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A call for member written newsletter articles

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posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 11:25 PM
This just in. From now on, we will award anyone who has an article accepted and published in the newsletter, 10,000 points.

The points are just an incentive to get members involved.

Currently our newsletter gets mailed to over 43,000 people, so it is a good way for you to get the word out about yourself and your writing abilities.

While we are not looking for pulitzer prize material, although it would be appreciated, we are raising the bar a little on what is going to be considered acceptable material. Submissions should not be less than 500 words.

If you are intersted in writing an article, then please either indicate so in this thread, or u2u me with your intentions. And you dont have to limit yourself to just one submission. Like Thomas Crowne's series on the NWO.

Writings should be related to the ATS theme. You can write about a thread you find interesting for example. It can even be an old thread.

Thank you,

[edit on 11-20-2005 by William One Sac]


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