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Its sunday go find some aliens

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posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 04:27 PM
Well aliens light balls green men,grey men, alien evil doers what have you. Anyway we all get tired of reading and seeing old stuff anyone care to see what we can find in the nights sky tonight and over the next couple days and report back here. or imageshack I belive can host photos or somehow on here if you have points.

I will at least come back with a doctered pic if I can't find anything! Anyway where ever my last post went I don't know but the glowing balls were seen again I attempted photo but distance hurt it. I will see if I still have them an upload em late tonight. Trust the photo isn't worth a damn but this damn thing didn't move for ever so it wasn't a plane ... I don't think..

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 07:49 PM
Well WTF is it. If any of you remember my last post about large glowing objects I seen the same thing again. Yet it was at distance and it seemed to be in the same area again

So this time I tried to drive closer and closer I swear it was Deja friggin Vue! I ended up on the same road to see it than as with last time I saw something start flying toward it small plane or helicoptor as it had the obvious blinking light Anyway at the closest point I got I was a little intimadated by what it looked like and how close I got ..anyway as I got closer I kept stopping to try to map out the best way to go as I was hoping through neighborhoods anyway I saw some sort of aircraft come into the area that was FFFed I donnu this thing was an aircraft but nothing normal I have ever seen. First I saw it bank lowwww to the ground near city limits than I kept trying to get closer to the other thing which was getting farther away yet the glowing light was alwasy visable yet nothing to make it look like a craft or plane etc. Ok so before I had to go home get gas and pick up my camera I got a few more views of the aircraft that started to circle the area like a mad man. Anyway I will probally go back out to try to get pics I hope tonight but I made a diagram of the very distinct lights it had and I am stating its an aircraft as it had one single red light in the rear that was very distinct like the red light on an indy car if you ever seen one....

Anyway link:

Here was the first things I started to see they were at a distance and I was at full zoom so this picture is worthless as I need a tripod. I only got two off before my batteries died or else I could stabled the camera.

The scale is pretty close the lights were all larger than I ever would imagine seeing on a plane.

Anyway if any of you are in Macomb or Detroit area take a look I never started looking in the sky til the things I was doing that seemed to make connection with the firsttimes I saw those glowing objects so maybe its all explainable but this is what I have found....

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