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I hate retail stores!

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posted on Nov, 25 2005 @ 01:58 AM
When I'm shopping for a new product, for example a pair of shoes or a computer part, I search online to determine which product best fits my need. It's easy to purchase online over the internet or to mail order. But often I don't feel like waiting a long time for delivery. So if a catalog advertise the item I'm looking for, I drive to the store, thinking that I will come back home with my purchase, but noooo! That would be way too simple. The retail stores don't have the item in stock. They tell me the order will take 3 weeks for delivery. What the...
So I don't buy from them. I end up ordering online directly from the manufacturer or reseller and I have the item delivered at my door step two days later. What's wrong with retail stores, did somebody forgot to teach them how to do business? I hate retail stores!

Or sometimes I find the item in stock at a small mom & pop store. Great! But oh wait, they refuse to sell to me because I won't provide my name or phone number. They claim it's for warranty or taxes purposes. I don't beleive them. I want to purchase with cash, not credit card nor bank check. Who in their right mind would turn down a $500 sale just because they don't have my phone number. Why is my phone number worth so much to them, are they involved in identity theft or something, maybe they want to sell my personal info to spammers? Sound fishy to me, so I don't buy from them.

Something wrong is going on. I'm starting to think many retail stores are not even interested in making money. Why would they keep turning us back like that? I think they are just a front for money laundering by organised crime.

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