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Chicken Flu in Canada

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posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 02:16 PM
The avian flu has been found in chickens in Manitoba. Though tested and found not to be the same strain in China it still is causing problems. It seems that even though it is different from the others Canada is finding itself having to kill millions of chickens in Canada, including those in British Columbia. Many people are truly afraid wondering what this is all leading to, and what is the government true motive behind not telling the whole truth.
OTTAWA -- The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has discovered the H5N1 avian flu in two Manitoba birds, but officials were quick to point out it's not the same as the deadly strain causing concern in Asia.

Canadians can rest assured that we have not detected the Asian strain of avian influenza (that is) of animal or human health concern," Dr. Brian Evans said.
The avian influenza viruses of concern are marked by the rapid onset of severe disease and high mortality," Evans said. "We have observed no evidence of related illness or death in either wild or domestic birds in any of the provinces for which the work is completed."
Evans added that, based on international guidelines, the findings do not provide sufficient justification for other countries to restrict trade in poultry and eggs with Canada.

In February 2004, a strain of avian influenza spread to 42 commercial poultry farms in B.C. resulting in the slaughter of 13.6 million commercial and 18,000 backyard birds.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I find it difficult to believe that if it is true, that these chickens were harmless, why did they have to kill so many. Having done tests that find different strains does not ensure that they are harmless. In fact, it means to me that there are more strains of this Chicken Flu of which we need to be aware of.
They are not going to say in the papers that they found many strains and they are all deadly. The government would put a lock on what they can release to the public. This is some bother to me and I really don't understand how they check the chickens. If one in a hundred birds are effected that is one to many.
Plus there is so much rumors going around about why this disease has come about. Things like population control are just one of the many reasons people are now coming up with. Why doens't the government tell us the whole truth.

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