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Unified Conspiracy Theory

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posted on Nov, 24 2005 @ 01:47 AM
I wrote this last year after reading the Duclce files, which perverted my already corrupted mind. Take from it what you will. It's basic, broad and I found it in a shoebox last night. I am posting it expecting that this thread will maybe get one or two posts, but these are just randoms thought I wrote down one night. I felt I should share them with the ATS community (which I love)!

I like to think of it as a Unified Conspiracy Theory, something that ties all the elements of Conspiracy related topics into one hub. It's not the best, but hey I wrote it in a altered state of consciousness. Enjoy.

Random thoughts thus far.

Somehow over time been told that myths are just that… a story.

The Illuminati-Grey Alliance has infiltrated all aspects of society and used the media and “science” to misdirect society to “forget” the past because knowledge of it would be against them – that being truth. Propaganda is also introduced to lead the masses off track. We lose touch of spiritual laws and the world moves towards an external material existence to quell our desire to evolve internally – thus society has gone on to a dead path. A path that that can only end in destruction. We have been led from the beginning that these ideas are the necessary direction of evolution. When in fact it is a form of spiritual enslavement designed for the purpose of control.

Factions are pitted against one another to create conflict and reduce populations. Were the first two world wars experiments for a full blown super war?

At this point in history (2004) the world is more divided then ever. Mass communication has been corrupted by the corporate world. The corporate world is a manifestation of the Illuminati. Redirection of money is simply misdirection of human energies. Money is ONLY a CONCEPT – it is an ideal which is easy to grasp, but it is so entrenched into human existence that it is no longer understood that which it is; and idiom that is relative to one’s status in the world.

Money began in ancient Sumeria (clay symbols) or Babylonia as it is also known. Because people are not willing to go to work for a rich overlord the concept of money is introduced.

People do not willingly give money to corporations, yet the corporations control our basic survival needs; heat, fuel, food, transportation, shelter and raw materials. Even smaller corporate entities are controlled by larger ones through economic control of supply. Demand is increased through advertising and media which has been infiltrated by everything.

We are unknowingly redirecting our energy spiritually to a point where we are so busy working and consuming, and in poorer countries only meeting basic survival needs, that we have lost touch with our true selves. That loss is our connection with divinity or what many religions will easily translate into GOD.

We are not becoming slaves, we already are.

Question: If the Illuminati understood GOD, then what is the point of ultimate control? Do the Greys understand all of this? Is there a purpose to overthrow GOD? Is there a reasoning to change the ultimate dynamics of the universe?

(As I write his I am listening to Aliens Exist by Blink 182, and things are on random with my player)

So to summarize: thousands of years ago mind control began in earnest. Society explodes through agriculture. Population explodes because of access to more food. However, now the problem becomes one of management; more people = harder to control.

Who taught society agriculture? Was it the traveling wise men – Quetzacoatl in Mexico, an Illuminati? So population explodes and more people specialize in various trades – we need tools, we need transportation, each one spawns new technologies of its own. Transportation evolves and there is a need for maps, paper and a writing. The cycle goes on and on form this point. So now we are distracted, instead of living in a tribal, Gaia worshipping culture which many might consider to be the proper “path”, we spend less time enjoying nature and more time toiling. Survival was never an issue, we learned how to adapt to the environment and had been doing so, successfully for thousands of years.

So what changed?

We became influenced…

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