can communicate while you are dreaming, when you are wake up this part is closed unless they need you desperated and they do it in presence. I have wake up with strange markins like a lot of people (like a triangular shape in my arm) and things lika that so i know they were let say last night.

I remember a lot of stuff from them, and i have encounter not just one type but at least 3 or 4 types. Mosty the ones i have seen are the common greys, at least i few times i have talk to them (remembering it like a dream) and saw it. Mostly like all pepole say they are telepatic type, so no words comes out form their mouths, they are smaller, big heads big black eyes and skinny. Their ships are different, almost everytime i see all metallic in color.

I will tell more later on

posted on Mar, 8 2006 @ 04:24 PM
Alex I know you said you see metallic color, but do you also taste a metal taste in your mouth once in awhile? I don't like the sound of the triangle mark on your skin, on this one site of ufo's I go to - everyone had inplants in them, shaped like triangle when they had triangle scars on skin too - sorry don't want to scare you, but if you want it all to stop - and are really afraid of all this, you can see from an expert side of view their thoughts on this, if their is anything more to your experiences, He has helped thousands!
Let me know...

Also on UtterM Dates you gave,just wanted to let you all know this Numerologist was on Coast to Coast and on Pay Per View, with George Noory, and George said his predictions were always 100% accurate, that he helped the Government etc avoid certain dates for trips when He knew Catastrophies would happen etc. Anyhow these dates he gave also were very very significant, & the same as yours, so much so he said one shouldn't go far from home, or even venture out if it can be helped. He said make sure you mark the calender and warn as many people of these. He gave other dates that also already passed, and on those dates their was always something big that happened, weather it been earthquake or explosions he was right on. But on these dates that you also gave, he had said it would happen for sure in U.S. and many many people will die, lets pray and hope this one time he is wrong, but with what everyone is getting latley, like dreams etc it doesn't look to good. So lets pray Gods Mercy is upon all & that if we all pray and send forth Angels & Warrior Angels to fight on our behalfs, maybe God will delay his coming wrath, long enough to warn people that the hour is late & to forgive others & love them now while they can!

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posted on Mar, 8 2006 @ 06:59 PM
Angel, are you saying that this gentleman mentioned the dates i said (3/24/06 and 3/26/06)?
that would be just too weird...


posted on Mar, 8 2006 @ 07:28 PM
Angel thank you for your help, do i get afraid of this stuff..surely, i guess everybody get's afraid..not just me. Do i am afraid of them??..NO..i have see them many times that i am not afraid anymore, the only thing that could get me scare are their intentions because still i dont know what's up with them, i have never wake up with a metalic taste on my mouth.

About the triangular shape tha has only happen one time, i have never had a nose bleed. never has far i know like many said it happens, me nope. What i know about them? least the few thing that i remmeber is that they always say they come form too far, that they have technology beyond our imagination, but they never explain whar are they doing. One time tell were telling me that, at least it was 4 greys sited on a round metallic table and i was at the other end. They told me what i just said, that they come from far away, they have more technology than us much more...then i ask them if they had all this they didnt need help from us, they already have all this, why do they need us?? if they were so powerfull why would they need us desperated, in that case they would not need any help at all.....they didnt told me..they didnt want to answer that question and evaded it, that time i got really angry and stood up and came close to one of the greys look him in the eyes and try to grab him from the shoulders trying to persued him to answer me the question, before i could grab him at that instant i dont remember anything else, i just wake up in the bed.

Other time i was on my room sleeping, i dream i was in my own room (strange) and i was sitted on bed, on the right side of me was a Grey sitted too but this was different kind, it was blue color skin one, i saw him but like if he was part of the room i said..ok..i start to see more stuff in my room..then he told me (well on ideas basis) this not more not less:
You are going to be visited by many. you will have to know who is good and who is bad....

I told him, do i know you are not bad??..maybe you are lying..that wht i told him and he replied: We are neutral on this matter, you have to know what i told you..and then i dont remember anything.

...later more

posted on Mar, 8 2006 @ 08:04 PM
That's why I'm a bit anxious over this one, since you & a lot of people without knowing that, are having dreams etc - so I told the one's that been telling me about their dreams about something real bad happening, that their not alone with that, and they were like Wow!
But I do know God will keep us safe, all those who trust in God!

posted on Mar, 8 2006 @ 08:16 PM
Hi Alex
Well my thoughts on them, is one thing & one thing only- they are evil! May be my thoughts and not yours, I respect that! When I was taken to heaven the Lord showed me their plan.
That is one thing & one thing only, too fool mankind, so they will accept the AntiChrist who will be an Alien, & to take their souls in the end!
They had millions of years to think how they would deceive many!
Many dissagree with that, and that's fine with me, all will be shown in the end! But if one ask God, He will show you the truth! The word says, " If you seek you will find, & it also says The Truth Will Set You Free"

posted on Mar, 8 2006 @ 09:02 PM
Well Angel i cant say they are evil or they are good, because i still dont know, the only thing is that if they were good they wouldnt be hiding their stuff, or doing the stuff without one knowing, at least, yes indeed they have a hidden agenda, what is it? i dont know?..are they demons?..i dont know, are they good?? either..time will tell.

Maybe we are animals for them, maybe we are Gods, who knows....Yes i do believe in One God (well at least i dont think God is a old folk doing rulesm it should be different) and i believe in Jesus.

posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 05:22 PM
UM Hi Yes, thats why its like a double confirmation with you receiving it also, see a lot of people are worrying over the 11th, but those dates he particularly said, were extremley dangerous periods of Great Catastrophies, that will happen without a doubt! And that many will die, now he sometimes gets the places of where it would happen wrong, but rarley on that! But never wrong on the dates, a few times he was off a day or so, and how extreme it will be he is never off either!
Then I became very concerned about the dates, because I speak with no less than 100's of people in the course of a few weeks, because of what I do, with my work and so I meet a lot of seer's and many kinds of people with spiritual gifts as well. Many have said, they either have gotten Dreams, or Visions of God Warning them to Move or whatever, and their Dates were also the same as yours and His! To me the amount of people receiving warnings of those dates, is a sure sign of something major that will happen!
Did you see my thread, where I posted about my dream, I wasn't predicting anything like someone had thought, I was just posting how my dream was very profound to me, and was accompanied with Angels, take a look if you want! I mention in it several warnings of things happening, and how some of the dream, looks like it is unraveling latley, I didn't get a date in the dream though, but all of us hold keys to what happens! I feel God gives us each a small glimps, and usually never the whole picture, so we can join together in prayer, and also to keep us humble! But all this does Give me the willeys, it's just a strong gut feeling that won't & hasn't stopped, that March is the beginning of many sorrows to come!

My own personal opinion, is I would stay clear of CA, TX, NY especially! I wouldn't for no amount of money be in one of those places during the month of march! But our prayers united can change things & also even move mountains so to speak! Yet some things are written in Gold, & cannot be changed! Here's where much prayer is needed for Gods Great Mercy to be on us all! I will review the tape again, and see if he mentions a place for those dates as well! Some of the dates do give places! I have months & months marked on my calendar of his warnings! I'll let you know if he does! Take Care & Stay Safe Everyone!

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 01:57 PM
this one is weird, in my dream state i was laying down. when my mind was controlled, with an EBE telling me he would play a fun game with me. i said "ok" i then got up and walked out the door of my room. saw the EBE standing right next to my door, this was a child EBE about 2 feet tall. i said "blaarrr!" jokingly to try and scare him. well this was not the brightest idea. he looked with a weary eye, and pointed. freezing my mind and carrying me off into the adjecent room i could not move or speak. struggling to attain my coherency i was stuck, floating in the room under the intense contoll of the EBE mind control. any attempt at speaking would result in a "blurb" type of noise, follow by drool... as he dashed for the stairs i was able to mutter but one phrase. "dood, i only want to shake your hand..." i was then sent off and blinded to the dream world around me. i awoke to a pile of drool, with nothing but respect for the EBE and their very advanced highly aware capabilities of mind.

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 01:58 PM
this one is weird, in my dream state i was laying down. when my mind was controlled, with an EBE telling me he would play a fun game with me. i said "ok" i then got up and walked out the door of my room. saw the EBE standing right next to my door, this was a child EBE about 2 feet tall. i said "blaarrr!" jokingly to try and scare him. well this was not the brightest idea. he looked with a weary eye, and pointed. freezing my mind and carrying me off into the adjecent room i could not move or speak. struggling to attain my coherency i was stuck, floating in the room under the intense contoll of the EBE mind control. any attempt at speaking would result in a "blurb" type of noise, follow by drool... as he dashed for the stairs i was able to mutter but one phrase. "dood, i only want to shake your hand..." i was then sent off and blinded to the dream world around me. i awoke to a pile of drool, with nothing but respect for the EBE and their very advanced highly aware capabilities of mind.

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