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alien abduction anonymous

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posted on Dec, 18 2005 @ 07:50 PM
i'm glad that people are reading my post and replying, its like im getting somewhere. because the truth of the matter is so scary. and im a little extra nervous because today i just got back from college. all my encounters have been at home, so its alittle weird to be back here, since last time i had an encouter was the weekend after thanksgiving, while i was home. if anything should happen im gonna try some new advice i got and try and remain calm and try to somehow communicate, maybe get some answers or even answer some questions for them.
im back home for 5 weeks, so i'll def keep everyone updated (to be honest i kinda hope i dont have anything to write, lol... it is so scary and pretty much ruins sleep, and the thought of being alone in the dark at night)

thanks everyone... if you've got anything going on please leave a post!


posted on Dec, 18 2005 @ 07:55 PM
magic priest, thats an interesting idea abotu the download information. i could totally see EBE's putting information in us, in the past 2 years i've felt compelled to talk to people about aliens too, if you read some of my first posts, i started this post right after an encounter... hmmmmmm. interesting. also, i dont think they are here to hurt us, i'm sure they'd have blown us up already... i hope what they do is for some type of good, it makes me feel better about the whole situation.

im glad to see new posts from new people: yarium & magic priest!


posted on Dec, 18 2005 @ 08:25 PM
yea i defenitley dont think they want to hurt us,because if they did,they would have done it long time ago...right now,i have no clue what ther plans might be for us....i do have alot of iintresteing theorys as to what might be be about to happen in the next few years,concerning the aliens,but im not going to post it here,because i dont like reading ppls negative comments about what i have to say,id rather just keep what i know to my self...ill give you alil hint has something to do with the mysterious planet x and its return.

posted on Dec, 18 2005 @ 09:21 PM
id like to hear some of your thoughts so u2u me if you want.
but i def. agree we shouldnt be putting up some details because there are bound to be skeptics/haters, so let's keep this thread positive.



posted on Dec, 18 2005 @ 09:59 PM
Oo. Please u2u me too. I'd love to hear more theories.


posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 01:18 AM
Jeez... I'm finding something out now. Am I ever glad that this topic came up, and has given experiences that are very, very similar and down to earth - rather than just bizarre. It's allowed me to look at the subject of my own experience again.

Unfortunately, I think I've found something out. While originally doing the "abduction test", when the question came up "Do you think you have a purpose here?" I answered no - but hearing from other people and the changes that happened to them after their experiences, I'm now leaning towards yes.

Recently I made a thread "ADD the next step of human evolution" on the Biology and Medical board, where I said that perhaps ADD is an evolutionary advantage, not disadvantage - and I stated my own abilities and mild ADD case to help support my hypothesis. But now, after reading this article, I'm wondering... was this condition seen in me during my abduction? Could I have been given the ability to direct my ideas and thoughts. I've been discribed as a Renaissance Man by some people (since I know and come up with so many theories for so many different subjects), and gifted by others... and just plain wierd by others still.

When I was young (post-abduction), while other kids would lay in bed at night and think about friends, girls, sports, and games - I would think about the afterlife, existence, space-time, fate, and god. In fact, only 2 summers ago I was in Timmins, Ontario, doing construction on terrazzo floors. I was working the graveyard shift one night with a single friend, and I started talking about philosophy and god. At first he was uncomfortable about the topic, but tried to respond. After a while, he said to me "Davis... do you actually think about these things?" and I said "Why yeah, of course. Don't you?". I was shocked when I heard in reply "No. I just think about girls and what I can do to them and stuff."

My heart plummetted. What a work of god is man that they do not question!

Thankfully, I've found that I'm not the only one who questions things, and I have found others. So I don't think I'm superior to anyone or anything. But perhaps something that could have, or should have, been a disability, was morphed or changed into something that has given me a strength that has helped me in many situations, and has given me acclaim and respect from whatever community I join.

Man, I want to find out what happened that night now more than ever. Perhaps I'm missing the piece of the puzzle that will propel me to become "Self Realized" - the ultimate "me" - and perhaps finding out what happened there that night will finish that puzzle.

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 02:54 AM
laying in bed once again

this vistit has left me baffled

heard/felt some sort of beam peirce my mind, directly after the initial contact with the beam hitting my well brain there was a larger more prominant beam that was shooting into my stomach. it hurt. then last night the same thing only the beam was directed at my chest. i have no clue what or why they were doing this to me. its wierd...

also this is the strange part i have still had no recollection of ever leaving my bed. what i think they have is some sort of fluxuating gravitational beam that controls your movement, and then while you are imobilized they shoot you with the other beam that preforms some sort of strange procedure, that hurts somewhat. its almost like they were cleaning my insides cuz i could feel a burn inside me, the intensity would fluxuate up and down.

now here is the one that is gonna floor you guys. after the initial beam impact procedure, i remotely viewed a flying probe outside my window, there was one, two, three of them arranged in a triangle. they showed me something, with some sort of (sorry for the wildly speculative approach its the best i got) mind altering holographic beam into my mind. either that or the ET's open up a direct telepathic channeling link into you and your mind. which i find hard to believe that they would have that type of power... so regarding the previous, holographic mind beam, that shoots into your mind. that has shown me things, like a story being shot into your sub-concious. what they showed me first was a lake, then they read me off some of my posts from this here website, quoted my every single post. it was just like a TV one after another my post would appear on screen and then change showing me a different post, it went fast. proceeded to show me hundreds upon hundreds of streaming links to text files all regarding enviromental changes of world. then they showed me buildings on earth, that looked like super structures. this was the end of my experience. what i think they do is create information on the quantum level of energy, fashioning it into a mode for you mind to be able to digest. this is how they can block out memories of things and then show you things at the same time. ok this has all happened in the last two days i will keep you all posted.

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 05:15 AM
heres a picture of what the probe looked like

it seemed to be about 2 feet wide, as it was floating between some trees and my house...

trust me, these guys are wildely more advanced then us

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posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 09:10 AM
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posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 09:56 AM
unter & yuriko,thanx alot,im glad to see your intrested in my theorys,but before i can explain them to you,i need to know how much you know about planet x?

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 10:49 AM
A lot of skeptic type people are going to say, “Sleep Paralysis” whenever someone says that they were abducted by an alien from their bed. Which is fine, they can say that, and in some cases it is probably just that.

However, I suffer from rather acute sleep paralysis, I’ve been getting hit with it at least once or twice a month (sometimes even more often) for over twenty years now. As such, I have a Lot of practical data on it.

I don’t believe that I’ve been abducted (although, who can tell, right?) My experience leads me to believe that what I’ve experienced is chemical in nature. Due to the longevity of the phenomena I’ve been in a wide variety of locations when it’s happened, including bunkhouses with 17 other people in the room, friends houses that had many animals around, and other friends houses who had high tech security systems, all of which were either not triggered or alerted during my experiences.

On many occasions I’ve experienced symptoms that could be construed as an abduction encounter… lights, sounds, sense of a presence, incredible fear, completely awake yet completely immobile, etc. etc. etc.

Despite that, I get the distinct impression that what I experience and what some abduction people describe are Not the same phenomena, regardless of the fact that we tend to use some of the same buzz words to describe what is happening to us.

Keep that in mind the next time a skeptic type person throws “Sleep Paralysis” at your abduction story… especially if said skeptic has never actually experienced sleep paralysis or has only experienced it a few times in their life.

rock on

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 11:26 AM

Originally posted by Yarium

When I was young (post-abduction), while other kids would lay in bed at night and think about friends, girls, sports, and games - I would think about the afterlife, existence, space-time, fate, and god. In fact, only 2 summers ago I was in Timmins, Ontario, doing construction on terrazzo floors. I was working the graveyard shift one night with a single friend, and I started talking about philosophy and god. At first he was uncomfortable about the topic, but tried to respond. After a while, he said to me "Davis... do you actually think about these things?" and I said "Why yeah, of course. Don't you?". I was shocked when I heard in reply "No. I just think about girls and what I can do to them and stuff."

Wicked! That's like the exact way I always was... still is. It's weird.. I might have been that way since birth because my mom always told me I liked to read encyclopedias instead of children's books. And I wasn't/isn't some sort of geeky smart person. I guess my mind just worked differently. But I still haven't found people who will completely understand me.

I had a scary dream last night. I feel like there's something in it but I couldn't just get to it:

Ok, so I was back in like high school.. 16 maybe. Definately 10th or 11th grade. And there was some sort of War of the Worlds like thing going on or just an end-of-the-world scenario. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with aliens. And the planet looked weird. The skies looked like there's always a sunset and there was a flat field with lots of empty space. And what I didn't understand was this: All people under 18 (which included me) had to get onto this subway train and me carried somewhere. Now since the gov't said that we couldn't do anything about it but when I got on the train, they tied my feet and I soon realized that this train leads us to our death. Now I'm just freaking out! And when the people who settle us in are gone, I get out of the rope thingies and jump off the train before it can go into the tunnel.. where I suspected the killing began. Now I said this was all in an open field so I need to hide somewhere... theres a small patch of forest. like 10-20 trees pretty spread out and a cabin in the middle for the gov't people or something. I sneak through the trees to the cabin and realize it has like two parts to it.. I get into the first part closest to me to hide. then I have to cross to the other cabin. As I do I see a person in the distance but still pretty close in a BLACK CLOAK and I thought I saw a gray face and the body was like long.. weird. Anyways I knew it was watching me and I knew that if I didn't get out of there he would catch me and bring me back to the train. In the other half of the cabin there was a mother who was sad because she left her child. The parents didn't know anything about the real purpose of the train. I sit with her for a time and then go to the road because I see some guy with a truck... big truck not ford truck... pull up. I see he's unloading bricks or something so I go there and see another kid. He looks like someone who'd do something bad to look cool.. not exactly a badass but yeah. So he escaped the train because he also knew what was going on. So we both start unloading the bricks. I do it slowly because I realize that after this I could be sent to my death. Then a guy walks up to us... my age. I look up and realize it's my friend form my first high school! I smile as I see him and give him a hug realizing that I missed him so much. He was like my best friend there but when I left I didn't keep contact with anyone for personal reasons and.. well sort of regret it now. I tell him how my life has changed since I left and how I wish to be back home again. After that it gets blurry.. I remember going to the city.. and something else.

Any thoughts on what that meant? The dream scared the # out of me.

Also, an idea. Does anyone think of turning this.. topic into like a club or something. Say on MSN Groups?


posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 11:38 AM
I can relate. to the type that grasshopper speaks of but i seam to be becoming consious of the encounters in my grasshopper im scarred of what i might i am a good blocker so far!

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 11:49 AM
ive had some simliar dreams to yours...were the world was ending and aliens were invading...sometimes i would be in the past,like in high school,and sometimes i would be in the present day....i can remeber a couple dreams i had,when spaceships just started uncloaking from the sky,right out front of my house...they were like crazy ships,not flying saucers..but like some kind of star wars type things...and they were making crazy moves..and at one point i remeber being on one of them.....they would be doing back flips and all types of stuff...sometimes i would see them at night and sometimes in the day....they wernt attacking anything,they were just flying around...there was another time i seen aliens in my dreams..runniing around with some sort of guns,and they were scaring ppl....ive also had dream with a train in it,but i cant recall to much about it...its possible these dreams could have some meaning to it,but i dont think they do....its more likely we have all these mixed ufo thots in our heads,,and when were dreaming thats when they all play out..but i admit this stuff felt and looked pretty real...

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 12:14 PM
Wow a lot of activity here in the past day, I’m excited…

Yarium, I totally know what you mean about thinking about deeper stuff more than the average guy. I’m always thinking of the bigger picture. And I too am a bit of a renaissance man, in school I was good over a large portion of subjects. My talents are spread out evenly through reading/writing, science/math, and art as well. And that’s an interesting thought about the evolution. Aliens could totally have a guiding hand in our future, without a doubt.

Sturod, keep everyone up to date, seems like you’ve ha d a couple of interesting past nights. If you remember any more details send ‘em our way. I like your idea about changing information into a different form that can be kinda of downloaded… manipulation of information, memory, and the mind would totally account for lack of certain memories. (ps, cool drawing, and description on colors, glowing, sound?)

Magic priest, to be honest, I’m not very knowledgeable on planet X. if you have some links to give me a foundation I’d be happy to check it out (I’m sure others would too) & then you could tell me some of your ideas about planet X

Torbjon, there is a huge difference between sleep paralysis and abduction. And I like your coining the phrase of “buzz words” regarding both circumstances. People are gonna pay attention to “saw lights, heard noises, felt like being watched” and dismiss abduction/ alien encounter as sleep paralysis.

Yuriko, sounds scary. You think this a prophecy or premonition? Ill talk to you soon and maybe we can shed some more light on this dream.

I have dreams of alien disclosure and known presence on earth a bit. I like those dreams, they are rarely frightening. As for me, time doesn’t really shed light on new details, I pretty much know as much as I’m gonna right after it happens. But I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I am glad I don’t remember all the details. I’d like to know the purpose but not what actually happens. I guess maybe, its their [aliens’] way of being nice to us… who wouldn’t like to forget a horrible frightening memory, that’s this just on a larger scale.

Thanks a lot everyone, this ball is really starting to get rolling.

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 12:21 PM
Untemir,there is alot of different websites that claim to know the truth about planet x , its other name is NIBIRU,but i find this site to be the take a look at it...i suggest you read the entire site,its really good and informational

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posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 12:30 PM
Oh yeah sorry. Yeah, I know about Planet X.. nothing like the link you gave just the official scientific stuff. Interesting link though. Seems to tie in with my beliefs a bit.

What sort of bugs me about my dream is it's the first time I really saw an alien like that and why didn't it come after me when he saw me because we stared at each other for a time.

I'm going to draw the alien thingie thatt I saw and post it later tonight.


posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 01:00 PM
wow im glad to hear stories similar to mine ...

This happened awhile ago when i was a child. Like many of you have posted before me you stated that you had a vivid imagination and you didnt think about the normal things a child would...same goes for me. I was alwayz fascinated with outerspace and trying to figure out about other life besides on planet Earth. I alwayz knew that there were other beings out there watching us or here with us on Earth but they look human...the humanoids...

I was up late at night in my bed just watching some tv and i was daydreaming of a UFO. I had this daydream many times but this time I got more in depth with the dream...I started to feel dizzy and all of a sudden i closed my eyes and when i tried to oepn them back up I couldn' was if something wouldn't let me move. I struggled to move but couldn't...i got really scared so i tried to scream but nothing came out... I trie to open my eyes again but I couldn't so i just layed there hoping that someone would come in my room and save me...if i was still in the room that is.

I started feeling naucious and before i knew it i blacked out and woke up on the ground with a throbbing migraine. My nose started bleeding immediately after i woke up. I was shocked and didnt know what to do...all i could do was cry. My mom and grandmother came into the room after telling me they eard something outside and then they heard me cry...they brought me into the living room where i began to vomit uncontrollably...the whole night til the next day. All i did was stay on the couch and vomit non stop. My mom called the hospital but i told her id be fine by night. I had a temperature of around 108* it was the worst feeling ive ever had. I wouldn't wish this feeling to anyone...ever!

Theres not much wrong with me besides the fact that nobody believes half the things I say...only because they think I'm lying or on too many drugs...which im not... I have osgood slaughter disese in my right knee which has no explanation... I was a very active child and i played alot of sports and didnt get into any trouble until i reached high school...its where it alwayz happens...

A week ago i had another strange experience... It was around 11pm and me and my brother were walking to meet up with some friends... We were supposed to meet up in a field behind a school. When we got there there was nobody there so we sat and waited for them for awhile..i started getting frustrated but I decided to walk around and hopefully they would come... I began to stare into the sky because thats usually what i alwayz do at night...hoping to get a glimpse of another UFO...before this night ive seen a couple UFO's in the past...but nothing that would scare someone... They were alwayz so high in the sky that they seemed to blend in with the stars so well... When i looked into the sky it was very clear that night... I knew that at some time i would see something...i began to think to myself and hope that I would see a UFO... a few minutes later i glanced into the sky again and sure enough there was a bright light in the sky... it was definately not an airplane or was closer to the earth than i would normally see a UFO... it was bright yellow and it made me clinch my eyes which was how bright it was... I tapped my brother on the shoulder and told him to stare into the sky to make sure i wasnt seeing soon as he glanced into the sky the UFO turned bright red and then vanished with a blink of the eye... I asked him if he saw it and he was like omg!!!! yea i saw was bright red wasnt it? i told him he jus saw a UFO and then i got a good feeling inside... Later that night i went home and thought about what i had seen... it was the closest ive seen a UFO before and it made me happy... i didnt care that i didnt meet up with my friends because i got to witness another UFO and it made my day... the next day i woke up and started to stretch and i rubbed my hands together because they were cold...and i happened to notice a strange bump on my middle finger...i started poking it and playing with it and i never noticed it might hvae been implanted in me the night b4.. i made sure it wasnt in my other hand or other fingers...sure enough it wasnt.

I hope to hear more stories of yours and maybe someone can explain what this tiny ball in my middle finger is?

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 01:42 PM
Ive had the same expierence when i was younger, i would be laying in bed awake,but i couldnt lift my eyes open...i wonder what thats all about

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 03:35 PM
Cut it open. Lol that's pretty much what I do with anything I get.. like foot blisters or calluses
. Mostly because they annoy me.

Your story reminds me of something that I experienced a few times. I sleep still.. I never turn when I'm sleeping or anything but there were a few times when my mom said she heard a loud thump and she came into my room and I fell off my bed.. which is.. unrealistic. Now the thing is though I don't remember ever falling off my bed or my mom coming in or getting back on the bed. And I don't usually feel any pain which is also strange because the beds I always slept on were... high!

Also one time my mom heard something and she came in and realized I was talking and talking in English.. I speak with my mom in my native lang. She asked me who I'm talking to and I just said something like, "The Indians! The indians! They're coming!" I have no memory of saying this or talking to my mom. I never had anything to do with Indians in my life..


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