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Movie of Flight 93 Crash

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posted on Nov, 26 2005 @ 03:12 PM
Flight 93 Movie Information

Flight 93

Flight 93 (2006/I)

Directed by
Paul Greengrass

Writing credits
Paul Greengrass

Genre: Drama (more)

Plot Outline: A real time account of the events on United Flight 93, one of the planes hijacked on 9/11 that crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania when passengers foiled the terrorist plot.

Production Notes/Status:
Status: Filming
Status Updated: 18 November 2005
Note: Since this project is categorized as being in production, the data is subject to change; some data could be removed completely.

David Alan Basche .... Todd Beamer
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Liza Colón-Zayas .... Waleska Martinez
April Telek .... Lyz Glick
Olivia Thirlby .... Nicole Miller

I think it maybe alittle early and possibly just a money grab. Hopefully I am wrong and this is a well done movie.

Doing some google searches it seems that these charachters are based on actual facts which could do some good for the movie as well I believe.

Todd Beamer Bio

Waleska Martinez Bio

Lyz Glick

Nicole Miller Bio

Nicole, Waleska & Todd are all hero's of the Flight 93 to what I have noticed online, Lyz seems to be a widow of the crash. The links above are united hero's of the three, and a Post Gazette article about Lyz Glick.

What are your thoughts on this? Too Soon? Money grab? Potential? Out of respect of the victims should this not be done, or possibly out of respect for the victims this SHOULD be done. What do you think?

posted on Nov, 26 2005 @ 09:22 PM
Mods can you please delete this thread. Not getting much exposure here and I am really looking for some input on this. I moved it to ATS at the link below, I hope this does not break any rules. Anybody looking to make a post for this just use the link below please

This Thread @ ATS

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