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MRL MICE...And Creating the Perfect Human.

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posted on Nov, 29 2005 @ 10:33 PM

Ok well just to clarify this, I am having trouble posting in the human biology section...hopefully someone can move this to there.

I am sure many of you have heard about "MRL Mouse", if not then let me tell you. Mrl mice we created as new bread with extensive regenerative properties. Like lizards and salamanders that can regenerate lost limbs/severe cuts/ other major injuries to the body, the mrl mouse beats them to the punch. The most impressive trait about them is well they are mammals and we all no mammals don’t have huge regenerative properties. If you want you can think of them as wolverine mice , their regeneration is so great that scientist have taken one and damaged the spine, I believe this lead to the mouse becoming paralyzed I think, and also damaged the heart. In a short while the mouse completely healed itself with no scaring. This is very important because if this is possible in a mouse some scientist think that if they can find out what causes this incredible regeneration it can mean a new age of medicine were people possibly facing death could heal themselves. here is an article explaining this in depth

If You think that’s interesting, check this out, this has actually been found in a German boy,,The boy has been diagnosed with myostatin blockage. Now incase you don’t no what this is it’s actually like a chemical in the body that regulates your muscles, this is what keeps you from gaining muscle and getting big without exercise. Now because of this blockage in the German boy due to a genetic mutation, he has been growing muscle since birth and would now be considered the strongest person pound for pound in the world. This is a great find because it can show to help people with muscular diseases, and i know what most of you are thinking about...Becoming a super athlete. And although it sounds perfect there are some side effects, scientists think that the boy will start to show heart problems once in adult hood and probably wont live that long because of too much strain on the heart, maybe if the mrl mice fat regeneration was introduced to people it could correct this problem and help heal the boy, possibly safe him.

But anyway back to science, the reason I am talking about these two "mutations" is they are both found in mice, and as seen with the myostatin mutation can also be found in humans. I am sure most of you are think right now that this is interesting, but I believe it goes far beyond that. You see these traits are able to be passed just by being introduced to another cell. So for example, and scientist even did this with mrl mice, they took the DNA i believe of a mouse with the regenerative traits and introduced it into a normal mouse, surely enough the normal mouse was given the trait. The same way may be able to work with humans. And believe me this is not the only mutation that has been found, others include increased intelligence, and increase in the life span of up to double its normal life span. Now this may very well be possible to introduce these into a human and I believe we would then be creating , a sort of perfect being, able to regenerate, have incredible physical fitness, be smarter, live longer. This would show us a path to a new age in man and very well help in space travel.

You know, this may sound kind of strange but, I remember a couple of years ago I was watching TV and a strange show came on, I believed it was called Futurama or something along that line. Anyway in the show i think the main character whose name was Phry, had eaten a sandwich and inside it were these parasites that instead of killing and feeding of his body actually made him better. And as in "better" I mean thy cleaned his body from the inside out, worked his muscles, cleaned his head and gave him a really strange healing factor. In all sense I believe these strange mutations happening in mice and some like the mystotine which happen in both are sort of like the parasites that lived in Phry... told you that was strange:

Correct me if I am wrong on any of this.

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