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EQ near STL last night.

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posted on Nov, 23 2005 @ 09:53 AM
Wednesday evening 11:04 pm a 2.4 Earth Quake was centered directly across the mississippi river from St. Louis.

This EQ was not on the New Madrid fault, but about 250 north of the fault, and this has me worried.

I have lived across from St. Louis my entire life 43 years and we have never had an EQ in this area.

Granted this was a small EQ 2.4mag, but the location is what concerns me.

If you look on the map link below, you will see that Wednesdays EQ is not located on the New Madrid Fault, but further north.

And what is worrying me is that possible pressure is building along the NMF and forcing EQ in areas not prone for EQ, and Wednesday's EQ is in an area on the Bluffs just across from STL.

I am trying not to be an alarmist, but we just don't have tremmors in this area of the midwest, farther south and east, but not in STL proper.


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