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Who or what do I beleive about Iraq

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posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 10:38 PM
Hey all my first post, I watch the news a lot read the papers and blogs and sites ect. (I am in the U.K.) tonight I watched a doc on Iraq with an embedded uk jorno with U.S. coalition forces, to say the least the situation in Iraq was portrayed to be very bleak to put it lightly, basically showing and saying coalition/IDF had in some areas ( focused on sadr city) give control to Mahdi Army, a U.S intel CPT. said they could not arrest Rebel Shiite Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr even though he is wanted for murder! The CPT. then nerviously laughed and stumped for words went off camera?

So basically it was saying the elections, the constitution was a joke ect.

On the other hand I read sure some people must read it (got link through ATS) and saying a totally different story, duece four and how they fought insurgents, made links with the police and community and much more (well worth a visit)

Then I see GWB on sky news saying more than a few times
"Iraq IS the war on terror"
I can see this as a clever plot to draw them to one front, or a total cock up? or to gain more territory? history tells I think once they gain they never let go.

I totally support coalition troops for what they do. But whats fact/fiction are we winning is it right or wrong or are 98 UK and 2096 US casualties for nothing, are we really fighting the war on terror?

At first I thought we would stabilise Iraq (how stupid) Didnt we see this coming, they must have? its happening everywhere else, different regions fighting for this or that, they just warlords not relegious or? Hmm isnt this happening in Afganishtan.

Who do I believe? GWB saying this is a must because Iraq will became a base for extremism or are we there for the obvious?????

So many questions, hope I get some answers


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