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My thoughts about UFOs

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posted on Nov, 30 2005 @ 06:13 AM
When I say embrace laziness, I mean don't feel ashamed of the extra time you have. The majority of people will not do nothing. Unless they have problems that interfere with normal functioning, they will be out and about learning about there world. They might do that in the open air or they may choose to do that online. The future people will not see a difference between the two. People will be so much more educated that we would all look stupid; ok, most of us. People will live on earth, and think of others as companions.

We still have responsibilities, Ram. I think the most important for our discussion are:
1) Energy
2) Food
3) Water
4) Shelter
5) Education
6) Healchcare

(these are my own opinions, but everything is within reach)
First, energy is there to control/tame the actions/behaviours of people. There is no real energy crisis. What there is is a crisis of good intelligent decisions made by people who're doing it for the good of all and not just being bullied.
Firstly, america is not just a primary consumer, it is also very wastefull of its food. There is plenty of food to go around on this planet. What we need to do is make good decisions about where it goes. That happens when we're free and educated, and not bullied around by ruthless tyrants and corporations.
Pollution is like cancer, its something that can be prevented. Glaciers are going to soon dry up and fresh water (clean) will go along with it. Where will we get our clean water? This is not really technical because we know how to clean water. The problem is priority. Since we don't care about pollution, why should we care about water? Right now its only a growing concern, we're not evolved enough to appreciate what clean water represents on our planet.
I think we need more affordable housing for our seniors. We need more affordable housing for everyone!! As far as I am concerned, I think small. When I think of housing, I think efficient and small. Not everyone agrees.
Education is like an arm of governemnt. It is there for everyone, one of the most accessible basic rights for all of humanity; like water or food. Don't ever let corporations control the hearts and minds of men!!!! Education is primal.
Healthcare is like education to me. It is a basic right. We have no reason to be killing eachother to see who can get the best healthcare the fastest. I think part of being happy is being treated like a thinking intelligent human being.

Really, I don't have too many other comments. All of this is within reach. Our ability to reach it is proportional to our education and state of being.

I think we need a governing arm for the planet too; world scope. To keep us under one roof; we're family.

This idea that a world government won't work to me is premature...

What won't work is having thousands of nuclear weapons firing all at once...

We can't rely on the playstation 3 or go online all day. Even given the choice to, most people would have a long list of other things they want to do. We have responsibilities on this planet to take care of. But, lets be reasonable!!! We don't have to fight wars to live happily! Nor do we have to work like slave laborers. We don't need several thousand thermonuclear weapons either. The one thing we DO have to do is go to school on a normal basis. I know some people do not like school, but its imperative that its part of our lifestyle to learn and grow as a member of society. Most people should also be required or motivated to participate in community programs like government or resource production and distribution. That is all tied into making a more educated, empowered people. These people love to play games and go online for long periods, but they also enjoy to make the world a better place for everyone. Given more time to do this, they will blossom. Instead of being ruled by ruthless tyrants or corporations, people will have more control over their lives and a better understanding of the larger world. A trully free people.

That will be a government OF the people BY the people...

And the government will serve us, not the other way around!

That can only work, if we're an educated people!

I would love to go online and build an experimental virtual world to test social/government models on populations of participants. However, I would also love to do this in the spirit of making our planet a better place to live. The internet allows to communicate in incredibly diverse and powerfull ways. Do it!

Again, I say, education is #1 on my list for humankind!!!

There is so much potential out there for us, but if we don't realize it, it fades away...

If we don't want cleaner energy, if we don't want more effective policy, we won't have it...

If there're UFOS, judging from the state of our planet, I would guess that our military shoots first, and asks questions later. Personally, I feel its much easier to fire a weapon than it is to understand something on both an intellectual and emotional level. If we let our military decide our future they'll have us fighting with every alien civilization within our known territories. Once our world population has attained a sort of stability, like I've been alluding to in my previous posts, we'll be ready for a real non-violent contact scenario.

When that time comes I think we'll find that non-violent tactics will gain us more friends in the cosmos...

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posted on Dec, 1 2005 @ 10:37 AM

This needs a caretaker.. A greenhouse.

You where talking about small living spaces...And i can't agree more. We could live in small spaces... And those spaces could be part of a larger building complex... A huge greenhouse complex.. So we could infact live in and around greenhouses..
I wrote about it earlyer... i think greenhouses will be valuable in that future.. It has everything we need to be lazy but active...

Oh my god- this is good...

But this is absolutly alternative..future.
Our house would be small - but there should be a bigger area for greenhouse - connected to the house...Where we sleep.

The self effecient house-hold....(i dont think i spelled that correct)
And education..
And to make that happend - we need.

1) Energy
2) Food
3) Water
4) Shelter
5) Education
6) Healchcare

As national issues...
Cause we have the tecnology...To do it.

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posted on Dec, 1 2005 @ 09:15 PM
That is not an alternative future, that is a future SOMEONE OUT THERE will participate in...

If we listened to our scientists, our engineers and our visionaries more often we would be much further along...

The problem is that we instead listen to our military leaders and our fundamentalist conservatives...

What has happened is society has shaped itself around the beliefs and actions of these types of people...

It is a feedback loop or runaway affect. The more we depend on these types of people, the more intense our dependency will become...

How do we live on this planet peacefully? With bigger weapons? A clean happy earth is slipping away so we build bigger weapons? According to the judgements and analyses of todays scientists our earth cannot support us, if we maintain business as usual. According to them, if we do, we'll lose earth...

If we can sustain our community in a contained complex, then that is the beginning of living on earth in a sustainable manner...

Another words, do we really know what is needed for a sustainable future? Lets found out in self-sustaining communities...

Would it make sense to attach a battery pack to every human being and connect this to a central power source, and when this power source is broken all of the humans would fall dead? In terms of survival it is counterintuitive. A people who live on earth peacefully are a people who consider the big picture. And this doesn't happen unless they're educated. All there is to it...

We're like a big ant pile and a flood is coming...

The flood will bring order and sanity into our lives again...

If not, I only see one place that we can go. We will become what we fear, robots. Our mind and heart will beat to the pulse of computers...


posted on Dec, 1 2005 @ 09:32 PM
Oh heck!
Now i remember how i use to think...about this future vision!!!!
You just did it MegaBuster - shame on you.

It's the military - That's where my progress somehow ended, and i turned my attention to some other place... Out there.

The case is simpel...
Change the military industrial complex!!!
So that they would work for a cleaner earth...Help the rainforrest - and all that big time problems...


All those big machinery - big airplanes...Can do alot to help the earth, right now it is doing nothing but destroy life - and keep that endless paranoia alive!!

MegaBuster..!! It all fits.. This is the sollution...

And so you remember the "Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961 speech" ?!

Damn..That's it!

He was the dude man!! he was the first Hippie in the Government!

Now lets turn our attention to - what should be the role of the Military...? that will tell us alot of secret's.

posted on Dec, 2 2005 @ 05:44 AM
intellect abound we can stride with greater reason and honorable resiliance above a world frought with manipulations. excellence abound we can shift our planet to an absolute technological efficency that will create greater scientific endevors to embolden our intergalactic outlook.

1) Energy
2) Food
3) Water
4) Shelter
5) Education
6) Healchcare

these things corperate greed and governmental military control hinders. with military techs put aside and governmental abilities consolodated then economic and industrial out put will atain optimal efficnency. just a more efficient ways to a means of high education for the world. heres hopes to a bright future! good luck friends.


posted on Dec, 3 2005 @ 12:50 PM
My thoughts about UFO's and the thing that we havent changed since the dawn of the church... And the monk's who took out the pages involving some weird stuff...

Right now in this thread.. we have been open..And tried to understand eachother..With respect for our faults and outrages mindset. Involving UFO's and thoughts about what it involves of ideas..

And i think we have ended up with the Army... I mean every army-force in this world - around the globe.
Are a extreme symbol of force...Not just a symbol - but it IS force..And Power.

If the power of the Armies around the Earth - was reversed...Still powerfull - but unlike today. Destructive.
If the Earth evolve just a tiny bit more... And by that - if the Armies could just evolve just a tiny bit more... become more intelligent symbol of life... The armies role in this world could be to clean up... And become a helpfull asset..
It could help building houses...Greenhouses
2 Save Rainforrest around the globe..
3 clean up areas of pollution.

And much more...
Even release information and technologies from UFO's what ever. Make it usefull for this planet..
Make a healthy world... Should be the Armies role...

So when young men and woman would join the army - they would travel around the globe saving many area's of destroyed places.. Make forrest and let nature become strong...
I would surely be proud of joining an army like that...
And if the "aliens" should be some kinda force... I would say that they are an army - doing just that... taking care of life. Not killing and destroying - because of ignorance and fear - money..............

The army should do the absolute reverse of what they do today - and this world could be saved - and the soldiers would not be killers... But our saviours... And i would respect them.

I don't respect brute force... And ignorance. It's childish.

And if we should have a chance to restore health to this planet - we could indeed use the disipline as special forces have... Rangers ect.

But not for killing.

Can you even imagine the outcome..? Or is it impossible to imagine...Is there an error in such mindset..?

It could be cool to make it a natural thing to save the earth... Make it part of the human mindset.

And please feel free to join the discussion... sturod84 - Or anybody... Our discussion on UFO's ended up with the army...And it's total control.. Pretty thought awakening - i would say. Please tribute some ideas..Or what you think.

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posted on Dec, 3 2005 @ 11:30 PM
We need an environment to grow in where these types of ideas are encouraged...

Population control is very serious, but I've always thought that education is what reduces it...

The more educated people become the less children they will have...

Is this assumption wrong?

I was watching a video that said:
In God We Trurst
In Growth We Trust

That instead of growing physically, we would grow spiritually or mentally...

At some point growth results in obesity or cancer so you gotta know when...

I doubt our military can be a healer, its programmed to be a thing of power...

Now all I see is a growth trend, and I wonder how to re-concile with the human need for growth...

The idea is that rapid procreation is coming to an end because it has become cancerous. We've expanded too far on our little planet and continue to without regard for the finite resources available. So now we're trying to grow in wisdom and in knowledge instead...

1) Wisdom = ourselves
2) Knowledge = the world around us

Trying to meld ourselves and the world around us into one...

posted on Dec, 4 2005 @ 04:11 AM
yes thank you guys for all your input i thouroughly enjoy reading all your ideas

as for the great new world, first we need to mention the vast amounts of waste america(only know of here i dont get out much) is guilty of. life will change and new tech will point us in the direction of cleaner safer more conservative (no need for political affiliates) world. that is unless, our government takes what they have and uses it to shackel us restricting our freedom of labor like they do with building codes thereby restricting our ultimate insight into the world. as for now for the most part we have enough freedom (to a certain exent, our crime rate is nothing to laugh at), might as well make the most of it.

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