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Waters within the palm of my hand

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posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 11:03 PM
Greetings...I would like to share a dream I had:

November 16, 2005
In a dream I saw a matter of me being at a store and I was in an area that led into the store. And in this same area I saw what looked to be rakes at first but when I got closer I saw that what they were was large palm-like leaves with water inside the stem. And I could feel the fullness and thickness of the water within the stem of the palm and it was though it could be drunk. And I took the one I had in my hand, to show another as though one who was a sister and I heard some alarm type noise go off, for I went out the door in a way to show another who was like near the entrance of the door.

Then when I came back on in and came on in the door, a woman appeared who was also a policewoman. And she had on a black uniform and she herself was blonde haired and also a white woman and she seemed to even wear glasses. And she stopped me to give me as though a ticket, for she thought I was stealing or it was that because I even went out of the store it was cause to give me one. But then I did explain to this woman that I wanted to show my sister for I never saw anything like this before. For the palm was full with liquid and thick and leathery in texture and it was though the palm could be opened up as though for drinking.

Now upon hearing that the woman told me that she felt I was telling the truth so she let off from giving me the ticket. And the ticket she pulled out had what looked like chalky writing and looked torn in half long ways and about the size of letter paper. And I saw that it was like that way when she first presented it.


After I had this dream I began searching online for pictures of different kinds of palm trees and to see whether in deed this palm held water. And seeing I never saw it before I came across the travelers palm, for it looked like a rake one in which I first saw at the enterance to the store:

travelers palm

And when I read about this, I thought of those who live in Florida or anywhere where this palm would grow. That if they see it they would know that it holds water. In case of emergency.

Of the sister in the dream, see, I have no sister. But saw I indeed had one even to show her about this kind of palm like leaf that it holds water even to drink.

God Bless

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 11:38 PM
Here are some more images:
travelers palm images

posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 10:31 AM

i've seen this plant before- in the background of pictures that friends took in africa- the plant was larger than some of the buildings nearby, but no one could tell me what it was. i have never to my recollection seen any growing here in louisiana or any other southern areas where i've lived- but we can grow banana trees... palms and tropicals so long as we protect them from the occasional odd freeze during the winter. (and even if the plants have frozen, most of them come back in the spring).... i wouldn't know where to begin searching for one, but now that i know what it's called i believe the search would be easier...

thank you for sharing your dream... not only will it make the yard more beautiful, but having a couple around might come in handy someday!!


(p.s. i have my own thoughts about your dream... thank you for sharing this blessing! of course you know you have 'many' sisters!!)


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