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ATS.C: 2 out of 3 Amigos: 03: WTC Building 7

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posted on Nov, 25 2005 @ 10:19 AM
Great Find!

Interesting video... I don't see the "smoke" coming from the base of the building outlined in the red square. It may be due to the poor quality of the video in this format. I'd like to see the original footage they shot. I bet that's crystal clear.

There is some VERY small puffy stuff down there but I would not call that evidence of explosions going off at the base of the building, remember LOTS of debris had fallen to the street level from the damage above by this time.

The smoke at the base of the buiding could be from any of several causes. It is very likely debris was falling from the higher floors and causing quite a "dust" cloud when it hit the ground below creating the illusion of "smoke basts" down at the base of the building.

All that being said there is DEFINATELY explosion noise on that tape.

Does that prove explosives were in the building? No.

Does open the possibility there was explosives in the building even wider? Yes.

Does it open the possibility that the contents of a building that large i.e. natural gas lines (was the HVAC system run on natural gas heat?), steam lines, chemical drums in the janitorial areas could have been erupting/exploding from the fires? Yes.

This video provides conclusive proof that something was exploding right before the building fell. The real question is WHAT was exploding.

The logical way to answer that question is to start with what, if anything, was in the building that was flammable, in great enough quantity to creat an explosion that big and did it belong in the buiding?

The fact that these explosions happened at all is a SAD testiment to the saftey procedures of that building. Assuming they weren't explosives set to demolish the building on some nefarious plot, WHY would there be and substance that volatile in a building that tall with so many thousands of Humans in it all day working?

This is a bad deal no matter how it turns out, conspiracy or pure "bad luck".


posted on Nov, 25 2005 @ 10:34 AM
Let's not rush ahead too fast. There's a LOT of disinformation out there in regards to 9-11, much of it apparently deliberate, and one thing I've learnt is to triple-check everything before I accept it as fact. I've been doing some double-checking and I have an inkling the sound may have been added, i.e it's a fake. I'll post more in a sec...

posted on Nov, 25 2005 @ 11:23 AM
It appears the sound is GENUINE, however the levels have been played with to enhance the volume of the pulses.

The intensity of the sound made me a little wary (my subwoofer was vibrating and dancing around the room). I started looking around for other videos and after some hard searching I found what I think is the original:

Watch that one and you will hear the same bursts, BUT, not as loud as they are in the first video I linked to earlier.

The distance from the WTC site to the camera is cited as 1.8 miles. That makes for an 8.5 second delay before the sound would reach the camera. The first, loud pulse occurs at the 28 second mark in the video, which means the event which created the pulse at the WTC site occurred at the 20 second mark. The collapse begins at the 36 second mark, 16 seconds after the first large pulse. If you turn up the volume, you can hear all of the pulses before the collapse and the ensuing constant signal of the collapse and debris striking the ground.

It seems that the pulses ARE genuine. My guess is that whoever did the post-production on the video did some EQ work to increase the intensity of the pulses to make them more obvious, however this does not mean that they are not there - the sound has been enhanced, not added. Whoever did the enhancement may have done it with good intentions, or may have done it as a deliberate disinformation tactic to undermine the credibility of the original.

I also found this video:

This video is taken from the same location, and appears to be the very same camera, but the footage is of the first collapse (WTC2). There are no large pulses audible before the collapse, however the sound of the collapse itself and the debris striking the ground can be heard.

[edit on 2005-11-25 by wecomeinpeace]

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