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Bush "We will not back out of the war as long as i am President

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posted on Dec, 3 2005 @ 09:07 PM

Originally posted by Agit8dChop
But if this whole thing was REALLY about the war on terrorists,
why in the hell did we focus on IRAQ first... even before TROOPS were on the ground in afghanistan.

We've been talking about the reasons for attacking Iraq again and again, but Like it or not...Iraq has become the central front in our battle against Islamic terrorism. What matters now is that we do want America to win don't you?

Imagine your an alien, and you come to the planet.

Young man, if I was an alien landing on Earth for the first time, I would turn right around and fly home....laughing all the way


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posted on Dec, 3 2005 @ 09:14 PM
Bush "We will not back out of the war as long as i am President

And just how long do you think you will be president genius?

And to think he is a representative of the Illuminated ones (The ones with the sacred knowledge)

posted on Dec, 3 2005 @ 09:47 PM
LA maxmimus, it ozzes class when you reply with something as stupid as that
'' you do want america to win dont you ''

for the sake of mankind, the economy, world trade, quality of living I hope your leader and its rare bread of human that follow it.. havnet completely screwed up the world equilibrium that has been in place for some time.

for american such as yourself who are so blinded by your contries deceipt, i think you should be the ones to go to Iraq and fix your mess...

you want to follow your president through this chirade?... then head there

maybe then, will we finally remove some beings from the genepool that clearly have no clue of what is happening around them.

hahaha, 'young man' I love the way peopels ego's get so inflated when they type something that they honestly feel is superior in evreything it stands for.

God Bless America.

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posted on Dec, 4 2005 @ 12:40 AM

Originally posted by Agit8dChop
LA maxmimus, it ozzes class when you reply with something as stupid as that
'' you do want america to win dont you ''

Whats so stupid about wanting my country to win? Would you rather see our boys come home in defeat? I sure don't want to abandon Iraq to the thugs and murderers that ran it into the ground for decades.

As far as going to Iraq, Im too old to re-join the Army, now all I can do is cheer our boys on. Im done wasting my breath on you...come back and debate with me when you can act like an adult.


posted on Dec, 4 2005 @ 03:33 AM
I am posting this here to say that if I have OFFENDED anyone with one of my posts ,.... I am sorry as I did not mean to offend, I was only voicing my opionion.

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posted on Dec, 4 2005 @ 07:21 AM
Again such a mature response LAMaximus..
you dont bother to discuss any of my points, you just straight away have a go at me
and for you to turn around and ask me if i want america to win, is pointless garbage.

posted on Dec, 4 2005 @ 07:17 PM

Originally posted by LA_Maximus
Well, thats true....It upsets me to see our good Presidents name dragged thru the mud.

Sorry Mate - but Your President is Corrupt and Rotten to the Core, so his "good" name will get Dragged thru the Mud and other Brownie Black Stuff ALOT of times in the Future. This is only the Beginning...

We still freed them....we still gave them THEIR oil fields back. Come-on can admit that right? WE GAVE IT BACK TO THEM....we spilt our own blood to help Kuwait and we gave it all back, because AMERICA IS A GOOD NATION.

Kuwait was totally UNIMPORTANT until 1946, when Oil was discovered. If there was no Oil in Kuwait, the "GOOD AMERICAN NATION" would let those A-rabs starve to death in that #ing desert - just like 3/4 of the Third World Population that is dying on daily basis. But FORTUNATELY for them, they have OIL - so the "Good" West comes in and Saves the Day! HOooraAAaY!

As you know, I guarded the East German border for 2 years, so Im well aware of that situation. Ronald Reagan helped free East Germany from Soviet occupation....if Germany asked America to pull all our forces out....WE WOULD!!!

Hmmmm... only REAGAN did that? Wow. What a Great Man! And Mister Mihkail Sergeyevich Gorbatchev had NOTHING to do with the Fall of the Iron Curtain right? Does the word PERESTROIKA mean anything to you, Max? I think that Mikhail got the Nobel Peace Prize and not dear ol' Ronnie.

Again, the "GREAT AMERICAN NATION" Saved the Day! HooOooRAaaAY!

Cmon now, Korea asked us to stay after the Korean war.....Dear God we lost over 30,000 AMERICAN lives protecting Korea. It was not for was protect freedom.

First of all, do you know how many KOREANS lost their Lives in that War? OR is that totally UNIPORTANT, since the AMERICANS were fighting there for their FREEDOM - who cares what the Koreans think.
There were 1,271,244 to 1,818,410 allied casualties total - wanna ask the Korean People what THEY Have lost, so that the Two Big Superpowers can Flex their Military Muscles over their Terroritory? It was NEVER about Freedom - it was ALL About EGO! Again, the Civilan population payed the Price, as seen many times before and as seen Today in Middle East.

Well once we pulled out (Thanks to the Hippies).....far, far more died from the communist government than we ever killed.

Yeah Right.
And the Tons of Bombs dropped on the Civilan Population were duds or something? Again, it was not about Freedom of the Vietnamese People - it was Cold War Flexing Muscles over Vietnam Territory. Oh, and if I remember right, there is significant evidence, that the Start of Vietnam war was also a LIE, and the Tonking Gulf episode was basicly a BS story that we all bought.

As soon as someone says to me "Bush Lied" shows me their out-of-reach and incapable of a decent debate. Bush may have been mis-lead, but he did not lie. In fact I still beleave Saddam had a WMD program, but he also had 6 MONTHS to get rid of it (Thanks to the UN).

Mis-Lead? So, thats the Word you wanna use?
OK, Bush "Mis-Leaded" you and now WHAT?
This little "Mis-Lead" has costed 100.000 Iraqi Civilans and 2100+ US soldier Lives so far - you wanna Extend this "Mis-Lead" like the 'Nam War so that 150.000 US troops come home in a Bodybag and 2-4 Million people are Killed in the Middle East? How will that "Mis-Lead" help these Dead People?

Like I told jakomo...get ready for round II. Iran is next......we're not going ANYWHERE until that government is taken down.....whew I used up 1/2 my lunch writing this and it looks like my answer boxes got messed up.

Sure - we are Ready Max:

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