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"Black-Hole" type of UFO sighting over Dublin, California!!!

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posted on Feb, 1 2006 @ 04:19 PM
man that is insaine i can't belive that that happend....
that si so amazing may be a larger version of a normal UFO
you should do some research



posted on Feb, 1 2006 @ 07:09 PM
What i think is odd is why no one in the buildings reported seeing the black hole ship or what ever it was

posted on Feb, 1 2006 @ 08:11 PM
Hello Zypher
Nice to meet you! Well I believe you totally! Lets just say this link that I will post here, will answer many questions that you have. The Gentlemen who owns the site is extremley nice and answers any questions you may have! He is helping me with UFO experiences that I've been having since I was a kid! Finially I am getting some answers to what I have had to live with all these years! Not that others in the past haven't answered Some Questions, the difference with him is that he is Completly thorough in his Investigation into the matter! So let me know if you find out what this Black hole thing actually was, ship or portal? You have sparked my curiosity for sure! I've seen many strange things but not like you stated!
Will send you a u2u with a bit more info! Hope your enjoying the site here, and Thanks for sharing your story with us, if you ever need me feel free to u2u will help if I can! Angel
oops almost forgot the link

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posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 09:03 AM
I saw a huge rectangle shaped object with dark green reflective panels float over I-85 in north Charlotte, NC in broad daylight, in 5 o'clock rush hour traffic in September 2004. It was the size of a football field and reminded me of a long 3-story building floating in the air above the treeline.

When I first saw it, my mind told me this must be a banner being towed by an airplane. It's weird how the mind tries to make sense of what it is viewing. But I quickly realized there was no plane towing anything. It was what it was. Unbelievable!

I reported it immediately to NUFORC and no one has come forward to report this object. How can that be? There were thousands of witnesses sitting in traffic that day. I don't know which is more curious - the actual UFO or the fact that I appear to be the only one that saw it much less reported it.

Why me - why did I see that? I'm not anybody spectacular, and certainly not that important to civilization or society?

So many questions and so few answers!


posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 12:30 PM
Hello, ZyPHeR. I am p_q.
Do you still check this thread?

I am Japanese. I have seen a object that definitely same as you have seen. Sometimes, I tried to search the experience in internet. Then now, I finally found your message!

1995 Summer in Kobe. (A half year after the big earthquake hit the city)
Around 6:00 PM, I was in a car that my father drove toward west on the way of travel. Just after sunset, the sky in the direction was red.

Suddenly, I found a black ball in a red sky. Our car was moving, but the ball did not came closer. I understood it was flying far and huge. The color was really black as a hole in a sky.

I shouted. "NANDA A-RE! YU-FO JA NAINO?" (What is that! Is it UFO?)
But my parents said. "NANI WO MITERUNO?" (What are you seeing?)
I felt fright very much. Because, they was watching the direction of the huge black ball was flying. The ball looked like a black moon. I thought its size was as large as a baseball stadium.

I could not say anything to my parents anymore. I thought it was something I should not see. But I saw a couple in the car next to us. They pointed the sky and talked something. I do not know what they were talking about. I thought they said. "What that?"

I had seen the object until it was hidden by nearby buildings. It was only a few minute. But it is the most impressive memory for me.

This is the all story of my experience. I have never seen it again.

ZyPHeR, you have to remember. The driver in the track could not notice the UFO before you asked. Now, I think ultimate black color causes people filling-in like a blind spot. Then almost all people could not notice the huge black ball.

I believe that no one can believe it, excluding the people who could see it by their own eyes.

posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 12:59 PM
I believe he did see something and very large. When you are very excited it's hard not to make things more spectacular then they are.

Unfortunately fewer people actually look up in the sky then you would think. Most are so wrapped up in their life that they notice little. I can remember myself and a friend were exiting a convenience store and walked right by a girl with a very large Python around her neck. I said nice necklace and my friend actually had to move to squeeze by this girl in the doorway. Never saw the snake! Even with the comment and the squeeze by!

I can give you many examples of people missing huge things right in front of them let alone in the sky.

I can see you are very excited about this and want answers. I hope others come forward for you.

posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 01:42 PM
I would like to post a couple of links to two other threads from the board, but I do want to point out that these are not identical sightings and may not be what zephyr saw at all.

The first was a night time sighting of a somewhat similar object with either fractals or something far stranger going on with it:

The second is quite similar to the above sighting, but smaller and far more up close and personal.

It is also somewhat similar to Zephyrs. I say similar only because it was a black oval sort of object. This took place at dusk and evidently was not a disk:

I am in no way saying that these are the same thing, but all three stories are very odd and intriguing and while the objects may not be the same they may be related in some way.

Anyhoo, for anybody that's interested.


posted on May, 25 2007 @ 04:28 AM
I promise that the following is the truth and I have no reason to mislead people:

About 1990, I started to see black dots in the sky for about 1 second or less on very sunny days. I could be in my car driving around the Bay Area, or at the San Jose flea market, or walking somewhere outside.

As the years went by the black dots started to appear larger and looked like black lines. I guessed that maybe they were getting closer. Eventually, the black lines looked more like black obelisks that were horizontally aligned. Sometimes the black objects were connected together forming a straight line or an L shape.

Now the black objects are very close and look like black buildings hovering in the sky. The black objects do not seem to reflect any light. I can only see them for a second or two. I have seen them hover above every city in the Bay Area and in Los Angeles and San Diego. Other people I am with do not see them, but I believe anyone can see them if one becomes more aware that they are there.

The closest black object was hovering above my car about 100 feet while I was getting off the freeway in South San Francisco by the airport. It was maybe 25 feet by 100 feet long. It was rectangle in shape and hovering over the freeway overpass. I believe that one of the reasons I can see them is because they do not move very fast. When it dissapeared, it was like someone peeled it away from my vision from left to right.

Only one person in LA has ever seen them at the same time as me. This was back, maybe before 1990. I am not convinced that they are sentient, all I know is that I can see them on a continual basis especially on very sunny days. Sometimes I think that they are tears in the atmosphere of the Earth maybe because of some unknown pollution. I have thought that maybe what I am seeing is just one "blade" in a "fan" that is spinning really fast so that no one can see it, like a blade of a helicopter spinning. Maybe someone designed a helicopter where people can be in the spinning part and there is no other part to the craft just the blade.

I have periodically checked the internet to see if anyone else can see these objects and not had anything come close until now. It is possible that the objects can be shaped differently, maybe like a triangle. I just know that they are long and black and big as buildings and they hover or move slowly about. I can see from 1 to 3 at a time. Many are along the freeways and bridges. The ones I see in cities are farther up in the sky and appear more like dots. I have learned to retrain my vision to see the objects several times in about a 6 second stretch of time. Sometimes the object moves from the first time to the second or third time I see it.

I believe that more people are going to see these black objects, the more people start looking. Try to look with your peripheral vision or your "third eye" and you will see them. They are there, someday I believe more of you will see them.

By the way, I have had my eyes checked, and I have very good vision almost 20/20. I have been evaluated by psychiatrists and am not delusional or psychotic. I also have above average intelligence and am pretty normal, whatever that means.

posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 02:21 PM
ok, so im from dublin california and although i've never seen a ufo, or at least confirmed it for that matter, i have seen things that appear to look saucer like around my house. i live near the freeway, where before toll brothers took over, it was just farmland. Anyways, from my balcony, some nights, i can see things going back and forth or three/four lights that are just in the air relatively close to each other and they stay in the same position for long periods of time. to the point where i just decide to watch tv because they've been there for so long.
i always saw these things near my house, and i always wondered if anything had been seen in dublin, and that i wasn't the only one seeing these things.

i dont know if you'll ever read this seeing as its 2008 and u posted this in 2005 but just putting that out there.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 12:29 AM
I saw something quite similar with an old girlfriend around 1997.
It was COMPLETELY black! It was a very clear night but it was also one of the darkest nights I can ever remember. My girlfriend and I were leaving my mom's house around 10 pm when after about 3 steps out the door both of us just stopped and started watching what can be described as a pitch black huge builiding. It was so black the only way I could see how big it was is the way it blocked the stars out as it moved slowly across the treetops. I asked my girlfriend "do you see that?" and she sheepishly replied "yes". When we talked about it later we couldn't really remember what happened after we saw it. I was in such a state of shock I just felt like "duuuuuuhhhhh what is that?". I can only tell you it was HUGE and COMPLETELY black with no red lights or ANY kind of light. The only noise I could here could be described as a light wind sound. This happened in Kent, WA.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 06:56 AM
I just recently started coming back on ATS after another few UFO experiences. I think some of the weirdest things i've seen come from the bay skies. They are doing some other type research is if it IS gov controlled objects and if its not, well then the bay is well watched over but ET's. I appreciate everyones feedback on this and accepting me so openly. Like I said... I have no reason to come on here spouting some outrageous story about a massive black hole ufo. If I was doing that it'd have to be the lamest "HOAX" attempt ever. No pics, no vid, no other POSTING witnesses yada yada. I just came here for some info so thank you guys for believing and helping to cope with and explain what I saw. You rule ATS.


posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 04:07 AM
[iI]reply to post by ZyPHeR
I live in sonora calif and was out of ceder ridge 4 wheeling when two helicopters came up the valley, then a black heli came right in front of us so close it was taking the top off of trees. they stayed for u few seconds untill we were intemidated to leave. when I came back a few weeks later I noticed that right across the ridge was a huge wide road being built. it looked like four lanes, in the middle of noware. when i looked with binoculors i could see camo nets on the side of the mountain. under the nets i thought i saw ground to air rockets. I have been back since and the road is gone, maybe it was for bringing supplies in. I have seen many ufos up here because I like to go out at night and see the stars. If somebody would go with me I could show them what I think is a underground base. PS I have also seen craft on mt Elizibith and mt provo in toulumne county

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