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posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 05:38 PM
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"The new Viper VR chipset is the fastest and sleekest chip to come on to the market in recent times. It uses the most efficient nano and supports a whopping 13 billion quantum processors that give the user the smoothest virtual reality experience possible. And, in combination with the Norton SafeKey program the user is secure and has nothing to fear from the nets criminal element..."


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"A magnitude 5.1 earthquake shook the capitol of Korea today, killi..."


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LiveJournal friends page:

"Today sucked balls. I was eating lunch with Sissy at the Kiva Kafe and as we where sitting outside and some drunk guy wandered into the street and was hit by a car halfway across the street. We were rite there when it happened. He didn't really look that dead, he flew a few feet but pretty much just lay on the ground unmoving. Its not the first time this has happened on central # it happens almost once a month but this was the first time I actually saw someone die. Its shook me up pretty bad, I don’t think I’ll go to school tomorrow."


Jonathan decided to reply to this one, his friend Amanda was obviously distressed and he felt like consoling her. He thought about what he wanted to say, but the words just wouldn’t come to him. He mentally typed a few things but would delete them as soon as he read them. He just didn’t know what to say in a situation like this. Jonathan then decided to move onto the next location in his world.
Many people use an elaborate device as they’re desktop, others will make a house with rooms and place different things in each room corresponding to various programs. Jonathan preferred to keep all of his files and programs on one big floating old-school style desktop, like when people used to use to sit in front of a monitor and where limited to a small 17” viewing area. In fact you could still access the net with some heavily modified conventional computers, but they are so slow compared to even the simplest computer capable of quantum calculations that no one in there right mind would want to use one.
Quantum calculations work on the laws of quantum mechanics. In the fabric of time space and all the dimensions there exists a repetition of our universe into infinity, like an endless string of Earths on a grand scale, each universe different from the next. New technology invented in the year 2047 allowed scientists to tap into these universes with simple nanotechnology. Using these very small simple machines the scientists could get the little computers to exist in all of the universes at once, allowing them to carry out any processing need imaginable. Never would there be any speed of computer, they would all operate on an instantaneous quantum level.
Jonathan blinked twice as he cleared his head of the VR. He looked around him, at his room. Everything was in place as it should be. He often spent many hours at a time on his VR, bypassing the safety parameters with a simple crack. Today he had more important things to do, he had to go to and work for a big obnoxious corporation named Globate like some sort of fishing… bait. In this big obnoxious corporation Jonathan talked to customers about there various stocks and money issues. He often wondered why the new computers haven’t replaced him yet, they did all of the work. He supposed for now his company liked to maintain a human face for their wealthier clients. Some day they would cut his job. They where cutting everyone’s jobs nowadays.
The US government controlled most of what was not controlled by the corporations. Countries where now no stronger then the international companies. The only paying jobs not belonging to the companies was government work maintaining the infrastructure of the world. The workers of the world have been reduced by robots and other technologies to the scavengers of society. Some regions have thousands in prison, while others have massive slums under towering steel structures. It is a future of the worlds past, of useless war and abuse of power.

Two Weeks Pass

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ATSNN news feed:
“Scientists have recently announced the first quantum program to achieve human-like sentience. The file was able to completely duplicate the human brain and act in a human like manner by using its virtual copy of our brain.”


Jonathan was fired from his job. “Christ, now what am I going to do? How will I keep from being sent to the work camps?” He had about two months left of cash to keep him from jobless status. Just as he predicted, a computer had taken his job. Not that it helped much, because when you don’t have a job in Nestle you go to prison, a work camp, or try and hide from population control. Losing your job is one of the easiest ways to ensure a shorter life span.
He went to Amanda’s house in VR to talk to her about it. As he entered what she had designated as their meeting place he saw that Amanda had changed her house from the usual early 20th century luxury house to a darker castle like environment. Jonathan was just then reminded of her blog post. He had no idea what to say. “Amanda… I heard about what happened. I’m really sorry, death always makes you feel bad… at least, you couldn’t have done anything right?”
“Oh don’t worry,” she replied, “I am over that. I’ve realized that there is no way to stop death even in this modern age. It’s sobering really, this was something that I had to deal with eventually.”
Jonathan nodded sagely. He looked Amanda up and down. She was wearing a long flowing blue dress that had a sparkling sheen to it. It has a futuristic look to it, like something out of a crazy French fashion show. As he admired her he was reminded of his impending predicament of not having a job, and how if he was pushed to the bottom of society that he would never have a chance with a girl like this again. No one below the poverty level had a VR, although some do have limited access to the net using archaic computers.
“I lost my job today.” He finally said, his head hung slightly in shame.
“What? Oh my god no! What are you going to do now? I’m so sorry!”
“I’m not really sure.” he replied, “I have enough money to keep me going till next month, after that I don’t know what I’m going to do,” he replied. Jonathan sat there in Amanda’s castle silently. His mind was numb, and he was beginning to realize just how grave the situation was. “Well, I must try and find another way of making money, it was good to see you and I hope you feel better soon.” He exited her room and found himself back in his own virtual house.
His desktop floated in front of him peacefully. It’s icons spun and moved around the floating screen displaying a hint of their contents. He had games, and things related to his hobbies or his job, but none of them gave him any ideas about how he was going to save his life.
Jonathan had no illusions about what awaited him in less than a months time. If he decided to stay in the system and follow the governments orders then he would spend the next four years in a work camp doing meaningless tasks of extreme hardship under the watchful eyes of armed guards. He would probably be victimized by the other workers due to his former job and place in society. He would eat poor food as well and Jonathan saw himself dying a cold miserable death in one of those places.
The alternative was not better. He could attempt to survive on his own in the world as an independent from the government or corporations like citizens of old. There where thousands who lived in slums feeding off the cities that created them. This was where the criminal element of Nestle resided. Crime was the only way one could rise out of the slums to the status and wealth of a government or corporate worker. Indeed, many people try this path as a last resort. For a man with zero skill in anything illegal other then VR drugs this was an option that lead straight to prison.
Prison in Nestle was not somewhere you wanted to end up. Thousands of people go to them every month, and rarely does a prisoner come out again.

[edit on 20-11-2005 by cownosecat]


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