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The second World War Two

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posted on Nov, 23 2005 @ 10:41 PM
Ok, what your about to read could be pure fact or something i've just pulled out of my arse for the fun of it. I'll let you decide.

So who remembers WWII? Probably none of you, but I'm sure that there are few of you out there who are unaware of the basic events of the conflict.

What if the Germans had won the war... well maybe they did. Here's what happened.

World War Two was fought twice throughout history. Originally the Axis won the war and Germany quickly took control of world affairs. The world they created was far from the Utopia that many had hoped for especially for minorities such as the Jews and any other races who did not conform to the ethnic standards set by the German conquerers. While Jews were not originally severely persecuted heavily during the original war, they were at the forefront of the resistant movement and formed large rebel communities and armies to combat the increasing cruelty of the Germans and there white allies such as the British and the Americans who had been forced to Ally with the Germans after the Allies defeat. In contrast, the Jews religeous beliefs made them more unwilling to participate in the Germans plans of world domination.

As it became increasingly evident that the minorities were fighting a losing battle and with the threat of nuclear anhilation hanging over there heads, the fate of humanity had only one last hope. This hope came in the form of a new technology which had the potential to alter the fabric of time allowing a person to travel into the past.

A gifting young Jewish scientist by the name of Albert Einstein was chosen to travel into the past tasked with the mission to alter the events of WWII and in doing so altering the future outcome resulting from the war. It was up to Einstein to convince the Americans to enter the war on the Allied side or face nuclear annihlation by the Germans as occured in 1952 of the original WWII. Einsteins thorough knowledge of the theory of relativity allowed him to gain the support of many notable U.S. scientists which eventually led to secret meeting with the U.S. president in November 1941.

But didn't Germany declare war on the U.S.? Yes but you see Einstein was not the only one sent back from the future. Also sent back was a man named Adolf Hitler. The Germans had become aware of Einstein's departure and so sent there own man back in time to elimanate this threat (ala Terminator 2) thus leading to the horrors of the holocaust and Germany's premature declaration of War on the U.S. in an attempt to eliminate the U.S. nuclear threat Einstein had created.

Luckily Einstein had already done his job and thanks to his heroic efforts humanity had risen again.

posted on Nov, 26 2005 @ 09:55 PM
Wow that's amzing, r u for real, wow what an amzing post, wow i need to get a life very soon.

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