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IRAQ: Murderous Psychopathic Coalition Mercinaries - Killing of INNOCENT Iraqis

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posted on Nov, 28 2005 @ 07:00 PM
Yet another unbelievable attrocity commited by coalition forces.. this war must end immediately!


These people have no concious. This is a war crime. This is EXACTLY (the simularity is undeniable) the way that the NAZI'S occupied countries and terrorised the civilian populations. This SHOULD be the final nail in the coffin of the disaster called "The War on Terror" and "The Iraq War" and "Bush and his Administration" ... this story combined with the news of chemical weapon use by US forces in civilian neighbourhoods. The torture planes and concentration camps. The complete and utter lack of WMD in Iraq. The memos and documents that seem to be appearing every week that indicate that this Bush administration is made up of the biggest group of liars ever assembled to run the country. The MIRAD of scandles that have occured on the home front in general and the horror that was Katrina (showing americans what their real enemy was - wastefully spending on wars while safety at home is actually cut back on). And finally the inability of the US military to do their job and ensure the safety of the civilans in the country that they have occupied. The way that they are handling things amounts to nothing short of barberic dark age type of dealing with a conqured population. These "security consultants" (the lowlife mercenaries killing random Iraqies) are a prime example of why mercenaries are illegal to use in war in the first place.. and I believe that it is foolish to believe that this is all an accident. Will news agencies come forward and agree that this war is finally a lost cause because of the way that the occupiers are treating the population? Its completely unacceptable, there should be world wide outrage and international demand that the US WITHDRAW IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT QUESTION because of the utter insanity that is the management of this conflict that has not only resulted in the accidental deaths of so many innocent but now here in full DVD quality color is evidence of a willfull commitment of war crimes in unlawfull random execution of innocent civilians. Completely unacceptable, this war must end ASAP.

Now, how is it possible for the "security consultants" (the mercenaries) to do their job now that they themselves will be the targets of attacks. THEY CAN NOT defend against an insurgency that decides that they are more deserving targets and also easier targets for that matter.. so doesn't this mean that anything and anyone who is now being protected by $100,000 a year mercs is actually at a higher risk of being destroyed because of their proximity to the high value targets? What would happen if the insurgency turned their attacks solely on to the corperations in Iraq.. how well protected are they by anything but small arms carrying mercs?

And, didn't the US military go in to Fallujah in the first place over that incident where the civilians captured a group of "security consultants", executed them and hung their corpses from a bridges support structure (very distastefull.. however.. not the point)? Okay well, now doesn't it seem like perhaps they might have had a good reason to do this in the first place? Concidering that the security forces are completely unsupervised (obviously) isn't it very possible that they are a major factor in what is causing much of the deaths in the Iraqi civilian population and ALSO therefore driving others to attack the coalition in general? Since they are unsupervised and we now have evidence of behavior that automaticly makes it impossible for a US win in Iraq because of how brutal this particular war crime is.. its unavoidable that whoever was involved in this particular action is going to be brough to justice.. this is downhill from here. Isn't it?

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posted on Dec, 10 2005 @ 06:45 AM
Read the link. We do not know what the whole story is/was, and your verbal barrage against President Bush doesn't make it any clearer. Let's just wait and see what the investigation reveals. One thing for certain, the evil Bushies didn't sanction any thing of the sort, and no amount of vitriol, and spite will make it so.
The main question here seems to be why did the mercs open fire on these vehicles? I will assume for the moment that the mercs concidered themselves to be under immenent danger of attack, and responded accordingly (a speeding car can cover 100 yds. very rapidly indeed), if this is the case so be it, they were protecting their client. In these sort of situations, you have only moments to make the choice.
I have serious doubts about the veracity of these reports, but I will wait and see. Video can be faked, staged, edited, misconstrued to make it appear to be many things. As a trophy video, it goes beyond tasteless, but as evidence of wrong doing, nope sorry, jury is still out. Jumping to conclusions is silly, unless you have a political adjenda to push. I would urge you to wait for the results of further investigation.


posted on Dec, 10 2005 @ 06:57 AM
There is already a thread on this:

Video: US mercenaries Randomly Shooting Iraqis

Please add any further comment there, thank you.



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