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members favourite photographs and why?

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posted on Nov, 26 2005 @ 12:31 PM
your favourite photos and why?

these are some personal photos taken by others....

ive loved flying and vintage aicraft all my life...but from being a small boy this aircraft always captured my heart, the P38 Lightning...i love the way this picture really gives the feeling of flight and dominance in the air....

when i was growing up and racing bikes...i did every thing i could to emulate this hero..Kevin it the large on the awesome pepsi suzuki....a real 'do or die' rider..this picture really captures the style of this legend..any other schwantz fans will agree im sure?

My other hero...Tazzio Nuvolari......the Awesome italian driving ace...a quiet and humble man with bags and bags of raw talent and passion.....the picture says it all.....reserved ,shy, brilliance...far removed from the glory hunting sponsor and cash hungry racers of today.

Africa at sunset......this mystical land holds so much appeal....i think the photo embodies peacefullness and harmony and thoughts of a new day?

the beautiful scotish highlands.....i think this photo really captures the raw beauty of this place.....i spent alot of my youth here and i used to love the feeling of imagining the pipes ringing round the glens from centuries never looks like time has changed it.

ive aways loved seaplanes......i think it must have been a really elegant and sophisticated way to travel...this photo is from the golden era of sea flight and has an element of grace about it.

id be interested what photos you all like and why?


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