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NEWS: China prepares to invade "inferior white race's" countries

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posted on Nov, 26 2005 @ 11:17 PM
Well after reading 7 pages worth of reply's I have a few questions

Lets assume for a second that china did make a virus that could kill all Caucasians and not affect any Asians (or at least Chinese) how would they do that? Because to do that wouldn’t Asians would have to have a trait that no Caucasians would have that would stop Asians from catching it as well? or Caucasians having a trait Asians didn’t that would get infected by the disease?

Another thing was, I heard john Titor mentioned a couple of times but how does this have anything to do with him, he said Russia would nuke America not china use bio weapons on them, and what about the civil war that is yet to happen?

Another thing is some people where questioning America’s allies and I would think that Canada, Europe, Australia and others would help to fight china if they were attacking America (the only reason we wouldn’t in the case of Iraq and Vietnam was you were attacking them and id say without any reasonable reason)

Lastly was the fact that China I would imagine in no way would be able to take on the world alone (especially on 2 fronts) but if countries like say Russia and India allied with it they would stand quite the fighting chance (and I could see Russia allying them but I don’t know what India would do) although if China does in fact have and plan on using a virus to kill all Caucasians in a war I don’t see why Russia would join them

posted on Nov, 26 2005 @ 11:37 PM
four pages of thread on an unreliable source??

posted on Nov, 26 2005 @ 11:52 PM

Originally posted by Netchicken
... more...

WASHINGTON, Nov. 22 (UPI) -- Asian allies are becoming increasingly skeptical of the U.S. military and are quietly warning the Bush administration not to enter into a military confrontation with China.

The overwhelming assessment by Asian officials, diplomats and analysts is that the U.S. military simply cannot defeat China. It has been an assessment relayed to U.S. government officials over the past few months by countries such as Australia, Japan and South Korea, Insight magazine online reported in its Nov. 21-27 issue.

Most Asian officials have expressed their views privately. However, Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara has gone public, warning that the United States would lose any war with China.

"If each side pulls the trigger, though it may not be stretched to nuclear weapons, and the wider hostilities expand, I believe America cannot win as it has a civic society that must adhere to the value of respecting lives," Ishihara told the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Ishihara said U.S. ground forces, with the exception of the Marines, were "extremely incompetent" and would be unable to stem a Chinese conventional attack. He said China would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons against Asian and American cities -- even at the risk of a massive U.S. retaliation.

Ishihara said the U.S. military could not counter a wave of millions of Chinese soldiers prepared to die in any onslaught against U.S. forces. After 2,000 casualties, he said, the U.S. military would be forced to withdraw.

Funny its the Japanese making these assesments.

Long ago, they once underestimated us and figured our forces weak and incompetant.

60 years later we still sit on them.

We would not lose a war with China. Niether would we win. I think it would be a classic M.A.D. case. Mutually assured destruction. Although at current figures, I honestly believe we could defeat China in a nuke battle. And our tech is still far superior to theirs, despite the many advances and improvements.

Logistically, they could not fight a war. Cannon fodder or not, they do not have the resources to support such an army, supplying it with food, weapons, ect.

What I find curious is that he mentions the US, Canada, and Australia being targets big enough for conquest, but does not mention Russia. Why? Russia is the largest country on the planet, is right next door, and would not successfully be able to repel a full on Chinese invasion. Does this mean Russia has suddenly become very friendly with China? Odd, since Russians are "inferior whites" too.

Plus, it would not be the US alone China would be fighting. Japan and Korea both stand in their way, and Japan certainly would not let China pass right on through. Plus,. the combined military might of Australian, Canadian, and other forces would make quick work of China.

The problem, in my mind, is not the possibility of China actually succeeding in anything. They wont. My worry is the cold blooded inhuman mind set of the guys running the show there that could care less what the consequences of a war are, and will send millions to their deaths without a second thought nor a drop of humanity. People who are more souless and inhuman than the Nazis. Even the Nazis tried to keep the death tolls down (Provided you werent a jew or gypsy). But the Chinese leadership has shown itself since 1948 that it will think nothing of millions of deaths of their own people, let alone the enemy. This mentality, this hive like, robotic mentality, is the biggest danger. Massive death, genocide, destruction, and permanent environmental poisoning do not even figure as problems.

It is because of such scum that 100 million people died in the last world war.

There is the real danger from China. The Russians, by contrast, our Cold War foes, were far more sensible and were concerned for the well being of their populations and the long term problems a major war would create. They were rational, and most of all, they did care about the possible destruction of their homeland, and did not want to lose millions of their people.

America's biggest folly was establishing any sort of friendly relations with China. The business and money the cooperations make will be useless if their cash cow gores them, and in the long run, that money wont matter worth a # when your country has been destroyed.

Hopefully, maybe this will be a wake up call for the morons in Washington. Or maybe not.

posted on Nov, 26 2005 @ 11:56 PM
If these are the conditions imposed by a cult, as Chinawhite says Falun Gong is, then surely China under communism is ALSO a cult.

Those 3 conditions were practiced under Mao, with the self accusation and denunciation practices, as well as the forced study sessions.

Originally posted by smallpeeps

1. Keep the member busy. (Do not let them think. No collective discourse unless it is controlled "study group" format)

2. Keep the member guilty. (Shame is the most powerful way to keep people in lock-step. This is why christian cults work great, even better than a guru rip-off artist)

3. Condition the members to expect defectors to then turn and attack. (This way, when a member is kicked out of the cult, the remain members are knitted more tightly together when that member tries to save other members inside the cult.)

...These three items would be the correct top three definitions of a cult in my mind. Your definition is childish and frighteningly unsophisticated. It is purposefully deceptive IMO.

Falun Gong is nothing more than some harmless middle aged people who practice a form of meditation.

Show me one divisive or terrorist event they have been in? China just hates any subgroup tha tis not explicitly communist because the edifice of communism in China, like it was in Soviet russia, is fragile and tenuous.

China makes these accusation, as does chinawhite, from fear, not reality.

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posted on Nov, 26 2005 @ 11:58 PM
^if you include the jewish slaughters and all the causilities even those that may be arguable of whether or not they are part of the war you still only reach 54 million last time i remember, thats in total. not 100 million...where did you get that number anyway?

posted on Nov, 26 2005 @ 11:59 PM
I've read the article, and after discussing it with my teachers and fellow students we came to only one possibly conclusion.

THAT IT IS A JOKE! A child's prank! A digusting and immoral joke, a horrible and not funny joke... but a joke no less.

Everything said is a lie, a lie to set the world against us, to strangle us and to strangle our people, to make our new generation stillborn. A lie, and the more it is spread and the more it is twisted the more people accept it as truth and try to mock the truth.

But the truth still exists behind all the lies, and the unmalleable truth is that this is a lie, a joke and a prank. It is foolishnish all of it, and horrifying that so may of you are so willingly blind, dumb, stupid, ignorant, immoral, and downright despicible to have believed it completely and without as so much as questioning the article's authorship, without as so much as checking to see if it wasn't being so much as being considered by any official source such as the New York Times, Pravda or the People's Daily.

And so I challenge all of you who have accepted it as truth to look within yourselves and double check to see if you even so much as possess a glimmer of a soul for it is all a lie propogated by some moron wishing for the death of millions of Chinese, wishing for the crushing of a dream shared by all who live and work and love and die under Heaven.

This article cannot be considered with any kind of serious study, if you are unwilling to take the effort to confirm it, to prove or disprove its validity and instead focus your energies into finding ways to slander the reputation of a peaceful emerging nation who wishes no harm unto others, who wish and with adequate amount of proof have done no harm to any of our neighbours and have also with a great amount of proof taken every possible course of action to resolve our bilateral and multilateral disputes peacefully.

The final and undenyable truth is that our government has the Mandate of Heaven to govern, and that "Heaven" is the collective wills of the people, and that we are all the same under Heaven, we have had an ancient and rich culture, a deep and diverse history, but that is no reason to consider ourselves suporior, we are theotically a Center Nation, simply a large nation with a deep and rich culture that spreads and helps develops and inrich's other cultures over hundreds of years, but this isn't just China, this is also America, Rome, Russia, England. Then there's the Edge Nations, Rome, Japan, France, nations who are historically the under dogs but noless possess the ability to become Center Nations themselves or to equally enrich surrounding cultures and to particiate in the global community of brother and sister nations.

We are all the same, divided by circumstances beyond our direct control but we should all strive for better trade, and a common understand of what is sacred.

posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 12:03 AM

Originally posted by trust_no_one
Well after reading 7 pages worth of reply's I have a few questions

Lets assume for a second that china did make a virus that could kill all Caucasians and not affect any Asians (or at least Chinese) how would they do that? Because to do that wouldn’t Asians would have to have a trait that no Caucasians would have that would stop Asians from catching it as well? or Caucasians having a trait Asians didn’t that would get infected by the disease?

Another thing was, I heard john Titor mentioned a couple of times but how does this have anything to do with him, he said Russia would nuke America not china use bio weapons on them, and what about the civil war that is yet to happen?

Another thing is some people where questioning America’s allies and I would think that Canada, Europe, Australia and others would help to fight china if they were attacking America (the only reason we wouldn’t in the case of Iraq and Vietnam was you were attacking them and id say without any reasonable reason)

Lastly was the fact that China I would imagine in no way would be able to take on the world alone (especially on 2 fronts) but if countries like say Russia and India allied with it they would stand quite the fighting chance (and I could see Russia allying them but I don’t know what India would do) although if China does in fact have and plan on using a virus to kill all Caucasians in a war I don’t see why Russia would join them

Well, first of all, I would hardly consider John Titor a reliable source of anything, so his ramblings in my opinion dont count for squat.

The Chinese would not just kill white people. In my experience, most Asians are vehemently racist against anyone who is not Asian. Growing up in California, I witnessed the undisguised and blatant hatred most Asians held for blacks and Mexicans as well as whites. I remember several times going into an Asian business like a convience store, and observed the Asian store owner glaring and following black patrons around, looking over their shoulder, as if they expected them to steal simply because they were black, while ignoring Asian and white customers.

Since America is a land of many different peoples, they would have to kill more than whites. They would have to kill alot of other people.

It is possible to build a race targeting biobomb, as the different races of man have different genetic tendancies toward certain illnesses, and certain resistances. However, such a bomb would not be totally clean, since in todays world, many people have ancestors of many races, the Asians included.

posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 12:05 AM

Originally posted by The Middle Kingdom
... without as so much as checking to see if it wasn't being so much as being considered by any official source such as the New York Times, Pravda or the People's Daily....

lol watch what your calling proganda and biased, because i know the new york times can be (i have a friend who works there and wouldnt even read it because it is just as slanted) everything has the possiblity to be biased and propaganda, so dont give any news station your unwavering belief, because they might just be furthering their political agenda

by them i mean those at the top running, actually, ruinning these stations.

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posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 12:07 AM
But they are still more likely to be truthful with what they mention then some privatly owned online newspaper by a Anti-Chinese website!

posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 12:11 AM
do you have proof that this other station is not credible? other stories they have blantently lied about? or at least showed extreme bias with?

do you have any proof that its any more credible then some other station? just because its bigger doesnt mean that its side is better then another. unless of course you can show that one source has obviously abused the truth and shouldnt be credible.

im talkin about the news they present, not the actual side they choose. they could be 100% for dictatorship, unless they showed themselves to be not credible, its at least something to consider.

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posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 12:16 AM
The Epoch times have been consistently Anti-Chinese for years it obvious, spend all their time nitpicking for even the tinniest thing that goes wrong, in a country as big as ours its easy to find one instance of police brutality, I could just as easily find one in the states.

posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 12:41 AM
I think its worth reading this entry in the wiki about epoch times.

In defense of its editorial policy, The Epoch Times says that it is necessary to provide alternate views on news, that pro-CCP articles and interpretations need not be reported, as they are not subject to censorship by China's state-owned media.

They do not see Chinese state-controlled media as legitimate media, but rather as propaganda tools at the hands of the ruling Communist Party. In response to accusations of anti-China bias, the paper says that it's anti-communist, but not anti-Chinese, and that the CCP does not represent China due to lack of democracy.

The Epoch Times is very vocal in supporting dissidents, Falun Gong practioners, pro-independence Taiwanese, and other traditional opponents of the CCP; their opinions can often be seen in the opinion page. The paper rarely publishes letters and opinions that would be considered pro-Communist or anti-Falun Gong, which the paper deems unnecessary.

Posts in its Chinese lauguage online forum are also subject to 'content review' before being posted. The paper argues that most, if not all, government-censored Chinese news sources already contain opinions in agreement with Chinese governmental policies.

Sounds pretty good to me, they are focused on reporting the news items that are not covered, or are repressed by the mainstream chinese press. I would see them as a typical underground press in a repressive society trying to get the other side out.

How bad can Falung Gong be? Consider this scary event by battle hardened falun gong jihadists!

Falun Gong is a spiritual movement -- or, according to the Chinese government, a dangerous cult. It dates back to 1992, when Li Hongzhi -- described in a 2001 Time article as a "former trumpet player and grain clerk" -- combined elements of Buddhism, Taoism, and Qigong. Li Hongzhi left the country in 1995 and now lives in the States, but he'd sown a whirlwind.

The "traditional morality" he preached -- of truth, compassion, and tolerance -- resonated with millions of Chinese, and in a February 1999 article U.S. News & World Report stated that he'd amassed some 60 million followers, more than the Communist Party had. The government was uneasy, the article said, but leaning toward co-optation.

But that April some 10,000 "practitioners" unhappy with the way Falun Gong was being portrayed in the state-controlled press stunned top government officials by materializing outside their compound in Beijing, meditating silently for 12 hours, then disappearing. The rattled government soon ordered mass arrests.

Can you imagine that happening at 9/11? No wonder the chinese goverment are running scared from this group. all that meditating silently is just sooo radical!

posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 12:48 AM

Originally posted by Odium
Errr, someone needs to check their facts.

Chi Haotian stopped being the Minister of Defence in 2003, Cao Gangchuan has since taken over. This is actually a very old news story and was why he got sacked back in 2003.

I got this far and thought it was recent..

War Is Not Far from Us and Is the Midwife of the Chinese Century
Leading CCP official argues for exterminating U.S. population

By Chi Haotian - Aug 08, 2005
Independently verifying the authorship of the speech is not possible.

posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 01:06 AM

Originally posted by smallpeeps
I am not understanding your question. Who has such a policy? I am saying that "cults" when being defined as "dangerous" must meet some criteria. I liked your post, but I do not understand this paragraph.

DW about that. I done some reading dictionarys and such and most cults have a policy of "you can leave anytime you want" with the intentio of them staying. I not not saying why they are dangerous but the ways to tell if its a cult or not.

Many people consider acupuncture and pressure points to be witch doctory and see such practicioners as giving false hope. What would a chinese doctor tell me to do if I was suffering an ailment?

But acupuncture and pressure points have saved lives and has been proven scientificly to work. Thats the main difference in that

The USA has not seen fit to persecute these people. Why does China persecute their crazy religions?

Because they US didn't have a wave of deaths involing people that stopped taking their medicince. If over 1000 people died in one year over not taking medicine and is linked to a religion telling people not to take it what will the american public feel?

Now which government in their right mind wouldn't act?

No, that's too broad. This is a poor definition because the CCP does this themselves through their own indoctrination of their youth.

Systematic education of people based on false information which leads them to commit sucide.

Do you actually equate avoiding medicine with murder? Please expound on this point. Have FG caused mass suicide? I'd like to read more.

This is a broad difination of what a cult is not exculsivly on falun gong

No, this is also a poor definition because this is what the Mao-worship in the CCP is all about. The CCP is doing exactly this sort of cult-of-personality style worshipping with Mao portrait slapped evr'where.

Slapped everywhere?

I only know of one such place Maos picture is still hanging. My cousins in china do not read about how great mao was or are reading the little red book

Have you ever been to chinas cities on the coast?

Interesting comment. Are you an atheist?

yes i am a pagan

Your link was interesting and I found this also on the BBC website:
- He also organised and plotted gatherings, demonstrations, and other activities to disturb public order without applying for permission according to law, and is thus suspected of having committed the crime of disturbing public order.

In any country you need to tell the autherities what you are doing. especially a 100,000 walk out of the blue. Even in australia you register with the police before you stage a protest

@ Netchicken

Falun Gong is nothing more than some harmless middle aged people who practice a form of meditation.Show me one divisive or terrorist event they have been in?China makes these accusation, as does chinawhite, from fear, not reality.

You mean the 1,400 falun gong practioners that had died in two years because they refused to take medicince instead seek spritual enlighment.

The fulan gong doesn't even deny the number. instead they said it wasn't there fault but they choose to

how about this case

They can say they choose to kill themselves but they were under the infuence of teir leader to

What should the american government response be when the group clai,s to have 60+million members?

[edit on 27-11-2005 by chinawhite]

posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 01:11 AM
Has anyone ever heard of the "Rape of Nanking?"

Taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica Online:

Rape Of Nanking (December 1937–January 1938), mass killing and ravaging of Chinese citizens and capitulated soldiers by soldiers of the Japanese Imperial Army after its seizure of Nanking, China, on Dec. 13, 1937, during the Sino-Japanese War that preceded World War II. The number of Chinese killed in the massacre has been subject to much debate, with most estimates ranging from 100,000 to more than 300,000.

Although people love to have an external antagonist as a motivational, unifying factor, is it possible that this percieved threat is just a figment of our overactive imaginations? Could it be possible that the Chinese, more keenly informed of war and its implications than our fellow American politicians, decided to take a road to economic prosperity whilst avoiding that of rearmament and conflict?

I am just trying to "stir the pot." I do not have answers, nor do I really even know what to think. But I am not impressed by a majority of these un-informed, emotionally-guided posts. Perhaps we should read the of books of those researchers, economists, historians, etc. who might have an educated inkling, if this topic excites you enough. But, I do know that I am not concerned. Afterall, he is one man. And we seem to have our own "village idiot" to worry with 9x10^6 times the power of this guy. Maybe if we started worrying more about getting our own affairs in order, is it possible that other nations might not have so much of a problem with us? Perhaps. Right now, I am more concerned with our country's depressing educational status....perhaps if we proactively spend money to educate tomorrow's leaders, we can avoid the defensive worry and atmosphere of fear that we all live in. Why? Because, in case you all didn't remember, diplomacy and negotiation should always proceed armed conflict....and to do this effectively, we need an informed (nonpartisan, non-agenda-pushing, genuine) government that protects its military, populace and sovereignty through peaceful resolution. It would be a welcomed change from the self-serving executive and legislative branches that we have now.

posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 01:12 AM
Why is it the epooch times that always have the scoops like this?

How about the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party?

How does this information not make it to CNN or any offer internationaly known news agency?

posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 01:36 AM
CNN wont report it untill someone dies or blows up or something horrible happens...

And you ask how will china attack the U.S. directly across the border? Heres alittle refreashing for those who are not in todays world but still the atomic age... this is the infornmation age and things have changed much since the cold war.

The Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) directly controls and supervises more than 15,000 business and 50,000 factories. These businesses are of a widely varying nature within both the civilian and military spheres. The PLA even trades stock in financial centres. Thousands of PLA products fill the shelves of U.S. stores. “I have a continuing sense of awe at the scale of this. They are now running a multibillion dollar conglomerate.” – James Mulvenon, RAND Corporation.

In late 1999 China completed its Muglad oilfield project in the Sudan. The Chinese have built a 940 mile pipeline from Heglid in Southern Sudan to the Port of Sudan, centrally situated on the Red Sea’s western coast opposite Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in what has been China’s largest overseas operation by the China National Petroleum Corporation. Chinese investment in the Sudan is now well over US $2 billion. In late 2000 the UK’s Daily Telegraph reported that China had put 700,000 troops in the Sudan on alert and was preparing to enter that country’s civil war. The U.S. State Department denied that China had such troop levels in Sudan ‘otherwise we’d have known about it’. However the Chinese troops entering Sudan went undetected by other nations. Only the number of these forces is disputed, but aid workers have confirmed the levels of Chinese in the Sudan to be in the ‘tens upon tens of thousands’. This large Chinese presence midway between the Horn of Africa and Suez could become a threat to Saudi Arabia (world oil supply), the Red Sea and the Suez Canal (through which 6% of world shipping, up to 25,000 vessels a year, passes) and to Israel. The sudden use of Chinese ‘workers’ as a trained military force does not bode well for current Chinese operations underway in Panama and the Caribbean, where a large influx of Chinese illegals is occurring.

During Jiang’s April 2001 Latin American tour he met with Communist allies in Venezuela, paid visits to Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, and addressed a meeting of the UN’s Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Venezuela is under the revolutionary rule of self-described Maoist Hugo Chavez. “I have been very Maoist all my life,” said Chavez during an October 1999 visit to Beijing. China is active within Venezuela in gas, oil, agriculture, mining and the national railroad plan.

In late January 2001 Colombian President Andres Pastrana sent his Chief of Staff to Beijing to ask China for help in developing agricultural programs in Colombia. Asked if he was concerned about this development, U.S. Secretary of State for Defence Colin Powell replied: "I don’t know why it would trouble me, especially if the Chinese have something to contribute…. President Pastrana is free to seek advice where he finds it more useful." Beijing has allied itself with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), which receives backing from Russia, Cuba and Iran and supports China’s plans to conquer the free Chinese on Taiwan.

The Panama Canal is 900 miles from the U.S.
The Panama Canal controls at least one third of world shipping and is vital to American trade and defence capabilities as well as being an economic and logistical bridgehead between North and South America. Some 20% of total US imports and exports pass through the Canal including around 40% of all grain exports. Panama is a vulnerable front-line state against the spread of narcotics and terrorism that plague its South American neighbours. When the U.S. pulled out of Panama at the end of 1999 the U.S. counter-narcotics centre at Howard Air Base was closed. Panama is now the central base of Communist Chinese operations in Latin America and the Pacific Ocean port of Balboa is a vital component to the emerging Chinese strategy of dominating the Pacific and undermining and isolating the United States. A Chinese corporation, Great Wall of Panama, has a 60 year lease for an export zone on the Atlantic end of the canal.

Hutchison Whampoa, the Hong Kong based multinational conglomerate with a market capitalisation of US$53 billion and almost 100,000 employees worldwide has spent more than US$100 million to modernize its two ports, Cristobal on the Atlantic and Balboa on the Pacific ends of the Panama Canal. These are now run by Communist Chinese allies.

Hutchison Whampoa operates five core business in 28 countries: ports and related services, telecommunications and e-commerce, property and hotels, retail and manufacturing and energy and infrastructure. Hutchison is 10% owned by China Resources Enterprises (CRE) and has been identified by the U.S. Senate as a front for Chinese military intelligence. CRE was identified by the U.S. Senate Government Affairs Committee as a conduit for ‘espionage – economic, political and military – for China.’

Hutchison has joint venture terminal operations in Mainland China, the Bahamas, Panama, Myanmar, Indonesia and Malaysia.
Under controversial Panamanian Law Number 5, that was secretly implemented by the Balladarcs regime, the Hutchison Whampoa company has the right of first refusal on other Canal facilities, including former strategic facilities, which include former U.S. bases, such as the Rodman Naval Station port. Some of the measures harmful to U.S. security and economic interests under Law Number 5, include:

Article 2.1 grants Hutchison Whampoa first option to take over the ports at Rodman Naval Station meaning that U.S. warships could be shut out. Article 2.8 authorizes Hutchison Whampoa to transfer contract rights to any third party registered in Panama. This third party could be Cuba, Iraq, Iran or Libya or any other country which is hostile to the United States. Hutchison can extend its leases until 2047.

Article 2.12a, grants Hutchison Whampoa priority to all piers, including private piers, at Balboa and Cristobal, plus an operating area at Albrook Air Force Station.

Article 2. 12i, guarantees Hutchison Whampoa the right to designate their own canal pilots, change the rules for boarding vessels and add additional pilots - if clients claim dissatisfaction.

Secretary of State Colin Powell, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, stated on February 6th 2001 “I have not found that the so-called Chinese presence in the form of shipping companies and the like have created any danger to the Panamanian people, the Panamanian government, or to the canal itself. Our interests are served.” During his presidency Bill Clinton admitted that China would control the Panama Canal after December 31, 1999. “I think the Chinese will, in fact, be bending over backwards to make sure they run the Canal in a competent and fair manner. I think they’ll want to demonstrate to a distant part of the world that they can be a responsible partner, and I would be very surprised if any adverse consequences flowed from the Chinese running the Canal.”

During his presidency Mr.Clinton did more than anyone to accommodate Communist China’s requirements.
Hutchison Whampoa is part of the Li Ka Shing group of companies, owner Li Ka Shing having close ties to the Chinese government. He is a board member of the Chinese government’s main investment arm, the China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC), run by the PLA arms dealer and smuggler Wang Jun.
CITIC is the bank of the PLA and finances Chinese army weapons sales and the purchase of Western Technology.
Wang Jun is also the head of China’s Polytechnologies Company, the international outlet for Chinese weapons sales.

China and Russia’s strategic alliance is posing an ever increasing threat to the U.S. and NATO. Panama now hosts a highly dangerous mix of well-financed Chinese and Russian organised crime mobs along with Cuban government operatives, drug lords and narco-terrorist militants, who threaten the democracy of Panama and neighbouring countries and are a direct long-term threat to Mexico and the United States. There is an ongoing massive smuggling operation of illegal aliens from China into Panama by Chinese Triad gangs on China Overseas Trading Company (COSCO) shipping.

In the Bahamas Hutchison Whampoa has dredged and expanded the port at Freetown on the island of Grand Bahama, 60 miles from Florida, enabling it to handle the largest container ships in the world. Hutchison is building a massive naval facility there. Many Chinese officials as well as the Cuban ambassador have visited the Freetown port. Hutchison has a 50% stake in the Grand Bahama Airport Company, which owns one of the world’s longest airport runways at more than 11,000 feet, capable of handling the world’s largest aircraft.

The Canadian government has allowed China’s state-owned China Overseas Trading Company (COSCO) to make Vancouver the gateway for its operations in North America against intelligence advice.
U.S. Senate and Canadian intelligence have described COSCO as the “merchant marine” for China’s military.
COSCO vessels have been apprehended carrying assault rifles into California and missile technology and biological-chemical weapons components into North Korea, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan.
COSCO ships have been used by the Chinese government to ship missiles, jet fighters and components of weapons of mass destruction to nations such as North Korea, Libya, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan.
COSCO has been seeking to take over former naval facilities in Southern California at Long Beach.
COSCO has over 600 merchant ships in its fleet, which makes it larger than the U.S. merchant marine during World War II and the PLA’s literature refers to COSCO vessels as zhanjian, or ‘warships’.
COSCO’S merchant fleet is currently being refitted for military troop transportation. here if you wanna see more... the list is massive...


90,000 Red Chinese Troops On US Border?

From: info

�RedDawn� Scenario:

90,000 Red Chinese Troops on US Border?

For those who doubt the story below, I have more information to back up it up. To summarize what the Red Chinese have already done in preparation for the invasion: --Robert

1) Chinese front companies control port facilities on both ends of the Panama Canal. 2) It is not without strategic significance that China is building the largest container port on earth in the Bahamas. The Chinese interest in gaining footholds in the Western Hemisphere is related to a clearly developed plan in which Chinese troops have the main responsibility for occupying strategic ground. According to Col. Lunev, a high-ranking KGB defector, the Russian-Chinese war plan calls for Russian forces to occupy �Alaska and parts of Canada� while the Chinese would occupy the lower 48 states. In addition, certain Third World countries would be given �looting rights.� (Click on the link above for more details.)

Our Lady has warned that �Russia will utilize the manpower of China, as they make their thrust forward (3-26-83).� Dennis and Ann Bossack, hosts for a live internet broadcast on DNA LIVE RADIO, have spoken to two US Border Patrol agents who have told them that they encountered Chinese military (as many as 3 to 4,000 troops) fifteen (15) miles north of the US-Mexican border several times between August, 2002-January, 2003. They wore �desert camouflage� uniforms, what appeared to be Kevlar helmets, carrying military style rifles, and every man they could see was armed with a sidearm. The agents stated that they would call headquarters, who in turn would call a local covert US Marine unit that wanders around the desert along the border in this area. The Marines would then meet the Border Patrol agents, talk with the Chinese officers, slap backs and shake hands. Then the Chinese would about-face and return south across the border.
Dennis reports, �I believe these men because I have looked into their eyes and I have seen their fear. I have heard their voices quivering as they tell me what they�ve encountered. Their body language shows fear. They have told me that they fear for their lives and the lives of their families and fellow countrymen.�

And, from:

We find the more info. Check out the info there, part of which says:

It is my experience, from talking with U.S. military experts, that they have not done their homework with regard to Soviet or Chinese war plans. Instead of carefully reading Russian military texts or listening to the testimony of Col. Lunev, U.S. strategists are blinded by their own preconceptions. They refuse to think creatively about nuclear war. They fail to see how nuclear weapons might be used to clear a path for a new type of conventional fighting supported by logistical innovations. Who needs heavy, difficult-to-supply divisions when masses of light troops, living off the land, are all that is needed in the wake of nuclear and biological attacks? But U.S. strategists have not considered the possibilities. They have not looked closely into the logic of Chinese and Russian force structure, weapons developments and logistical preparations. They have not considered the Chinese use of shipping companies, port facilities and the appropriation of key logistical gateways under the cover of peacetime trade.

....Americans should know that the penetration of U.S. port facilities by Chinese entities is ultimately grounded in military science, not commercial greed. Last summer a CIA source confirmed that 22 Chinese freighters off-loaded a large quantity of military supplies in Mexico. What is this all about?

...In August 1998 I asked Col. Lunev if China allied with Russia could defeat the U.S. His answer was an unequivocal "yes." Given that Lunev's training teaches that victory is impossible without occupying the ground, his answer can only suggest one thing. Chinese troops on U.S. soil is not far-fetched at all.

and from the following site: , we find the following info:

FROM: James t.
DATE: Thursday, January 30, 2003 11:35 AM
TO: Dennis
SUBJECT: Foreign troops martial law plan


I had a lengthy conversation with veteran police officer, Jack McLamb, yesterday about the coming invasion on America. I asked Jack if he knew of any Chinese, Russian, Cuban troop buildup along the border. His response was " Yes". Jack stated that according to his military sources, there are indeed foreign troops along the border, but not in the numbers that have been reported in panic on the internet. However, the number of troops is still large, and disturbing.

His military contacts have told him that they are not so concerned with the troops along the border as they are with the hundreds of thousands of foreign troops that are stationed at this moment at our military bases around the country who will be called out to "help and assist us during martial law" after the next terrorist attack.

We talked about "Dyncorp" the front company for the UN peacekeeping missions who are offering our police officers $85,000.00 to $96,000.00 a year to resign from their police departments, and go overseas as UN peace keepers. Jack agreed that all this was part of the plan to send all of our military and police officers out of the country, and turn our nation over to United Nations. He then told me to "watch and count the troops that are being deployed overseas" as that will be signalling for the final takeover and open the door to the "foreign assets" that we have been promised.

Now, something extremely important: Jack laid out the plan that will be used against the citizens of the United States during Martial law, and here it is. When the next terrorist attack occurs, the foreign troops will be deployed, and the cities will be sealed off, along with the suburbs. However, the government has adopted a new policy to "Not deploy troops to the rural areas". The reason? They are going to allow the riots and the masses from the cities, illegal immigrants, street gangs, looters, thieves, motorcycle gangs, etc., to leave the cities and the suburbs, to go out and rape, pillage, kill, rob and steal from the families that live out in the rural areas and the farming communities.

They have calculated this with their think tanks, and have come to the conclusion that the hoards of killers will return to the cities after wiping out entire countrysides, in about a year to be fed and taken care of because they are not trained in survival techniques, and won't be able to care for themselves. In short, the families who live in the rural areas will be left on their own, with no protection whatsoever. It is my guess that most of the local police officers will scurry home to their families to protect their own, as any sound mind would do the same thing. Jack said that it was imperative for people to start uniting in their communities to form a plan for the coming battles against these mobs.
I'll forward anything else that I receive on this.

don't know if i'm for real...just looking for info

This was taken from ATS 2 years ago I did a quick search


.' We have spoken with two (2) local Border Patrol agents who have come into face-to-face contact with Chinese military troops doing maneuvers 15 miles north of the US-Mexican border. This actually puts those troops 15 miles directly south of our home.

These two agents have told us that they have encountered three to four thousand troops numerous times. They stated that they call headquarters who in turn calls a local covert US Marine unit that wanders around the desert along the border in this area.

The Marines meet the Border Patrol agents, talk with the Chinese officers, slap backs and shake hands. Then the Chinese about-face and return south across the border.

As for the Marine unit, there has been no official word that this unit exists. We’ve been told that this Marine unit moves, on a daily basis, around the border area setting up camp in a different location every day. We’ve inquired with Border Patrol, US Customs, the Luna County Sheriff’s Department and the local police. No one will say anything about it.

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posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 03:34 AM

Originally posted by chinawhite

Because they US didn't have a wave of deaths involing people that stopped taking their medicince. If over 1000 people died in one year over not taking medicine and is linked to a religion telling people not to take it what will the american public feel?

Now which government in their right mind wouldn't act?

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You are incorrect here. There are religons in the US that forbid the use of medical science to treat illnesses, and many times, people die from it. Like the Jehova's Witnesses who refuse blood transfusions for themselves or their kids because it is against their religon. The government does not step in nor act. There are thousands of people in the US who follow either a larger religon, or try some new alternative belief or join a cult, who will stop prescribed treatment or medication because their religous beliefs forbid it. And in enough cases, people die from it. However, the government does not step in, does not get involved.

Any government in their right mind knows this is an issue of freedom of choice and religon. No one has the right to force unwanted medical care on anyone, and if a person decides not to take their medicine any longer for whatever rason, the law cannot do anything to stop them. Its a personal choice, sometimes based on religon. There are probably thousands of people who die this way in the US, belonging to different faiths or ideas.

Yet we never persecute them or prosecute them. The only times we can legally go after a cult is if they are engaged in blatantly illegal and dangerous activities, or are engaged actively in intentional fraud.

posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 04:06 AM
one thing makes me wonder, when UNITED STATES and China both don't want to trigger war and it's to their best advantage that no war happened--American keeps its leader position in the world, China continues to maitain fast development and change their peoples' living standerd. Political reform maybe(peacfully convert to democracy country, maybe the name is still not democracy)...etc War means no good to neither of them, then why and who want to triger it?
People want to make fiction and movie title might be interested but politically who else? who will benefit from US-China war?

the true enemy is usually not the one you notice when war happens...

posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 05:04 AM
Thanks for good find trIckz! I have read some similar stuff all over the net but it's interesting to see that someone managed to put all that together two years ago.....

While we are on the topic of scare-mongering ( we should hope) here are something out of my archive.....

Russia and China Prepare for War -- Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

And that really can be called a summary of sort as i have dozens of individual links that proves most of these statements are not idle speculation or conjecture.


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