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Santa exists! - Scientific validation!

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posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 02:15 PM
While surfing this system of global union I stumbled across a story answering a question of compelling public importance at this time of year - is there a Santa Claus?

If you are a parent or an older brother or sister, you may be asked that very question this season. And as astute ATS readers, researchers, and generally good people, you might like to reference the following story for a scientifically validated answer.

In either case, your thoughts and feelings on the story are welcomed.

Best to all of you in the coming season!
Is there a Santa Claus

It was while watching a recent TV Christmas commercial it occurred to me that I’d soon have to provide a definitive answer to a timeless question: “Dad, is there a Santa Claus?”

I’ve had several days to consider a few possible answers which ranged from overwhelming public proclamation to the scientific. I decided to settle on scientific validation.

What I needed was evidence that showed science accepting the existence of something outside being able to directly observe it. Kids, you need not trouble yourself with the scientific answer below - this is for your parents. I, for one, understand children have always known the "real" answer.

Enter the Higgs boson, AKA the God particle. Dubbed the "God particle" by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Leon Lederman (I purchased his book), the Higgs boson is a controversial particle believed to endow all other particles with mass. Lederman’s hypothesis supports the existence of the elusive God particle based on its effect on visible particles (in close proximity to it) after a collision in a supercollider. A simpler explanation would be to consider an invisible soccer ball being kicked into a net. Although you wouldn't see the soccer ball fly or enter the net, the bulge in the back of the net would prove the existence of the ball - not to mention a goal.

In short, we have an observable cause and effect relationship which science has seized upon to support its position that something unobservable can and does exist. Remember, science is simply observing effects of an unobservable particle, not the particle itself. Therefore, we need only prove an effect is present to substantiate the irrefutable existence of Santa Claus.

Enter Santa Claus, AKA Saint Nic. Despite the fact many millions of children have provided wondrous wide-eyed corroboration of the jolly old soul’s existence, grownups (who've drifted too far from childhood) remain blind and deaf to such innocent, compelling and utterly unimpeachable, confirmation - they should get a lump of coal!

Back to science. In our quest for immutable evidence to Santa’s existence we need only prove he has an observable effect - if it’s good enough for science, it’s good enough for Santa!

Three years ago I was attending an old-folks home which was about to welcome Santa Claus. The room was filled with gentle old souls sitting at long tables which framed a circle of wheel chairs. A hush fell over the group as they strained to hear the distant giggle of the merriest elf.

As Santa strode into the room, several matriarchs exclaimed, “Look! It’s Santa!” His twinkling blue eyes fell on a motionless figure slumped in her wheelchair. Her sparkling name tag hung as immobile as she. As Santa walked to her side, the room fell silent. His deep gentle voice filled the room. “Oh, my dear Sara, how you’ve grown over the years. Have you been a good girl?” Several gasped at what happened next. Sara, who'd been silent and motionless for the past year, began to move. Her eyes slowly opened as her bobbing head craned upward to find his familiar face. Her emotionless face began to beam. “Hi Santa.” She whispered.

The noblest of elves began to laugh filling the room with his booming roar, “Ho, Ho, Ho!” The rest of the group joined in, nervously at first, then into full joyous laughter. I studied the face of one nurse standing beside Sara (Nurse: Noun; earthly angel who has not yet received their wings) who was crying then giggled in puzzled amazement, her hand over her mouth.

Santa moved about the room addressing everyone by name knowing something personal about those he spoke with. The nurses looked at each other perplexed, their shoulders shrugged as they scanned the room for a face with an answer - there was none.

After several minutes, Santa left. The room filled with excited chatter as people started to recount what had just happened. Several nurses surrounded Sara who’d slumped once again and gone quiet - they rubbed her hands imploring her to speak, she would not stir.

Science? Well, if we need only prove something, heretofore considered not to be detectable, only have an effect on something in order to exist, then we have proved our case.

Some say angels walk among us - that we should treat everyone with respect and kindness for we know not whom we entertain - after that evening, I am compelled to believe them.


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