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Homestead Air Base 13 Years Later

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posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 07:22 AM
Back in 1992 Hurricane Andrew Slammed into South Florida,
A storm I will never forget and many other South Florida folks will never forget I'm sure.
Tucked away on the back of the Air Force Base in Homestead wich used to be the Strategic South Air Command are some ruins .. Mostly untouched left much the way they were that day on August 24 1992 some 13 years ago.
We has a pass to get on base and I could not resist the chance to get some shots of the Ruins of Andrew.
Here are a few of the shots I felt I would share with the board.There are many roads to no where blank foundations empty building it's a regular ghost town where the personel used to live.The true scope of a Cat 5 Hurricane damage unrepaired over 13 years after the fact.


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