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Project Serpo: Postings by "Anonymous" -- Breaking news?

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posted on Jan, 18 2006 @ 11:45 PM

Most individuals who post here know how to treat each other with respect and courtesy

Shawna: Ok I'm a rat bastard for what I've done. Is that what you want to hear? I'm just a common man, not an enlightened goddess like yourself.
I'll be civil from now on, promise.

I can't respond to your PM, but thank you for the great message.
You've gained big marks in my book.
Bill basically told me the experience on here has helped him, and was overall glad for my contribution, as it will prepare him for the people he will deal with.
I can tell you that if anyone is qualified to help bring Anonymous's message, its Bill.

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posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 12:24 AM
RF, I see the Eben society differently. I can imagine a spacefaring race to have high technology and be non-materialistic/non-consumerist. I see the Ebens as humble and consciously evolved. I don't think comparing their society to Earth circa 2000 B.C. is fair. It would certainly help our discussion if we had the other 2,900 pages of Serpo information.

Sdrumrunner, I agree with your much of your points regarding robertfenix's rebuttal to my last post but I take exception to the negative tone of that post - it's out of character compared to your prior posts which have been quite civil. I'll let RF defend himself as he sees fit, but what I'm saying is that we can disagree but can we be cool about it and not be insulting to each other?

I'll leave it to the Admins and Moderators to step in to this thread if necessary but I'm sorry to see the sniping, bickering, insulting and name-calling as of late. Up until a few pages ago, this thread was a triumph in level-headed, lively discussion. The passionate discussion of ideas makes for a stimulating and lively debate. I wonder how much of the acidity is due to frustration about the lack of progress or information from Anonymous. So what kind of Serpo thread do we want? An epic, fair-minded, mutually civil and considerate discussion of both sides? One we can look back on with pride? Or one that devolves into uncivil war of words? Everyone's voice is welcome, doubters, skeptics, critics, everyone.

Bill Ryan, thanks for everything you've done. Why not take a break from here if you want? Just say, "Hey I'm taking a couple days (or weeks) off, I'll be back in 2012." You deserve it.

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 12:29 AM
Ok, now I'm not sure if this was mentioned or not yet, and I'm not about to go reread 80-someodd pages of posts, but...

The Aliens landed and retrieved the bodies of their dead comrades. Information was exchanged. Communication was in English. The aliens had a translation device.

Now, how come they needed linguists, and had such a hard time learning the language and communicating and whatnot if the Ebens posessed some sort of translation device as Anon stated in said quote? (Early on in Posting #1 on the Serpo site)

Sorry if I've rehashed subject matter already discussed...

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 01:08 AM

Originally posted by el cid
bill...don't leave. there are a BUNCH of people here that IMMENSELY enjoy the time and effort that you've put into this subject, and i for one, would hate it if you left because a few people posting here spoiled it for the rest of us appreciative folks.


Another question for Bill

Bill, perhaps something "we" can dissect in this analysis while we are waiting:

I am curious about Mr Anon "Ghost", the 2% contributor. Would it be possible to specifically tell us what Mr Anon "Ghost" gave Victor as inputs?

As a side issue - I am busy reading "The day after Roswell" by Col. Philip J Corso (Ret.)" and do find it fascinating. Have you perhaps read it?

And lastly .... If you ever had small kids ... Sleep deprivation is BAD for you - switch off your PC / mobile etc and get 8 hour of undisturbed sleep, you will be another person

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 01:56 AM
well first i think it would be good if somebody could every once in a while post a status message... that breifly details any new developments on the story so we dont have to read 80 pages to find that out...

i also want to tell EVERYONE... i havent made a choice about this topic yet... but you have to remember that the laws we have created as far as physics are based on our observations from one stationary place in the known universe... hence they are, on the grandest scale, subjective at best. Very reliable and effective for our world and observations, but not neccdesarily the law of the universe... kindof like entering and winning a ms universe contest... you can win but you cant possibly assume that you are the true winner out of millions of billions of women that may be out there in the rest of the universe. So i also think we need to open ourminds a litle more to this and maybe not focus so much on disproving this guys story... i say support it until it is prioven absolutely wrong. with a situation this new and foreign who among us can dictate how things should have logically proceeded? if dealings between species, alien and human had never been coordinated like that, who among us is in a position to say what the protocol should have been?

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 02:02 AM
Facts and the truth, both have become so illusive that we have trouble telling their validity when they are valid. Much can be said as to why that is, but that is how it is.
The Serpo story is a study in many areas, fact or fiction it has inspired great thinking.

What makes this forum so great is this is a place to see actual investigation and open and thoughtful discussion into the seeking of the facts and the truth. I hope many other forums owners visit ATS and use it as a model for how the topics and events of interest should be looked at and discussed.

Some personal thoughts on the physics aspect of the Serpo story. I know as much about physics as I do about Chinese yodeling, however I have read the writing of Kaku and Hawking and have done much research in my life to all areas in the world of paranormal research.

Many times it has been stated that the physics model just cannot be correct and due to that, the story cannot be valid. My thoughts on that, not true, we are a species that is based in much ego, we tend to stay in our boxes no matter how complex the subject or conclusion, to me, unless we know absolutely everything there is to be known about everything that exists, how can we ever claim because we say the physics are not right, then the story cannot be valid.

We have no idea what is out in the universe, we have no idea if other dimensions exist, everything we know in these areas is theory, for all we know somewhere in the universe everything we know about physics is turned inside out and upside down, our mathematical knowledge is based on what we think, just because we think something means something, It actually is no more than what we think, tomorrow we could find out we were wrong, or we could be right, but until we know everything, we do not know.

Of coarse we know things for certain, water is water and rocks are rocks, pie is pie and pie is good, but when it comes to things we have not witnessed and the complexity of the concept has enormous varibles and even aspects that are based in nothing more than theory, then we cannot be conclusive.

We (the human species) are a very primitive species, we think we are advanced in many ways, IMHO we are far from any form of advanced species, as I look at us I find it hard to think we are progressing and not regressing, To me, It would seem we would be a fascinating place for another species to visit, I always considered us like a bizarre Disneyland where other species could come and watch us kill each other and do totally weird stuff.

I see many similarities in the human species and the Ebens, for someone coming to our planet for the first time, one of the first things they would notice is everything is marked off, fences and walls and lines everywhere, telling that we are territorial, if something is territorial then it is most likely to be aggressive, to defend what it has marked off, the Ebens fought another species or another type Eben, they must have some aggression to do battle, they have family units and do many things we do.

I have no idea if the Serpo story is fact or fiction, but I do believe it could be fact in several ways, and perhaps some pieces of facts wrapped around a story. I believe some people know there are aliens/visitors that have been here and are coming here, they have seen them and interacted with them, so far no one has one to publicly introduce to the in-laws, I firmly believe we will someday see this happen, well, maybe not to the in-laws, but for all of us. And I hope this will be a positive event for all of us, we have much to learn and we have enough negatives to last forever.

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posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 03:12 AM
Thanks, Mr. Bill Ryan! I really suggest that you get some sleep.

Now, back to what I think, so call it speculation, or -- guessing!

It is not that the stars are this certain distance apart and trying to come up with an orbit of Serpo.

It is the thought that the Suns of Reticuli contain (like the Sol System) mostly all of the mass, and without looking it up exactly -- over 99% just for our Sun!

Therefore this part is mainly true in the context of the story:

After reading Dr. Sagan's remarks on the Serpo project, which is about 60 jam-packed pages of calculations, I found one paragraph which states that in order to use Kepler's law – in the case of Planet Serpo – one had to vary the exact gravitational pull placed on Serpo by the two suns. Serpo did not have large planets, like Jupiter and Saturn to affect the gravitational pull as the Earth does. Serpo's gravitational pull was different than anything Dr. Sagan had ever seen before.

There are numerous figures and calculations to support this. I will forward them at a later date. Have your list stay tuned.

I am not assuming that putting calculations on the Internet will be a trivial task. It will not be, especially some of the formulas I have seen. Review some of the links I have given and read the science *.PDF papers. Look at some of the formulas in those papers. I think you will start to see, it is not a trivial task, and will take time to even post some of those formulas.

So, first, the Suns are not close together right now, according to my thinking, but at some point in the future -- whether it is thousands of years or millions of years -- time will run out on Planet Serpo. There is no guarantee that Planet Serpo will be habitable for as long as the Earth would be.

If you doubt this, imagine what two Suns (about the size of our Sun) shining here would do to this Planet! (at the distance quoted for the two Suns of Serpo!)

It will fry this Planet, and life as you thought you knew it on Planet Earth would be over! It will simply be too hot! On Planet Serpo, at some time in the future -- it will be heated up and too hot to support life, and it is a cycle because of the binary orbit of the two Suns. It is not that way now, but it will be in the future!

This is also why there is not that much life on the Planet, because at those cycles the planet heats up too much, and not all that much survives!

To me these spacealiens know that they will only be there for only a limited time!

Of course our Sun for Planet Earth may burn for another 5 billion years before Helium burning starts, and then the Sun contracts down to a smaller size, but again, we collide with the Andromeda Galaxy in 3 billion years. Where that will hit our Galaxy is not known at this time, but think of the gravitational pull of two Galaxies colliding. Also there may be other factors that make that time length even shorter - but right now I can not think of any, except other things changing in the Galaxy due to gravitational pulls or something similiar!

Anyway, how would one obtain a map of Planet Serpo when none of the technology is the same, and there are not that many trees on Planet Serpo, and why would these spacealiens want to go through all that effort when their Civilization is different! Again it is hot on Planet Serpo but when the two Suns get closer together, it really is going to be hot!

End of Speculation!

There is no way that the Planet in that System can survive that moment, and still remain the same as it is now -- harboring all the life it appears to have now!

It may be a cycle that permits a limited amount of life -- thus no intelligent species ever started there.

Also the reason why the time length even for this Planet may be shorter, is that the two Near-Earth Objects that did just pass (one was at about 21,000 miles and the other at around 96,000 or so miles) of the 500 known about Near-Earth Objects won't come any where near that close with the objects they know about -- up to 2178.) However, there are still many Near-Earth Objects that they simply do not know about, and have not found! That is why last year -- they plan to set up a Near-Earth Object kind of System shortly, trying to find all of those objects! However, since they are small, but if one ever hit this Planet -- it may still end most life - they just can not see those objects or find those objects without doing an extensive Near-Earth Object survey. Even with that -- it may not be possible to see those objects soon enough to actually determine their orbit, before one would strike this Planet!!

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posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 04:01 AM
I advise you to cut this story at this position.

Admin Note:
This member was banned for making this implied threat, and implying he is from US DHS.

[edit on 18-1-2006 by SkepticOverlord]

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 04:55 AM

Originally posted by ethanmallory
I advise you to cut this story at this position.

Hi ethan,

can you please elaborate; this could be misconstrued as a threat and that you are claiming to be a government official??


Maybe you just wanted to bring enlightenment to the table and got kinda confused?? ;-]*

Best Wishes


posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 06:26 AM
From Anonymous Post 5:

Just a thought came to me while re-reading the Serpo site.
In Post 5 Anon. states that he is awaiting sanction from past and present officials involved. He then states he is attempting to “move ahead with our plans”.

Does this mean that at this point he doesn’t have any permission or sanction to release this yet?

This is troubling to me….is he assuming he will get sanction from both past and present officials? Is he beginning to release a kind of background and summary of the information he wants to release? He mentions “hurdles” to overcome and he is debating whether it is a good or bad move to use a website to post the information.

This is written before the website is created….he has sent Victor five separate emails of info before the website is mentioned. What are these hurdles?

I am just wondering whether he has received back word on the request for sanction and the answer is no. What if he has been told that officially there is no way that either the past or present officials can sanction the release of the “final report” to the public? That would explain the silence.

Finally, what gives me hope is that Anon also states in the same Post 5 the following:
…”if Plan A doesn’t work, maybe Plan B might”.

So maybe he has planned for this answer from his officials, and now is trying to find another way to get the information out. Maybe this is what is taking so long. Maybe his source of information has been silenced by the officials.

There is another interesting part of this Post 5:
Discussing releasing 100 key pages to “key individuals”…Two Doctors….mentions that it important to have at least one of these docs on board….for “credibility” and explaining the math……
Do we know who this doctor may be? Sounds to me like it may be a doctor of physics or math.
Do we know if this happened, or has Mr. Ryan heard of this?
Mr. Ryan:
Do you know what “Plan B” might be, or if there may be another direction that this release may take?

Finally I have a question regarding something else that Anon posted also from Post 5:

Quote from
2) One of the principal home-based scientists (astronomer) contracted to assist us was Dr. Carl Edward Sagan. Initially, he was the biggest skeptic of the group. But as information was slowly analyzed, Dr. Sagan came back to the middle. I can't say he fully accepted every single piece of data, but he did agree on the final report.

What is this final report?

Also from Victor Martinez at the end of Anon's Post 5:
CONNECTING THE DOTS: "Project SERPO's" final report was written in 1980 with Dr Sagan having been brought in half way through the project.

Is this the report that Anon is getting his information from? How does Victor know about "Project Serpo" final report or when it was written.

Mr. Ryan:
Do you know or have tyou seen this final report?

I want to see this "final report".

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 06:28 AM
mr ryan.

I now know what bill ryan looks like.

Forgive the podcast assumption, maybe it wasnt mr icke - maybe it was?. It sure sounded a strange voice in england in my view anyway. - but not once mr ryan have i ever slandered you, im surprised individuals are accusing people of this .

I notice theres an element here that continues to put so much faith in what has up until now been nothing more then akin to an urban legend - if you have more evidence rather than what people can already read off the net - ie text storys, then i would prusume the best way to change the direction of us skeptics, is to get different evidence - a picture or two would be most welcome.

In the podcast you/or someone said the pictures where not going to happen - didnt want to say i told you so - on page 5 i think of this 84 page thread.

This forum is for discussion - im surprised people - "the true beleivers" , are so hell bent on wanting to beleive things , without really researching the facts - ie investigate. Those who do this, or want of a better word - require concrette evidence - are asked to not add anything to a thread , how can one have a discussion on such a topic if others dont wish to entertain serious investigation?

Your notice an element now of lurkers, these guys sit here reading but dont input anything, strange isnt it now that after 80 odd pages we have lurkers joing this discussion. One guy put it rather well the otherday here, about the same information has been discussed to death - there simply isnt anything new to discuss here, if i was honest - and yes im a brit too btw (your not alone) - id say this thread is now turning into a "love bill ryand groupie thread" - sorry bill but all i see here now is praise for you... id much prefer some more factual data.

On closing, seriously - did you not expect to meet hardline skeptics who demand the flexibility to investigate a subject matter fully before being caught with egg on ones face? You surly must/should have expected others to question all of this rather then just laydown and beleive everything they are told??
Im sorry if you find it hurtful, but the information requires a critical eye.!

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 06:30 AM
Hi Bill,

I cannot blame you for feeling somewhat un-appreciated and disillusioned by some of the comments and the level cynicism shown by some members.

But I know for many of us this is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in something (hoax or not) from the outset, we get to discuss Serpo before it hits mainstream; we have our debate as to its validity and have personal contact with one of the main players in the breaking of this news. This is something we'll be telling our grand-children about, whether its a hoax or not.

I for one ask that you ignore the cynics and continue (source willing) to relay the story to us here at ATS, it is an ideal forum for this story to be told; it would be an injustice for members who have a genuine interest and have supported your stance to miss out because of a handful of ne'er-do-wells.

Thanks for posting your photograph, you really didn't have to. Maybe now one out-spoken young member will be as quick to offer you an apology as he was to question your identity and motives??

EDIT; well done sceptic! ;-]

Best Wishes


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posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 07:15 AM

Originally posted by JamesLimelight
Ok, now I'm not sure if this was mentioned or not yet, and I'm not about to go reread 80-someodd pages of posts, but...

The Aliens landed and retrieved the bodies of their dead comrades. Information was exchanged. Communication was in English. The aliens had a translation device.

Now, how come they needed linguists, and had such a hard time learning the language and communicating and whatnot if the Ebens posessed some sort of translation device as Anon stated in said quote? (Early on in Posting #1 on the Serpo site)

Sorry if I've rehashed subject matter already discussed...

Hi James, this has indeed been discussed extensively on the thread. My own contribution to this aspect of the discussion can be found here.

Edited incorrect link

[edit on 19-1-2006 by Zep Tepi]

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 07:25 AM
yeah, the quest for information is quite chaotic, even though its not from anon...its been arrising quite quickly. sceptic, was well on his claim, and the number of people who traverse on the site, its a given that someone might oppose not just the story but, Mr. Ryans Genuinity. which, is fine..and I'm glad Bill defended himself..without claiming that serpo is true, like any two-tone hoaxer would of did.

your Quest is well Bill, Get some rest..treat yourself to a good meal! get some deserved rest! I myself, did question the amount of time you were putting into this. your time is well spent, some R&R is just what you need because you Validity here is set in stone, no matter who questions you about you.

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 07:28 AM
Administrative Notice

Member "ethanmallory" was just banned for having a little fun with a fake threat. From this point forward, we will be policing the attitude and tone of this thread much more closely. Members are urged to treat Bill Ryan with the respect and politeness deserving a special guest.

There will be no more "warnings" of this type. If members are unable to engage in discussion about this topic in a mature and intelligent way, this thread will be moved to the "Guest Speaker Forum" and all members will require advance approval before they are allowed to participate.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 07:37 AM
Thank you SO.

As for Mr Ryan, I hope you can ignore the minority trying to disrupt this thread and continue to contribute to the discussion.

This is a very interesting discussion even after some 80+ pages.

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 07:51 AM
I apologize in advance if I missed something here. I havn't had the opportunity to spend the time l need to listen to the podcast. Can someone explain why the pictures are no longer coming and from whence this information came? Bill?

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 08:00 AM

Originally posted by jtma508
I apologize in advance if I missed something here. I havn't had the opportunity to spend the time l need to listen to the podcast. Can someone explain why the pictures are no longer coming and from whence this information came? Bill?

Try and find the time to listen to the podcast jtma, it will be worth it.

No information has been received from Anonymous since his last posting to Victor's list back in December (21st?). No one has actually said the pictures are no longer coming - it's just speculation because we haven't yet received them.

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 08:10 AM
Ahhh. Thanks Zep. I figured that since the trend here has been 'speculation-as-fact' from some posters. I've been following this closely since the outset and couldn't imagine I'd missed something that big.

Hal9000 - I've figured out why the government can't make disclosure. They can't read their own dopcumentation! Holy crap! Are you having any luck with those FOIA pdf's? Alot of it is completely unreadbale but I'm trying to find anything salient. Will keep plugging....

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 08:28 AM

Originally posted by Im a true sceptic
Forgive the podcast assumption, maybe it wasnt mr icke - maybe it was?. It sure sounded a strange voice in england in my view anyway.

No, it wasn't. I've spoken to Bill on the phone and heard his interviews on the net, as well as the (excellent) ATS podcast - they are the same person. I've also heard David Icke speak many times, he was a popular tv sports presenter in the UK before all the lizard business started. I don't know why you keep insisting they could be the same person, they sound nothing like each other! The only similarity, in my view, is they are both very well-spoken.

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