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Rise in deadly storms worries researchers

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posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 01:43 AM
There was an article on today debating the fact that this year's Hurricane Season was a by-product of Global Warming.

It's a good read, and just further hits home the point that we have a very serious problem.


posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 02:05 AM
I keep hearing a bunch of blather about global warming causing the violent hurricane season.

Yet everyone seems to gloss over the fact that the 30's and 40's saw many seasons of violent destructive and frquent hurricanes that made landfall often.

Its called the mid-Atlantic Oscillation cycle. For some reason unknown to scientists, the Atlantic ocean every 30 or 40 years will suddenly heat up dramatically warmer than normal, thus spawning bigger and more frequent hurricanes. it does this for a decade or so, then cools down and hurricanes settle down.

I have read about this phenomenon in many good scientific mags and papers. It is like the El Nino of the Atlantic. Global Warming has nothing to do with it.

Yet it seems global warming is the new popular bandwagon to jump on and blame everything for. It seems the global warming crowd never make any mention of things like El Nino or the MAOC, even though they are well established phenomenon with measurable effects.

Im not syaing global warming does not exist. I do believe it is a real issue that has the potential to cause many problems.

But I also know that science has shown the earth's climate changes drastically over the course of time, sometimes within a decade, and sometimes within a few years. Climate change happens all the time. The melting of the polar ice caps is not unusual, seeing how during 80% of the earth;s history, the poles had no ice.

What I havent seen is a non biased, non political long term study to actually find out just how much damage is done by global warming, and how much is simply an inevitable climate change of the earth?

You either have the Eco Nazis who blame humans and global warming for everything from crazy weather to shrinojg penis size. Then you have the extreme right wing religous nuts and cooperate money grubbers who claim it does not exist, that its all some liberal conspiracy to take peoples rights or something.

And alot of scientists, at least the ones who are doing most of the media appearances, tend to lean alot towards the left, while our current government scientists are toting the cooperate party line saying nothing is happening.

What Id like is honest, non biased and sensible studies that take into account earths climate chnages, naturally occuring oceanic changes and phenomenon, and observation of all factors.

So far, I havent seen it. And Until I see solid, good evidence that the hurricane seasons are being caused by global warming and NOT the mid atlantic oscillation cycle, I shall consider the current and future hurrricane horror seasons to be an unfortunate but explainable naturally ocuring phenomenon.

posted on Nov, 30 2005 @ 09:59 PM
Thank you, Skadi. You gave voice to my thoughts. A lot of the "global warming" is job creation. Hype an imaginary problem and we have "experts" coming out of the woodwork. Very little science and the science we have isn't all that reliable.
There are earth changes, there always have been. I really doubt that puny man can affect this planet significantly.

posted on Nov, 30 2005 @ 10:19 PM
U.S. forecasters see active 2006 hurricane season

Regardless if it is 20 year cycle or not, there will be more deadly storms in the future. If water temperatures rise or remain warm in areas longer, you will have stronger more catastrophic storms. Global warming or not, we're all in for a very rough next three decades.

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