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conspiracy against masons?

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posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 09:54 AM

Originally posted by topsecretombomb
i sure think there is some kind of conspiracy behind some masons, not all masons. aleister crowley for example! he was a maniac. come on, admit it. come on come on come on come on!

1. Aleister Crowley never attended a legitimate Masonic meeting in his life.

2. Crowley, in the words of Robert Anton Wilson, was "always eccentric, often outrageous on principle, and sometimes downright vicious", but he was certainly no "maniac". He was a very intelligent and well-educated man, and those who knew him described him as a perfect Victorian gentleman. His writings indicate that he was very lucid, with an extremely large, albeit bizarre, sense of humor.

3. I don't remember anyone ever seriously suggesting that Crowley was involved in any conspiracies. He was far too busy in his studies, occult practices, and writing, to have any interest for such intrigues in the "profane world".

posted on Dec, 9 2005 @ 07:45 AM

Yeah. But it's like Eddie Izzard says - "The gun helps". If people just ran around shouting "Bang!!!" at each other I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't hurt as much.

Yeah but the human race has from time immemorial found ways to kill and maim
others. Poison , infected articles , infected bodies, inquisitions, and as I recall
Cain killede Able with an Axe. The point being the human race has just become more efficent at it.

You don't have to be a follower or non-follower of a religion to appreciate a certain character from another do you? I'm no believer in Norse mythology, but I do think Thor is ultra-cool. I don't see why it would be offensive to use his image to anyone. Marvel comics had a character called Thor - I don't reckon anyone has read his adventures and thought "I shouldn't be reading this 'cos this is a guy who is a figure from a different religion".

Im sure there was and are. They are of the ilk od Pat robertson, fred Phelps,
Jack Chick, Texe Marr, Miochelle and Lawrence Pazder, and Bill Schnoebelen
to name just a few.
I remember the Thorr comics and read them. There was also an episode of the Incredible Hulk that Thorr appeared in.

My objection is and was that there are certain principals that the GOD Thorr
represents that I find lacking in the afore mentioned person. This and the My god is the only god attitude.

Suzy, I believe you are wrong. It has been my experience ( and believe me
I have experience 6'2 240 and married to a Chef) that people eat where they
find food to their liking. I have seen many eateries die because they quality
of their food drops. The cycle runs something like this

they open with a good staff , good quality and service.
for any of several reasons quality begins to drop
trade slows
to make up for slowing business they raise prices and cut corners, cut hours
wages benifits...
trade drops off followed soon by closing

We are far from being in the financial elite but we eat where we choose to.
Our choices have more to do with quality,quantity ,value and service than they do with the name on the door.

Frankly if I am going to spend 30.00 to 100.00 $ for dinner I dont care
if the owner is a little green feller from mars as long as the the food is
good, there is enough of it, and the service is good.

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