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My thoughts about UFOs

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posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 06:16 AM
Question: Were you affected by peer pressure in school to conform?
Question: Are you still affected? Are you status oriented?


I think we're arrogant to assume we're any better off than people 400 years ago. I read in my physics book about how scientists were persecuted for thinking that the earth revolved around the sun or that the earth was a globe. And the book makes special mention about how that is all behind us now. We no longer have to face the persecution of the church. All is well in sunnydale...

I think that is pure arrogance. Pure, 100% arrogance. Our science has advanced, as has our knowledge, but it is every bit as imperfect as it once was. Experiments and new theories will destroy old ones, and the church will rise from the remains. The church still exists. The church will fight to stay alive. Anything new will have to fight disproportionately harder because most people are 'church-goers', another words, they abide by the common values of all. If most people think that the speed of light is C, then these types of people will think that the speed of light is C. The kind of people who change the world are people who think it through and do the experiments. These types of people don't just think the speed of light is C, they try to prove it wrong! Laws were made to be broken. The law of energy conservation was made to be broken. People who like to follow the rules, people who like to conform and follow a structured system of authority, these types are like, "The speed of light is C! Don't break the law! Thats not good for anyone!"

****RANT OFF ****

Anyway, back to UFOs. I don't want to comment too much, other than to say I've spoken with a lot of people who think they've seen them. One of the people I spoke to, apparently saw those greys. Anyway, I know that some people think its real and some people think they've seen it. Its not bogus, its not confined to TV or magazines. These are real people, they exist. The question is whether or not they're delusional or not? Are they liars? These people are real. Abductees are real, I've seen them and talked to them. You can only come to a few conclusions about them. And for me it is that they're honest, that they sincerly believe they've been through this. But, like anyone, I remain skeptical. However, I realize that our universe is large. It would make positively no sense to me, if this huge universe was completely empty, excepting, offcourse, humanity! That to me is like saying the earth is the center of the universe. That is the wrong type of thinking, too prevalent i feel.

One of the persons I met was more credible than normal. He said he saw a ufo. He said a few other things. Anoter guy i met said he saw a traingular ufo above his house when he was a child. He said he told his parents and they told him to put his dinner away and go to bed because its late. That is what you get when you try to tell the 'truth' (your truth). Observors can be wrong. I think only dreamers can appreciate the potential of the ufo phenomea. People who aren't dreamers only see it as a myth driven by hysteria. I dislike them. I could point out numerous other stories I've been told by people. There're many. One guy told me he had an implant in his body. That he had seen the greys and they were short and stocky. He had seen many UFOs during his life. He said there's a lot we don't know and most people just think he's nuts.

Naturally, I'm biased. I've actually investiged this phenoma. I've ASKED people in a non-threatening manner. I got answers. That doesn't mean they're right. But what does it say about people who say I'm biased? Why am I? Does this give them the right to NOT investigate and speak with these people freely?

So, realistically, an unbiased person is someone who knows nothing? I think its closer to another explanation. What I have learned challenges my understanding, it challenges what I've been taught. You're lucky enough to simply hide behind numbers and government and the history channel. You're the type that says, "If they're real, why didn't my government tell me?" Based on this statement, you're saying, "Thusly, since my government tells the truth, UFOs must not be real." You see, the difference between a dreamer and you is that a dreamer doesn't always trust his/her government simply because it is the 'right' and 'sane' thing to do. No, a dreamer points out 'nazi germany'. A dreamer points out the limitless possibilities inheret in any given situation.

I think the UFO phenomena MIGHT be the result of real world experience. Some people think UFOS come from mass hysteria. Driven by TV, imagination, fame, fortune, people can this grand idea to the extreme. Its my own opinion that this phenomena has real roots in reality. Its not just simply a myth. People who like to follow the rules love to say UFOs are purely myth. Myself, I don't always like to follow the rules. You sometimes learn more by breaking them. When you bump into someone that only wants to follow the rules, only wants to say the speed of light is C, get yourself away from them fast asap. They're the type who live in 2005, or 1943, they live purely in the moment. They can't dream of these intergalactic alien governments because their mind must be able to see how it all comes together in numbers in charts. Since we have no numbers and charts they have nothing to work with. They're empty.

I want to point out that even tho UFOs have their roots in reality, there's nothing that says a comet or asteroid or flare or geo anomally can't also cause this hysteria to grow like a chain reaction. I am certain that many many UFO sightings are simply mistaken identity. And it could be that it all started with one simply meteorite, and the rest was history. But it could also be that some of these reports are real. Rather than dismiss this possibility as unlikely, we should be actively pursuing it. Why? Because not only is it our duty to bring justice to this world, but its also a very likely possibility. Given that our universe is so large and packed so tightly with stars, can't we dream a little?

Sometimes, I come to a conclusion. The conclusion is this:
a) Some people think humans are the center of the universe...
b) Some people think humans are small, insignificant creatures, dwarfed by the greater universe...

a - these are more likely to think ufos/aliens are myth/hysteria
b - these are more likely to think ufos/aliens are possibly real in some cases

Logically, my mind tells me that we're equal. But another voice tells me that ALL people are biased. But that it follows a pattern, as mentioned above.

Even, if i die looking for the 'last peice of evidence", atleast I'm dying for a reasonable cause. The cause is simple. There is life out there!

And, aside from whatever you might think, I'm probably right!

About the non-dreamers...

However, people who live by the rules can help to advance society. At the same time, they can be misled and flocked like a herd of sheep over the cliff. People who can dream, who don't always live by the numbers, we can help the people that do by using our talents to further their cause, which is rules/classes. We can do that by trying to learn some of the numbers they protest for. If they say the speed of light is C, take that and learn the science. Now, try to break it! That is our job. Our job is to break the rules while not destroying society. That is all they want from us. Don't destroy society! When they look at us, they see someone who flagrantly disregards the numbers. For them, the universe is the numbers. The universe is what they know. When anyone tries to go beyond that, it is a misuse of the system and dangerous. That is why they're all over us, like hound dogs for a meal. The best thing a dreamer can do is to be of some sort of productive use. We still have to pay for our meals. We're some of the first to adopt alternative energies, tho. Why? Because we saw this coming before it happened. We dreamed it. We saw the water rising, we saw the increased conflict resulting.

About conflict. I hate war. How is it ever a solution? I think war is a failure on all sides. It is never a success. It should not be glorified. War is a temporary answer that fuels the hatred of tomorrow. War is analogous to burying radioactive waste. It should be not be there in the first place. Only because of our irresponsible dimwit actions do we have to deal with our stupidness. War is a disintegration of order, not a restorer of order. It is compareable to thwarting cancer with chemotherapy and hoping it doesn't return. Stupid. Why do we never think about how to prevent cancer, instead of curing it? To me, this is at the very core of our problems on earth. Instead of thinking about how we can live in harmony with nature, we think of how nature can live with us. When we think about energy, we think of destruction. Why? Because to make energy, you gotta put energy into the process of getting it. If you want to live 80 years, you gotta kill enough people to add up to 80 yrs. This kind of living is destructive and will lead to a lot of dying/misery on earth. We need a new string of people violently opposed to this diseased behaviour.

I feel things are getting better tho. They usually do, don't they? For the time being tho, a person has to live somehow with a sense of sanity in life. For me, the idea of living in harmony with nature is the epiphany of existence. When I think of this, I don't think of money or glory or fame. I think of peace. Love. I don't think of killing 1 person so 1 person can be happy. I don't think of killing off all animal life on earth just so we can have another billion people happy. If the animals aren't happy, this is a sign that we're eating ourselves away. This thing happening on earth is cancer. We're too stupid to see that it is cancer.

Maybe we can save enough souls with technology to free them of their oppression before the great wave of tragedy strikes us like a black cloud. Technology/Education allow us to be MORE human, not LESS. Get it straight. But, if we can't dream, who speaks for earth? Who speaks for the animals? Technology/Education can do a lot, but if we can't dream, we're fecal matter.

Working together to inspire new generations toward alternative energies and tolerant lifestyles is a good step towards peace on earth. To share what you got, to bring happiness to the smallest critter. Spread the love. This is not a hippy dream. This is the dream of all mankind. We can realize it, I believe.

But we all know, many of us on this forum, that the state of life on earth is fragile and getting worse. Things are going to happen. Setbacks will strike us painfully and instill doubt in our heart and mind. But we can do it! The goal is to realize our childhood dream. The dream of love and peace for everyone. For all the people, all the animals, all of life and all of earth. Peace and goodwill! This is the only thing that will work.

The peace and goodwill should be unconditionally given, not both ways!

That is what got us in this mess in the first place!

We need a step up in consciousness (non-science term) to include the entire planet, the solar system, the galaxy, and to whatever domain required. That is evolution. Anything else is 'back to the cave'.

And why the hell would the univese leave all that energy-state inert? We're probably seeing only the surface of things. I see no reason life has to be limited to a carbon-state. We're fricken ants.

We probably looked god in the eye and never noticed him blink, laugh.

We're conceited enough to think it was just the mirror.

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posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 08:17 AM
I also have meet people in real life... Telling me they have seen Spacecraft's..With windows...

One guy - Was working in a place where i never thought such a statement would come from... A person - which i will give no further details about than he was working with many people evey day...Helping them finding jobs. For our system.
That really broke down some barriers in my mind...To actually stand face to face with a well respected person...That tells you... he had seen 2 UFO's flying by...In broad daylight..
It's much different than on the internet... It sort of have a bigger impact - and sorta open ones..mind to much more information to gasp...And filter.
When standing face to face - eye to eye..

And i know how much courage it takes to say such things... They not telling you that kinda thing just to be anything better than you or me... It's something they have in the back of their heads all the time...Every day..All year.. Every hour during every day... We think about it.
And we really want to talk about it... But it's so darn hard, cause noone will hear about it...Or should i say..
Personally i have a strange felling that if i tell anyone about the thing i saw... I would for some reason hurt the feelings of the person i talk to... Cause it's a bad thing to talk about.
Which in itself creates some sort of isolation to my surroundings - where i don't know what the heck im suppose to talk about anymore... Cause this matters so much to me... Which makes me a stranger among the normal people...(Non Dreamers) that dream/actions to fit into the system.
And such i become an outcast... And because i am an outcast... The herd will have nothing to do with you... And im actually becomming that sick #ck/person they all talk about when im not there.
Which makes me paranoid... And in the beginning of that journey - An easy target for anything.
Well to say it simpel - I have exactly the same feelings as a non-believer... I need love - i need understanding... And..I need to be heard. And heck! - sometimes i would love to be invited to a party again.

It sorta reminds me of another Jim Morrison song -

I was doin time in the universal mind,
i was doin fine...I was doing fine.
Now im so alone,
just looking for a home,
in every place i see. Im the freedom man
That's how lucky i am..
--------------------------------------------- -
He's lyrics keep surprising me - An American poet.

Well i know he was on massive drugs and stuff... But that text makes perfectly sense...
Im kinda sad i threw all my CD's out with the doors...But i guess i didn't understand the lyric's back then - When i was a "normal" person.

I know this is not a hippie dream.. Im having.
Cause im not on drugs...

Yesterday i laid on my bed... And looked out my window...Paralyzed by this worlds ongoing background noise... I heard the cars..
The noise subsided while i suddently came to think of what is going to happend when all this crap - becomes reality...Like everyday life is common today..
And i looked out my window...In the frosty skies above...And i saw a star.

And i thought - What in god's name are we doing here? Why do i have arms and legs...eyes and hair...?
Why does the universe exist at all?

I had my cloth on... Just laying there all alone - With no lights on.. 5 minutes before i laid down on my bed, i was about to go outside, shopping...

I fell asleep... for half an hour..

The thoughts about aliens and - Spaceships - suddenly became to much for me... And what it has done to my life...My social network has broken down. Cause i believe there is life out there. And i can feel it. I even sometimes feel the size of our planet...

And i hate it...Cause... This is such waste of human life... To keep believe something that noone wants to know about. But sometimes - it makes me feel good...For some reason.

And i also think about the animals...How we eat them and slaugther them while they scream for mercy...Especially the pig's...
And think about the war pictures... The broken legs and souls...All over this globe... And I feel so helpless.

Maybe it's a special thing for the dreamers... That we somehow feel things much more deeply than the non-dreamers... And that's why we are never understood... (Maybe)
Maybe we have a sense to understand other people... better - and that is not accepted... In a world of murder, rape, and torture. TV and football...

My thought is - Maybe we are just waiting to take over this planet when all the normal people have ended theire arguments... Then we can start to heal this planet.

Megabuster this thread are very well explained from your side... And shows that we all have something in common... Even though we are all different..
And for me it shows that we have chance to live in harmony on the surface of a wilderness-Planet..(i can't do it better - English is not my language)

Im just sick of pouring out my soul to everyone... But im doing it for a purpose... Cause we are all on a save this world. And takes alot of explaining, and alot of words, before we will finally come to some better way.So i give a little bit of me - And just hope others would do the same...

Question: Were you affected by peer pressure in school to conform?
Question: Are you still affected? Are you status oriented?

The school was a long journey... My comrads went nuts during every test..And felt down when theire grade was low... I didn't see the idea off those numbers - i just saw my freinds become insane..during the test periods... I didn't care about the test much. I just saw them go crazy... Stunned.
Im very aware of my status... cause i lost it.

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posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 12:15 PM
]]Question: Were you affected by peer pressure in school to conform?
Question: Are you still affected? Are you status oriented[[[

No, to both of these..I did not play with other kids wanted no friends..I read and studied about the ufo/et phenom..I spent hours, days and months in the woods reading alone..I did though tell my parents to give me back to whom I was stolen from.
Your post is so telling, and so well written, it was a delight for me to read.
It reminded me of the Bowie film, The Man Who Fell to Earth.
He came here with good intentions to save his wife and children, but was used, abused and wound up in a room full of tv's to watch so that it could possibly take his mind off the madness he found himself in.
Since all movies depict aliens as benevolent, but there is always the black ops screwing with them, so it goes along with the real-ity of that man destroys what he does not understand..and destroys what his gonads tell him to...such as crime,rape, battering,,etc.
Always has, always will..This is what confounds the benevolent species as they say 'what have we done to be experimented on, like a lab rat'?
I think that if a woman who shoots, say at a target range and a gray comes up to her, she would NOT aim the HK91 at the grays head..She would hide it, protect it and learn all she could..from it.
From a kiss POV---keep it simple, stupid--me---Occam;s Razor.:]

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 12:48 PM
Your post was about the existence of ufo's and I went on a tanget about
As far as UFO's are concerned, to me thay are a safe place and are working very hard now in repairing the ozone, according to my Grays..
But they feel it is a lost cause as we have come past the point of no return.
On board motherships, they are busy as a hive of they have responsibilities that are given to them by their superiors.
And yes they are there, of this I have no doubt..
Your statements on the ones from 1943-2005, seems dumbing down of intellect, curiosity, except church 10% tithing..that is a lot of $$ over a year.
IF we had tithers in this community, we could do wonders in discovering the truth..
There was a video mad by Meatloaf of a street full of ghetto children and a beautiful woman in a ufo beamed the children on board..That to me is what they are, and they work in many ways..
I feel sorry for non-believers, as their lives must be tough, just spending $$, looking at porn, having $800 handbags,, etc..
There will not be any room for wardbobes on the motherships so I intend to leave with just the clothes on my back.
If I could 'send' you my interaction with these awesome beings, there would be some 10 million believers protest. on D.C.

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 02:09 PM
]]]Maybe it's a special thing for the dreamers... That we somehow feel things much more deeply than the non-dreamers... And that's why we are never understood... (Maybe)
Maybe we have a sense to understand other people... better - and that is not accepted... In a world of murder, rape, and torture. TV and football...

My thought is - Maybe we are just waiting to take over this planet when all the normal people have ended theire arguments... Then we can start to heal this planet.

Megabuster this thread are very well explained from your side... And shows that we all have something in common... Even though we are all different..
And for me it shows that we have chance to live in harmony on the surface of a wilderness-Planet..(i can't do it better - English is not my language)

Im just sick of pouring out my soul to everyone... But im doing it for a purpose... Cause we are all on a save this world. And takes alot of explaining, and alot of words, before we will finally come to some better way.So i give a little bit of me - And just hope others would do the same...[[[

I hear you loud and clear..what is status? IMO, it is an egoic thing I try my best to avoid.
There are other souls in here who feel the same way as us, but it is NOT PC to tell others what makes one feel 'out of place'
We came into this world alone and we will leave the same way..What is done in between is all there is...the cosmos cares not what you had only what you did..
The best comfort I can find is to try not to feel animosity towards others who cannot perceive, so they make fun..
Thoughts have power too, so if one sees me as a mental case, then that thought will come back to the bible says 'as you think, so you are.'
Not a bible thumper here, but whomever wrote and eliminated the parts they did not want seen have given our 'children in faith' something to hang onto.
Anyone who thinks and believes out of the ordinary, needs to be SAVED...
Saved from what? Our realities, experiences, feelings?
Acceptance is a strange human emotion to me, as if you have/had friends and they do not know of your belief system as soon as you are out of sight, they will rag on your clothes, shoes, so really who can you trust?
Please do u2u me id I can be of any assistance and please post what you have been through..the 'silent minority' on this board are doing all they can to help those who feel pain in this quest..


posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 06:04 PM
your socks - are turning inside out mother.
And remember to water your plants...

And go wash up the refrigiator...
The flies stick to the surface,
like they had glue on theire little toes...

Im really trying to pay for the car...
Don't you like the red paint?
I think it was a good color, after all that trouble..

And mother - Please don't call me at night...
Im trying so hard too fall asleep.
And the doorphone is out of order...

Are you asking me a question mrs.Siri?
Or did you drink to much coffe again?
Maybe a new keyboard would help..

Remember to chant the Hara Krishna mantra i told you..

hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

Next deadline 2010.

We could go on and on... With these endless conversations.
They have been captured on video... USAF or not.
There is even a alien interview video available... From A51.
It's all there.. The pyramids the legends..the myth.

And you (siri) seems to be in some form of contact with something - and we need not to trust no one...

What is left but the daily everyday life? what is left?
We all know it's there - Believers and disbelievers...

We are just waiting...For the big one.

But will it ever come?... Thus in my lifetime - should i even care...?
It seems im born to early... Not fit for this century - 50 years to early...

Or 50 years of secrecy... 50 years of denial...

I would fit into this world - if the UFO's was not a secret... If we had space-planes flying all about.. I would fit in... Cause im a spaceman... Deep in my heart...And have been that since i was born.
School told me the common sense... Why didn't i listen to the teachers? Why did i close my ears... And just dreamt my way out of here?

The only reason i can find - that makes sense...Are the deadline.. 2012 - thats why i didn't pay attention in school and learn how to fit into the system. Cause the system is gonna chance.
I know the future - I wrote a 254 page book about it once... Took me 5 complete..constant writing every day for 5 month... I just had this need to do it - To show just a little what we are about to enter. Or atleast to get picture of what can happend to a planet.

Well my picture of a peacefull planet sorta chanced... Came out different than what i dreamt would be like. I was to far ahead of time. It's not gonna be a peacefull journey... So infact i did not KNOW the future - it's just a feeling i have about it.

I tried to understand antigravity - and i found the formular... I came in contact with a proffesor that had the exact same princip as i made up in my youth.. Familly was in chock. We where goin to visit him... But we lost track. It didn't matter.
There are many ways to get antigravity to work... Many machines are possible...Many different formulars to overcome gravity. There is electricty - and anti-weight possibilities...

For every 100 kilometers in space there is a grain... A molecule - an atom..
And when you fly so fast as faster than light - It will be as sailling a boat on the sea. There will be friction, cause 100 kilometers are no match when you fly above lightspeed... And for every atom pr. 100 kilometers that hit's the surface of the hull...makes the reason why the ships needs to be aerodynamic in shape...Like a ship hull - or the modern jets.

The idea i have about other places... The other planets are - planetary. It's a feeling and understanding of oxygene and space in form of distance. It's a feeling of down to earth...Sorta speak.
I see grass - and trees... Just like here. I feel the rain and i see the clouds... But most important are the people out there - on those places... I sense the peace... Because of the high tecnologies that exist there... There is no highways full of polluting cars...There is no noise.
The cities are silent... And ear damage are not common. The noise i hear are from the trees...The cities are silent - they use bricks...just like here...And they use special materials - just like here... they have glass in windows - just like here.
And offcourse the rain make drops on the glass...and they are heard just like here...with that special bump bump bump sound... hitting the glass.

It's universal... I even think...they drink tea...
But most of all - They know they are free... And that is a big difference than what we have here...
Yes they have a law... But the law is not a slave-law... It's the law of the free and the fair...
Iv'e seen the greenhouses they have... In dreams. Ive seen the old cities overgrown with plants hanging down from rooftops...
Iv'e seen beaches...Where people where sitting near campfire chanting while i fly by in my dreamsuit... They had purpel clothes on... Mostly long dress. humans.

And i don't like to talk about it... And i can't explain the silence in those places - but i recognize it...
And it feels good.

But it's so far away... oh my god it's so far away...!

The way the secrets work here on this planet...Are pointless. It's madness.

Why keep it secret?... We are just being degenerated by the secret government... It's destroying the planet... Simpel logic's. For a spaceman.

All these waste of human energy and...pfff...*

You know why we still don't use all our brain capacity? - It's cause of the big lie... It's holding our brains into a prison...We are not using our brains...Also cause our souls are keept hidden away... Cause of the conditioning.

You see i can't write this!!! it's absolutely crazy... Noone can reply to this nonsens...

I don't even wanna write about anything anymore. What does it matter? We are goin into that conflict no matter what!
This universe is so big... And so full of life - that most people brains will collapse when we find out it's real... People will stop working!!! Wall street will break down!! And development will halt!!

Not to say that we will become lazy - no no!! We will just fit into the place...!
Someone will automatically work - just to do something! There will be no reason not to work to survive...Everybody want's to survive.

We wont need intertainment anymore when those days arrive... We don't need actors...on TV anymore when those days come..
Cause we have Antigravity.... And the universe will be our cinema..Will be our TV - and will be our computer-game.

What more would there be to explore? when we have Antigravity?

The only thing we would care for - Would be our vegetable food... Our green houses...

All our intertainment today a baised on questions. Our whole society are baised on intertainment... Cause we are not part of space yet... We are not part of the universe yet... In the sense that we just can't travel there.

When the antigravity comes... So will the free energy...arrive.. And so the end of the world.
Our only intertainment will be the expansion of our mind!! Thus comes arcitecture - and technology into becomming part of our expansion... Math and cosmos become one...

And it's completely crazy!!

We will work for free..!! As long as we feel okay...

That is where we are going...When they arrive...or IF they arrive...(2012)
But in reality it's not about them... It's about us -> And them.

We are all one...We are no different. But today we are seperated from the rest of the universe... and the universal mind...

Which is the silence i can't explain.

And that is absolutely crazy... And i don't like to write about it...

Cause it's not happening yet. It's the future. And im not a Phrofet - I don't want to be a holy man... Cause im no different from anyone else. We are all part of the same stuff... We are just waiting...waiting.

I don't know why im born - or why this universe exist... I just know im here...And something inside me will NEVER change.

After i have written this... Something will change forever... I will never need to write this ever!!! again!!!

Cause - it's BS.

cu around - that's just my thought bout UFO's..

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posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 03:48 AM
We're responding to the unknown... to the changing climate of our reality...

We're morphing in response to the fluid change in natural dynamics...

And, I could feel what you wrote. That is something to hold onto. Don't lose it. If losing that means being like normal people, than my choice would be to divorce the entire system. I'd rather die with these thoughts than lose them. They're beautifull thoughts, thoughts that eclipse us and our life on earth. When I stare at a star or any of the messier objects, I get filled with wonder. I don't simply see a star or a messier object, I see life, I see myself, it is earth. We can all share that feeling. We don't have to lose it. Hold onto it.

If you think about the past century, in terms of information flow, there is a drastic change as compared to previous centuries. Consider that there were communities in the past that existed in an isolated world. They depended on eachother, and rarely, if ever, saw people from elsewhere. When a foreigner approached them, they were surprised and challenged by this change. Now imagine cultures discovering cultures, and continents discovering continents. For so long we've been discovering earth, and this process continues. Yet, we're moving on to the cosmos. We're discovering the planets, and dream of other star systems. One day we will move on to other solar systems, and in time, to other galaxies. This is a process of change. Perhaps, in a distant time, we will move on to other universes? Other states of being? Carbon? Plasma?

I take a look at the potential temperatues we've formulated. The temperature range that we exist in is very small when compared to the potential. Further, the visible light we see each day, is only a small sliver of the full spectrum. What potential there is, I think to myself, for different flavours of lifeforms.

I believe it is this information flow that is evolving us. Tremendous volumes of data are being fed into our mind everyday of our lives, due to technology and better communication between peoples of different culture. The word is tolerance. The word is a rising awareness of our world. Fear, war, intolerance, violence, these are possible responses to a rapidly changing world. But, over the long term, I belive that things will work out well and dreams will blossom.

We can make this happen, in small steps. When I look at my own life, I am guilty in every way imagineable. And, like many others, I have divorced the status-oriented lifestyle for something more innocent and true to nature. I look at what is happening, and I think to myself that we need to take a step back and wonder at ourselves. We all want a clean happy earth, where we can live and share the bounty. We often get caught up in the red tape and need for order, don't we? Consider that it would be foolish, if we ran around moping complaining about the stock market and the lack of jobs, while the one thing we need most, earth, is steadily deteriorating to a lifeless mass. Imagine an asteroid hurtling towards the white house, and all they can tell us is that we're experiencing record deficits, and there is nothing we can do to divert the path of the asteroid because there is simply no money to go around. How ridiculous this would be, and how dense we would all look.

I hope, I pray, that our future lifestyle is true to nature. But, we can do it! Start small. Start with the smallest things you can think of or be told. I know how ridiculous this may seen, but the small things matter. Let me paint a picture. There're maybe 6 billion people on earth, that sure is a lot of people! And lets say that they all drove gas guzzling cars. There is a common line of thought that we can't be blamed for driving a car because it is only the natural thing to do. And, we tell ourselves, we're only one car on the road. That is not very much pollution, right? How little our contribution is. Yet, we forget something very fundamental, there're 6 billion people participating! That is 6 billion cars driving the roadways of spaceship earth! Don't ever dismiss the small things offhandedly, they do matter on a global scale! We have to divorce our previous line of thought that relegated us to a smaller universe. We have to take into account that we're all on earth together. What each person does matters. For every bob that buys a tank of gas or neglects to spend his money wisely, there're 100 other bobs on the face of earth doing exactly the same thing. The next time you do something right, something that makes you feel like you're helping earth, just imagine 100 other people exaclty like you that can also smile and share the consequences of this action.

What kind of things can we do that are small?

1) drive less
2) consume less
3) talk about the global community
4) talk about how the cosmos relates to our life on earth
5) advocate science/education rather than the tools of war
6) protest against companies who choose to pollute rather than cleanup
7) purchase top-of-the-line solar collector equipment and use net metering

I want to comment about this too. We live in a free market. Companies that are researching these alternative technologies cannot do this without money. When you buy their product, you're helping to pay for their research. And as more people purchase their product(s), the price of their product(s) will go down. When Ford says that they're selling less-efficient cars because people buy them, they're telling the truth. We choose to buy their products, whether we want to beleive it or not. It comes down to us.

We should organize rallies to push our government to help support alternative energies and tax incenitives and new support programs as well. This will help fledgeling companies to participate actively in the economy.

And, if nothing else works, divorce the fricken country and form communities. Most important, communities that don't interrupt the flow of information. The more we interrupt this flow of information, the more we'll have to compensate by enacting communist policies to cover for the public stupidness that arose because of the lack of good information. In other words, more government is used to maintain integrity in a tornado of indifference and ignorance. Its like a feedback loop. I just can't imagine how it is good to do that. Are we wicked?

The reason i suggested net metering is because some of the batteries currently used are pollutive and its also a very convenient service that is intuitive. It won't work for everyone, tho. You can recycle the batteries, but be responsible too! If you want better battery technology, you've gotta buy it. Compromise is the answer. Try to buy the most effective solution for earth.

8) use your #1 american power, which is your wallet, wisely

I want to touch #8 because I thought about it some more today. Here in america we prize our free market. Yet, we take how it works for granted. One of our forefathers said, "There is no freedom in ignorance." If we the people make uneducated decisions with our wallet, we're mocking the purpose of a free market. In the circumstance that we choose to make horrible choices, the free market has no real defense against such measures. The free market was meant to free us from our chains of oppression. Yet, the free market is not free in ignorance. We must educate ourselves to make good market choices. Buy that solar collector! Buy that less polluting battery! Buy from companies who actively support environmental causes! Buy from those who you support! And you have power even without a wallet. What you don't buy can do as much as what you buy. Our wallet has more power than our vote. Our wallet can determine the future fate of planet earth in ways voting can only dream. But, voting matters! An uneducated vote is no more free than is ignorance.

And, I have other news. They say that < 5% of our job market is actually necessary for the food/water/shelter that we do need. Much of our job market is paperwork for jobs that we don't need. So much of life is habit/addiction. We feel we must have it. What we see today is the same. It took me a while to understand the idea that this lifestyle we live is addiction. We may well be better off, if we cut our work hours in half and gave people more time to live with their familes and to educate themselves about the world. People will not waste the time they're given, they will use it actively to pursue fields of interests and endeavour. Things will not go on in vain either. With extra time, family life would be heallther and people more educated.

Offourse, some people feel that, assuming you gave people more time, that the order of our world would collapse. I disagree because I give people more credit than this. I believe their intellect will blossom in response to a freer world and the world will exponentially benefit as result. A good deal to make.

9) research alternative technologies and make good purchases in response
10) make good votes, votes that count, and do it with an education
11) break the boundaries between cultures when you can, and often
12) don't dismiss pseudoscience because physics 201 says its bad
13) enroll in physics 201

I'm going to stop there. You get the drift, right? I'm sorry, if I sound somewhat conservative. But we sort of live in a dinosaur world. So we gotta work with it somehow. We're dreamers, right? Lets dream of heaven, and wonder how we can bring that heaven down to earth. How can we make it real. How can we spread the good news. How can we express to others that this world can be better? That war doesn't always have to be an answer? That the universe is large, and life is likely out there waiting for us to wake up. And when that day comes, when we find it, a new day will come upon us when the problems of our world will be dwarfed by comparison to larger realities. When that day comes, boundaries between peoples will likely shatter and the earth will become a true globe. Barriers will trully crumble.

Maybe, maybe its all a dream. Maybe the barriers will always remain. Maybe life is indeed a miracle that only rarely visits the confines of our universe. And maybe life is always hard, maybe dreams always come easy, and maybe war will never go away. Maybe dreamers are forever cursed to dream the dream.

Want to dream the dream with me?

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posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 04:16 AM
Btw, my grandpa saw a ufo. He described it as oblong, huge, silent, bright, and very out of place (we're not near active airports or cities). He says he feels it was larger than a 747, but i tend to doubt his memory. Yet, after hearing all of the people i've talked to about their sightings, I tend to wonder that maybe he really did see an object that was oblong, huge, silent, bright, and very out of place. I think he said he saw amber colors like yellow on this craft.

Yes, I do feel many people keep their sightings/experiences to themselves because of a fear of ridicule. It is very strong in society. TV makes it seem like these people are SO ready to talk about it with no fear of reprisal. They're just in it for the fame and fortune, right? That is all they want? No losses?

More likely, if these non-dreamers are correct, this is mass hysteria and partly generated by military programs. We're at a point where this is in no way shape or form a lie perpetrated on us for fame and fortune. At this point we know this phenomena as either hysteria or phsychological delusions in response to things that we can't fully identify or subscribe to current methods of understanding. This can be caused by temperature inversion, or rare atmospheric conditions that might fool the observor. There're many illusions that might spark the fire of hysteria. Anything is possible. But we must remain open to the possibility that these are ET craft observing life on earth for reasons unknown.

I see the certain possiblity how a simple mis-identification can lead to a chain reaction of events. Resulting from this is mass hysteria. I can see how this might happen. Yet, i often wonder about the credible witnesses that are available. And the sheer number of witnesses worldwide makes me wonder that there is some sort of technology in our airspace that defies conventional understandings. Maybe it is our military? Maybe it is an ancient technology made secret through the ages, yet steadfastly secured by all governments for peacefull uses? Maybe the technology is so powerfull that it would destroy the earth with the simple push of a button, and maybe it is so powerfull that in the hands of an ordinary citizen it could be used to wipe out humanity.

No war! Clean earth! More time for our families and educating ourselves! More alternative technologies! More innovation, less industry! More space, less buck rogers! We should gather together and form a strategy. This is a large forum. We should organize our hearts and minds and wonder at how we can change our world. A concerted effort to clean up our bad habits.

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posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 09:21 AM
You know... Maybe the Disclosure project...has all we need.

You see - if there where antigravity... We would need no roads.
There would be no need for roads.
I think i read in some Nostradamus book... A long time ago - That there would grow grass in the streets..
And ive seen somewhere - around where i have been..And i think many of you people have seen it too... Grass can over time - grow up from asphalt.
It makes holes in the paveroad.

I can completely follow that mindset - you exsposed us to..In your writings.

I think it's a natural way of thinking.

It's really amazing that today we think - that violence and war - are natural behaviour for a human being. Not just today - But through all times of mankind.

It's BS...

We don't need war - We need to communicate. I think we have come to a point in time where wars are to old and out of date... It's just one of those bad habits we have.
It's like a thing to solve problems... And it goes down to the ordinary street violence, and inside the four walls beating...

And the reason why we still run around with fist-talking - is because of the system is made that way... We are confused!

Some people think that a fist is the best way to commnicate.... While i in my memories recall someone said - that words are stronger than the sword...
And that is what we are doin here. And im confused - Cause im not sure what world to live in...
There is something strong inside me - pulling strings...But on outside there is the system that pull some other strings... One thing is sure... I dont feel so strong anymore as i used to do... Cause the strings from the system are pulling everyone...thus affecting my judgement.

You know - the marionet dolls..

I know - One day i came to the conclusion... That there is the System and there is reality...
And they are both strong.

Reality is a place where the law of nature rules... Where the beauity of nature exist. Where everything is natural...

The system are like a program...Not influenced by nature. Not within the laws of nature.. It's the place where we work - addicted to work.

What we need is the system to either vanish - or become part of nature.

A symbol is the oil... It's really a big part of the system... And you all know what happend's when oil is being wastet on ground or water... It kills...

And you know what happens... The Oil is the key to our destruction... In every way...

So we end up with the battery talk... Go buy better batteries...for your car. Spend your money on better things.

So i would say - that the Disclosure project are proberly our best way to solve anything... It might be our only hope.

But you know what happends when you show someone the press conference... They look the other way - And refuse to watch it... Cause it's not part of the system.. the programming of the human mind are very well made... The media influence are very strong...

So strong that people refuse to realize - that it's proberly true. That - As you write...These wittnesses are not doing it for the fame... They are not doing it for fun...Or intertainment.

And it's really frustrating to know - in the moment you see your brothers and the Disclosure Project with disgust
. They are just mindless creatures...Lost and programmed by the system. (until now?)

And it's a very bad sign... That they cannot see it... that they cannot see how nervous the wittnesses really are on the press conference video-clip.

It's a very bad sign...!!! And for me it shows me that all that conspiracy about 9/11 - and so on - Can be true.. Cause these people (that can't watch the Disclosure Project) will do anything to be part of the system.

Which means - We are heading for a major disaster... Which have degenerated the human mind...
We are programmed to look for intertainment... And this is not funny anymore...

And as Siriuslyone wrote..

to me thay are working very hard now in repairing the ozone, according to my Grays..
But they feel it is a lost cause as we have come past the point of no return.


If I could 'send' you my interaction with these awesome beings, there would be some 10 million believers protest. on D.C.

If the Disclosure Project and all these courages wittnesses are telling the truth that we have made contact...

Then - i would say... We are in big trouble.

We can discuss if the wittnesses are telling the truth or not.. But they seemed natural nervous to stand up infront of the national press club. Which tells me they are not doing it for fun... Or (intertainment)

What i say... WTF is going on?

3 month later - the twin towers went down... And the slaugther began..

Im so confused... If you don't understand what im writing - Then ill say - im lost and confused about this planet... Im trying to make sense of it.. Cause there is so much information... And clues to our self-destruction...

And i repeat.. I don't like writing this.. I don't like being in this situation.

posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 02:17 PM
Both you guys are so verbose, I am in awe...
I am only verbose in person so that I my have eye contact..Ram, loved the poem and your adroit postings, and about the book, you are not in a confessional here, but it does leap out to me.
If anyone would like to switch missions with me? I would love to be able to be a 'shop til you drop' types of female, but I'd rather be at the range shooting big guns, or doing alchemy on an old pocktwatch.
Should have been there when my Nordic female went with me to the range..All the gonadly ones were so afraid that we knew not what we were doing..It was such a good time to see a tiny 'gray' and a 6'3" Nordic blowing these guys away..ROFL..
I am doing the 'baffling w/ BS, but I know both of you Ram and mega grok what I am about..
I shall leave all the doctorate-type postings to both of you...and do my occam's razor bumblings..

posted on Nov, 22 2005 @ 04:07 AM
Ram, you wondered about what this world really is?

Lately, I've been asking the same question. For so long when I was younger I assumed that the ufo phenomena was real and that they were our 'answer'. Split between the the idea of alien races visiting earth and physics 201, you understand? I been wondering who exactly is telling the truth? And does it really matter? Maybe the only thing that matters is we're evolving.

I haven't had the luxury of knowing the aliens or ufos are real, yet I've spoken with a lot of people and this has challenged my ideas concerning reality. It does make sense, doesn't it? All of these shows we've had on TV about ufos and aliens, so so many. And all of these people I've talked to. And a few things closer to home. But, its not enough for me to say conclusively that ufos and aliens are here. I feel that they're 'out there', I feel that very strongly. Whenever I take a good look at any of the messier objects or star clusters, I don't need to 'know'. You don't need to study at harvard to know that our galaxy is packed with many many billions of stars, any one of which might potential harbour a life-bearing planet. And we can go beyond this simple assertion. We can turn our eyes to a galaxy. Consider Andromeda, they believe it is about 2.5 million light years distant. Its one of the very few galaxies you can see with your naked eye. But, when you do take a good hard look at it, think to yourself that somebody else is staring back at you, and wondering at your galaxy. Because this possiblity, for many of us, is not simply a speculation, it is highly likely and brings pleasure to our heart/mind.

I don't want to press anyone about their authenticity. I'm not the skeptic-type personality. Yet, I can sometimes sympathise with their methods. On the same coin, I can find myself wanting to understand those who say different. For some reason, when I was born to this earth, I had a natural instinct that told me this universe is alive and the worst to happen is for us to reject it. To reject this universe of its life and beauty is not something I want to carry out. The numbers and charts of life are very helpfull for understanding our natural world, but sometimes the numbers and charts fall short. For instance, when you stare up at the sky. You have no numbers of charts to tell you whether there is life out there like you, or that perhaps there is superior life to you. Yet, in your heart and mind there is this feeling that you must not be alone. There is this feeling that the universe does not revolve around humanity in the strictest sense, instead it lives here with humanity and many others like us. As a child love thrived, and our hearts probed the deepest matters. Unlike adults, we had a clearer vision of the world. As we grew up, that vision steadily declined into bitterness and heartache. Some of us turn to spirituality to fill the void in our heart, others turn to greater ambitions to numb the mind. But there will be no rejecting of the life in this universe for any great length of time because you cannot forever deny such a joyfull, enduring truth. I look forward to the future for the day when we make contact. It might possibly be via Seti, which is a largely conservative organization. Yet, this might be the best venue for us to make contact due to its conservative nature. We might discover simple forms of life on Mars that will change our understanding of Mars to include a Mars that is instead more alive and tolerant than previously thot. Maybe the evidence will come from a comet that we visit, the possibilities are endless for a chance discovery. When it happens, the world will be changed forever. I can only hope that the change is beneficial for us.

Perhaps this feeling we have when we gaze at the stars is primordial. It is Gods gift, regardless of whom or what you think 'God' might possibly be. Despite the fact that it fills us with hope and love, its most probably true. I think one of the most disgusting things we can do as people is to transform ourselves into an adult antagonist, someone who rejects their youthhood as spurious and most likely reckless. You never grew up fools! That is the pride in your heart speaking, telling you of your greatness and all being nature. There is a lot we can learn from children. Their innocence dwarfs our own. If we could emanate a fraction of this innocence and share it with others, our society as a whole would benefit by astronomical measures. Wonderfull it be.

And now I turn the channel 'back' to reality. What is reality? Am I right? Am I wrong? Who is telling the truth? Should I use my wallet to help drive the economic interests of my country or is this ultimately in vain? What to do? Brother, I can sure the same feelings as you. I do not know either. I have my own troubles in life. I'd rather not share the details! But, my idea is that we somehow have to work with this society, disregarding our innate hatred for it. And turning to your wallet is simply one of the most impressive powers available to you. With it you can non-violently put companies out of business and you can put new ones in their place which you support. And this process can be repeated by the numerous others like you, and the free market will again benefit the people. This is how a free market works. But it only works when we're educated and can make good long lasting decisions. When we've lost this ability due to the government interference of good information, well then we can no longer make appreciable changes to our world. At that point, we're sheep, not leaders. Not people who bring change, we're instead used and abused by those who give us our paycheck and our livelihood. People of american should stand up for themselves and take the only weapon worth using, their wallet, and put it to good use for our future health. What happens, if 2012 comes and goes? What happens when we're wrong? What happens when the UFOs choose not to make open contact? What happens when our government CONTINUES its deception of the mass population? What then? What will we do? The only thing I can imagine us doing is simmering in our bitterness for this world. That is not a pretty picture. We can do more for this world by taking what we've learned about our evils and finding answers for them. The aliens, by and large, probably have visited us. But I doubt they're going to do our handy work for us unless they too have something to lose. I can't imagine what that would be, but I don't dismiss it. In my view, we have a lot to lose, and its a clear and present danger. Take what the world allows us, and use it to change the world. And in the case of an american, the only powers alloted you are your voting rights and most important of all, your wallet. Use that wallet wisely! It can be quite fatefull!

Now, if you want to eliminate money, I have no problem with that! I never liked it either because it has this problem of not being true to nature. When I see $5, I could see anything. I might see a candy bar, I might see a CD case, I might see a carton of juice, I might see a motion picture, but in all its variety, $5 is a very ambigious use of words. In my mind, for the past several years, $5 has changed its meaning. It no longer is ambiguous. $5 to me means resources. It means mining, it means coal and gas, it means enron, it means in the purest sense, resource wealth! You can find $5 on the periodic table. That is the kind of change we need in perspective to make good choices. $5 could be pollution, it could be something altogether different, but the danger is its ambiguous nature. The user ignores this, and simpy uses it to get by. Yet, to do this so mindlessly is not a good practice. That $5 is more than your ability to participate in the economy or to pay for a family. That $5 represents our future, it represents our past, it represents real hard resource wealth. Part of eliminating money is not eliminating personal freedoms, yet remaining in control of the resources of earth. To do that our money-free society would have to have a population more educated than ever before and with a greater experience of earth and its peoples. It wouldn't come free, but it might make life less ambigious when we can understand that our life here on earth is largely defined by the resources we choose to use or not to use.

I am not an economist! I'm not a conservative! I am a cross, I feel, between a libertarian and a socialist. And with a little green party mixed in there. My point is, I'm not here to say you should be square and use a wallet wisely. I don't like america either! I don't like bush! I don't like our conservative approach. I don't like our polluting nature. I don't like to see conceit either. I don't care, if you're homeless. All I care about is that we're trying to change our world for the better. A world that will be more tolerant and forgiving. A world that will be clean, mean and green. A world where space is not manufactured and priced by buck rogers. I world where the knowledge of life on other planets is freely known and shared. A world where our children can smile happily and feel proud of their relations. A world where we can all get along without having to pull out a gun and wave a flag. A world where people try to understand others not simply to convert them to the social norm, but instead to know them as human beings and to share with them love in your heart. Love is what we want. Love is what we feel when we view the stars. Love is what we brought to earth, and love should be what we take with us. Love is the only dream we know, love is the only thing that lives forever. And I can't imagine that the aliens would disagree with a such a lively affirmation.

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posted on Nov, 22 2005 @ 12:18 PM
Yes.. I took some notes.. On paper.
Just too keep up with all the words, and ways of expression... It's amazing how confusing this topic is - so many words and ways to explain the situation about what really include the UFO subject.

Really it's just about spaceships...Airplanes - that possibly can fly, not just by air friction but also in the void - space.
Now i just came up with a simpel explaination to why they don't make contact...

Cause you wrote about how you only can hope it would be beneficial to us... If and, when, they come...
If we look at it - in a big perspective, and so it is...It's big..
And look at Earth like it is a living organism - which it is...
- Which it also seems to have become..

We are a virus... in a big perspective... We are a sick cell.. in cosmos. And the unknown flying Orbiters... (UFO's) the spaceships... Are our brigde to the other worlds...The other cells (planets) in cosmos. We are a threat to the other civilizations in space...
And why is that?

Your previous post just told everything about exactly that! Not that you are a threat - But the things you wrote... Describe the threat...And i totally agree with the words you write...Which is good.

And what is adulthood? - I think it has something to do with the system again...And again - That is the famous box-mentality origin... Where stars are painted on the inside of a toy-box... The skies... Are a blue panorama... Just a pretty sight... Colors and visuals..
And that is the place we feel safe inside...No UFO's, no life anywhere else but in my shorts..
It's like our life here on earth is largely defined by resources we choose to use or not use. And where reality is to use the wallet wisely - cause it can be quite fatefull...

The confusion is - that we have no idea's... Yet we are full of them...We are not world-leaders..any of us here on ATS... We are just here...
And for some reason... There is leaders in this world - on this planet! That seems to control everything... Even our daily routines...

Job work money...sleep eat mate...

And sometimes a war breaks out... And wipe out life................................

It's a prison....planet - cause we can't travel in space......... And such our minds are concentrated around here.............. In a endless routine...Which seems to self-destruct....every time a ice-age comes around......The next corner

The most important thing i just wrote here...


"our minds are concentrated around here"

i am the center of the universe - buddha said once. And what did jesus say... he said something - "i am the path"... Im the paveroad...

What does the system do to our minds? What does it, to us?

IT's - MEDIA INFLUENCE= Lying Leaders..
And no such things as UFO's...

And i don't know myself - Cause i know im influenced by the media also.

So what the world are... I think this world are lies... One big lie.
Or it's all based on a lie... And lies are evil... And we know nothing else...

We are so easy to manipulate...But i sure hope we wake up...soon.
And thanks to the internet... We can communicate outside the media mental-box.

I feel strongly - there is something wrong...with me - and the world.

And again - Disclosure Project... Might be our only way...To break the lie to peices.
Or again... Just words... To express our frustration... through internet.
And just hope that some kinda leader drops by the ATS forum and start using he's or her braincells... To help this planet.

Cause somewhere - i don't really care anymore...

And when people don't care about this world anymore... Then we are going down folks.. We are going down.

So please... If any covert black covert covert project dude or girl knows anything... Bring it out!!!

I don't give a heck!! anymore..

posted on Nov, 22 2005 @ 03:13 PM
At the risk of sounding patronizing; I feel your pain, confusion and agnst; your honesty frankly makes me uncomfortable but that's my problem. Isn't it nice to have a place where you can spill your guts and not be charged $80 hr, or be looked at like an absolute "yahoo"

My perspective, from a mature gonadly male, is that when dealing with cosmic, moral or environmental issues it is best to embrace the chaos or else go mad. At one time I embraced the substances that are forbidden to talk about here on ATS and hastened and exaserbated the madness almost to the point of darkness.

After a while I realized that "I ain't much, but I'm all I got" so best be a little more kind to myself, others, everything but still do what it takes to make this short stay here as pleasant as possible and do it with a little grace and style.

Sorry, more patronizing; even with all the BS, this is still a beautiful planet, mostly populated by beautiful, kind, gentle, loving and understanding people.

Our Rasta brothers say"don't worry, be happy"

RAM you have an open invatation to my party!!

Disclosure will happen soon, then we will have the mother of all partys.


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posted on Nov, 22 2005 @ 06:36 PM
Spill my guts...

Don't give me the money penalty possibility - It's not happening.. I know im not being charged 80$ pr hour.
And don't want to invite people to look at my writings as i was an "yahoo".. Im not an Yahoo...

It has nothing to do with me... At all... I ain't much - but i'm all i got.

Where are we going with this?...

I totally agree - that even with all the BS, this is still a beautiful planet, mostly populated by beautiful, kind, gentle, loving and understanding people.

You know what...? The few not so kind and gentle people... the few people that are spilling theire guts all over this planet...
You know who they are... There is just a few...Out of all of us...beautiful, kind, gentle, loving and understanding people.

Do you understand what im writing?

There is just a handfull of persons on this planet. And they are spilling theire guts all over the planet... Not just in this forum... But ALL over humanity!!!

And they are sending people to there doom... "War"

I surely hope your right... That Disclosure will happend soon...

If so - there is a better chance it will happend after the war... After all these beautiful, kind, gentle, loving and understanding people have been killed... in the name of justice..

I want peace..Disclosure.

I want it too happend - cause i want to feel good...
I want it so bad - that im crying inside...

Can someone please stop my crying...?
Im crying without tears... It's my soul burning...

I which the soldiers could cry as i do...
Then there would be no more trouble...

And no more wars.

And if this is spilling out my guts
So be it!

I hate murder and sorry.
And that is just my thought about UFO's...

And this planet are round - not flat as they said in the old days..

And i will say - As MegaBuster wrote.. Nothing has changed since the time where they believed the earth was flat. Nothing... Has changed the human mind. Since the begining...

And we are never gonna know what hit us... Just like the times when Moses went into that ship... We wouldnt see it comming - are we gonna react to the warnings?

i don't think so.

posted on Nov, 23 2005 @ 03:13 AM
There is a difference between embracing chaos and embracing ignorance...

Remember the 1st matrix, that guy wanted back in? He said that the steak tasted so damn real, that it didn't matter to him that it wasn't. When you make statements like you just did this is encouraging similar behaviour.

Chaos for me has nothing to do with war or pollution or cancer or stupidness or this/that. Those things cannot simply be labelled as chaos. People who feel more deeply know these things as a very deep despair. This does not mean they're depressed, this means they're feeling, expressive human beings. Too often in our american society, the moment someone feel such things, they're put under medication and therapy. For what? What is being fixed? The person? What about the world they live in? Thats chaos? It can't change? Look the other way, enjoy the steak while you can? Turn to a pile of dust when you do? Like in the bible? So is it ultimately futile to look at the pain?

I understand your overall message whaaa, that is to look forward to the future because there're still good things to hold onto. Its not over. Yet, I wouldn't be so quick to judge anyone that 'looks' yahoo. It is hard to know what someone is going through. Too often our impatience breaks the link.

If we want a clean future then I think everyone can agree a lot will have to change. A LOT WILL HAVE TO CHANGE. This means adopting new more innovative ways to approach life and ourselves. We cannot simply press restart and look the other way. The ugly more painfull things in life do not go away when we choose not to see them. Lies can be buried, and they can be layered with truths, but lies never go away and they build up like pollution. Our life here on earth is an impressive collection of lies and half-truths. Take a single person and you'll find they lie often and they do it very well. Further, they're wonderfull at lying to themselves because that is where it all starts.

I had a dream once. I was walking with a man near a house. And he was talking about the web of lies on my earth. He pointed me to a plant growing on the sidewalk and told me that this plant was heavily polluted and dying because of the actions of humankind. He told me that our lies bleed into everything, not just plants. And that they don't go away. He said that truth not only offers more meaning for us, but it is cleansing and enduring. At that point I had a powerfull feeling of being the plant. And I actually worshipped humankind!! I looked up to humankind... Yet, humankind was less aware of me than I was of it. And slowly I was dying, unaware of my odd predicament. Anyway when I woke up and thought about this dream, it was very strange to me because the plant looked up to me like i would to a higher power. And I felt guilty for things I had done shamelessly and without knowledge. If we're treating life on earth this way, how should we expect the aliens to treat us? That is, if and when they do spot us in the cosmos? Will they also pollute us with lies like we do life on earth? Will they also step on us, and forget us? It also made me think about how some people DO care about life on earth. They're not as careless as others, and present a good example for us to follow. Whats more important about this is, the way we treat lower lifeforms will have an affect on how higher powers will treat us. How do we want to be treated? To hurt life like we do, we're hurting ourselves more.

And I think its WHO you associate with, not so much how you treat lower lifeforms.. it is a result of perspective, not a direct link to... I don't think its as simple as having a cage of animals and treating them 'well' so the aliens will treat you well. No, it has much more to do with perspective and your mind.

And I think he made an good point. We ARE like a virus. We're polluting earth with lies. We're killing its biodiversity. It is slowly dying. Do we want to reproduce and spread this behaviour across the cosmos? Is that what you want to see in other solar systems? Do you want to see life fall to oblivion? I don't call this chaos. I call this our never-ending ability to not only share lies with eachother, but to lie well to the most important person of all, ourselves.

Perhaps, we're growing up. We're evolving to a larger universe. Nothing wrong with this! Responsibility, its called.

Some people FEEL more than others. We're more expressive. We have that 'writer-complex'. We think, we cry, and we hope. We know hell. We know heaven. Imagination has captured and absorbed us. Good or bad, it stays.

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posted on Nov, 25 2005 @ 12:18 AM
blob blob blob blob...

My bunny is over the ocean....
My bunny is over the sea!!!

blolb blob blob blob..
Please bring back my bunny to meeeee!!

I know what i want for christmas...

I want a UFO!!! sighting..!!

And i want a major Terror attack all over this Planet...
boom boom boom...... I want a new World Order!!! And a peice of cloth to put in my mouth... bleh bleh....

LETS EXPOSE THE PLANET...!!! Undress it - And....uhmm..
Oh well....

Alot of waiting till christmas and Full UFO-Disclosure..

Alot..alotalot...of waiting.

By the way - Who believe in SANTA?? hehe
Do you believe more in SANTA than UFO?

You know - They both fly in the skies...

MERRY CHRIIISTMAS - Too all of you people out there... And also to the people out out far out there..
Uhm..Why do we have christmas?... Oh damn!!
- Another conspiracy..!!!
What where that star really?... Was is a spaceship - Or just a..Comet?...
Till next time... Have a good holliday... With lots of bombs and love...

Everyone has walked into a locked door before. When that happens you just turn around and look for another door, you don't just stand there looking like a mentally ill cartoon character like Bush did...

- Out here we is *censored*

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posted on Nov, 25 2005 @ 03:04 AM
There's life on other planets, but 90% of these ufo sightings are either faked, mistaken identity, or the people telling them are psychos. I think one day, aliens will land on earth and officially greet (or kill) us. It'll be awesome (the greeting, not the killing..) when it happens but until then, a lot of this stuff can be more or less chalked up to folklore and people's beliefs...


posted on Nov, 26 2005 @ 07:13 AM

Originally posted by Spawwwn
There's life on other planets, but 90% of these ufo sightings are either faked, mistaken identity, or the people telling them are psychos. I think one day, aliens will land on earth and officially greet (or kill) us. It'll be awesome (the greeting, not the killing..) when it happens but until then, a lot of this stuff can be more or less chalked up to folklore and people's beliefs...

I just got letter from Disclosure Project letter machine..

About the Canadian Parlament... 25 november 2005.

And i read about the china on ATS.
I tell you why im so.. Worried... Or spilling my guts out...

I better make it as short as possible - but i can't promise this one to become short.. And i will try not use to many emotions....on this one.
I will be cold as an iceberg..

The first thing i want to write about are a prediction that i can't forget in these times. Im sorry i can't find the link right now... Cause i formatted my HD..And lost the link. (damn windows)...
Well it was this person...Who in 1987..predicted russia and china attacking taiwan...And russia are gonna help china from a backdoor..And they wont let china down. This guy was in contact with the protector of America.. Some big spirit...What ever...(does America have a spirit?) offcourse..
Im writing this from my brain memory...And that is why i will make it short...
second thing is the buddist monks prediction...That the aliens will interfear when we are about to nuke this world...
And that is from the India Daily news - that people can't accept..And the story goes that Daily India news boss...Had an office in the World trade center back then...And it's part of the conspiracy...

Again we all know it blow up for some reason...And maybe it was done with the plan to make a world policestate..
third russians have sorta been silent... In the news. We don't know who Putin really are...Who is that guy?.. Well they want to make a pipeline of oil to China from russia - And it's to be finished in 2008 - And Putin are gonna stay president after 2008...Cause he made some smart rule..that made it possible for him to continue.. And China and russia are again gonna have a major army-drill... during 2006 - or 7 - 8 ..(Damn memory-bank)...It really dosn't matter when they gonna have the next drill - the important thing is that it's gonna happend again.
number 4:

Russia and china have some interrest in Irag...A oil-love connection..And i think India had some too..
And they don't wan't America to attack Irag... Actually they warn america goin into Irag...
5- oh my god.. (why am i doin this?)
And then we have the Disclosure project...(no further comments on that - u know why..

6 - The Global warming...
bugger!! bugger!!
7 - and offcourse. The sonora-sightings... Which i think shows both triangels and glowing balls of fire in the skies... It's all there - on the sonoraSightings web site... All you need.
(emotions cropped out here - and my guts)
I don't think they want to kill us... I think we want to kill ourselves...
The only thing that can stop it now... Are the Disclosure.
Noone can be talked into reasons..for peace.
Only us - Civilians - can understand what a civilian life means. And what peace means.
We can play our computer games - We can meditate on our well being...We can hear the birds sing in the trees... Trying hard not to include my feelings here people.
I don't think the leaders understand anymore...
Can you see it...? To be a top leader...The utmost priority to be the best superstar king in this world.. One needs to control everything (military goals). there is no time for love and culture...on this planet anymore. And in the times...when there where some peace-time... It always ended up with some idiot making an idea...That this place needs some Impire-style about it. The master race - and the

There have never been an actually end (like a movie ends)... And that is why we can't see it for sure... Cause we can't reconize it - we have no referrence to a previous end. And we can't read the "signs"

Unless we use supernatural powers... Like our imagination - or some other form of vision.

But what i can see... I see the end comming closer. I see the signs... But im not sure what im looking at.... Cause i can't reconize it.

But it sure looks like an end to a movie. Where we are looking at the last 25 minutes of the film...
Where the end is not absolutely clear - but we might have an idea how it's all gonna end....
That is my thoughts about UFO's.. absolutly that's my thout..

Phew..did i make it? - no guts - no


Originally posted by MegaBlaster28

I think we're arrogant to assume we're any better off than people 400 years ago. I read in my physics book about how scientists were persecuted for thinking that the earth revolved around the sun or that the earth was a globe. And the book makes special mention about how that is all behind us now. We no longer have to face the persecution of the church. All is well in sunnydale...

I think that is pure arrogance. Pure, 100% arrogance. Our science has advanced, as has our knowledge, but it is every bit as imperfect as it once was. Experiments and new theories will destroy old ones, and the church will rise from the remains. The church still exists. The church will fight to stay alive. Anything new will have to fight disproportionately harder because most people are 'church-goers', another words, they abide by the common values of all. If most people think that the speed of light is C, then these types of people will think that the speed of light is C. The kind of people who change the world are people who think it through and do the experiments. These types of people don't just think the speed of light is C, they try to prove it wrong! Laws were made to be broken. The law of energy conservation was made to be broken. People who like to follow the rules, people who like to conform and follow a structured system of authority, these types are like, "The speed of light is C! Don't break the law! Thats not good for anyone!"

****RANT OFF ****

i agree..

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posted on Nov, 29 2005 @ 08:34 AM
Fusion is not here yet...

But its more promising than fission, thats for sure!!!!!!

Education: Fussion combines atoms via extreme temperature and the resulting element(s) are stable and relatively harmless. Fission splits atoms, and the resulting elements(s) are unstable and very radioactive. Both convert a loss in mass to energy.

Solar, buy it! I'm going to find some work and buy a collector to get it going... I'll post pictures of it here at angelion Smile

The magnet motor idea is something to keep in mind. Everyone is saying you can't do it. I think this is the inner voice society has built into out mind. Society has made us dependent and the idea of 'free energy' makes no sense to us. Its not 'free', nothing is free. If I setup a science fiction solar collector that collects solar energy for 500,000 years without breaking down, that is 'free' energy for 500,000 years, yet its not free. You could say its a wise choice to use solar tho. The sun and earth are like the tree of life, use them wisely. They came pre-packaged. Fusion is like the tree of good and evil, no guarantees Smile

Imagine a life where we have effective energy, food, water and shelter, so effective that we can work on our virtual worlds as much as we want without much worry that the world will end when we go online. That is a world to work for!! That is something that I can understand. That is a decent goal. Wouldn't you love to be lazy? Wouldn't you love to work 4 hours a day instead of 8? We can do that! It all comes down to us and what we choose to do together...

Imagine the president coming on TV and saying, "In 20 years you will be working 3 hours a day, being lazy will be your life." You know what would happen? Just like with the moon landing, you'd see enginners appear from everywhere ready to meet the challenge. Peoples spirits would rise like you wouldn't beleive. Finally, they'd say, a government for the people!!!! With more time, people would go to school more and learn more about the world as well. People would make better decisions globally, and war would be completely wiped from the face of the earth because noeone would stand for it. With more time, people develop strong understandings and war will simply be something that noeone wants or cares for. Engineers will manufacture all the food, water, energy and shelter that we'll ever need. Research and Innovation will balloon into a lifestyle. We won't need millions of people to produce this stuff. People will be more human, not less. The more we depend on humans to produce these things, the more dependent we'll be, and the more like robots we will become. As we have more time, we will value what it is to be human more and what it is to have a culture and an opinion. We wouldn't have 'culture' without the extra time that is needed for it; lazy time. If everyone worked 16 hours a day, the world would be black/white or good/evil.

Look forward to these days!! I do, every waking hour!! They're coming!! For the people, by the people, and with the people!

And with more time we'll value nature more and pollution will be a memory that many will mourn. This all has to do with extra time at the end of your 'work' day. That is the secret that industry is trying to bury. They would rather control every little thing because thats what they like to do. But, sooner or later, the people will revolt. The schools are the primary threat against industry and classes and war and etc. Schools are about the only thing I believe are worth investing in for our future earth.

All we have to do is to take our current knowledge and apply it. We have the capability and the resources, but only, if we act before its all lost. This is something we can start doing not in centuries, but today! Yes! Months, not years!

What happens depends on you and me, and everyone else. Don't depend on government to do it, we do it together...

Nikola Tesla speculated about a device at the bottom of the ocean that would have a lower pressure than the body of water around it, and that a turbine could be driven as the water is sucked into the device when it is opened. To keep the process self-sustaining the water would be broken into smaller elements and they would rise because they're less dense. The idea was that less energy is needed to break the water apart into smaller peices so it will rise than the amount of energy you will gain when the higher pressure water streams towards the lower pressure in the device. The other issue was that some water would have to be pumped out of the device, but when all of the energy is added up, you make a huge profit. Tesla said this device could work anywhere with a pressure difference. On the bottom of the ocean or outside your home, is what he meant by that. The story goes that he cut his work short because industry stopped him. Why? To control our energy usage...

Tesla is only one example of the many visonary thinkers that our world has seen. We don't need more yes-men. We need more people who want to break all the laws and all the limits in science/society. We need people who care, who have love in their hearts. We need good people and good science, and less war/hate. And most of all, people shouldn't be afraid of laziness! That is the beginning of your humanity! Do you want to be human or not? Or would you rather be a blaspheme?

Just think, if you were a robot you'd never be late or bored or tired or angry or frustrated. You'd be the perfect worker...

I was talking with someone. I asked them, "Do you want to be a robot?" They said, "No." I asked them, "Do you like to make mistakes?" They said, "No." I asked them, "Do you want to live in a world where you can't make mistakes?" They said, "No." I asked, "Do you want to live in a world where you shouldn't make mistakes?" Then they paused and said, "I already do." Then I asked, "Do you see why being a robot would be a lot easier for you?" They said, "That won't happen." I hope he's right...

If you don't fight for your rights to be lazy and your rights to live on a clean happy earth, you will lose them...


posted on Nov, 29 2005 @ 12:21 PM
Yes it's really simpel - Spread the slave army out on a wider time schedule. Iv'e had the exact same thought... It would create less stress - Or should i say - i should eliminate stress completely.
Nomore hitting the children cause they want to be lazy in the morning. There would be no need to be the perfect worker.. And even the health-care in every country would be minimized to broken bones and injections.. That is the idea iv'e had in my mind all the time since i was first able to formulate a thought in my head. (About 15 i was)

That is the future your talking about brave MegaBuster.. That is the essens of future..
Absolutly no stress... The other day some dude said to me - Don't you have any shame in your life... Your doing nothing.?!
This dude was working in a local supermarket. I could just hear the brainwash machine had wiped out he's entire mindset. I laughed..I had no words to describe the insult he tried to implode into my brain. Should i feel ashamed and disgust with myself - cause i at the moment have no job, and are not running for deadlines?

I went out of the mall - and i thought - Oh my god - speaking of brainwash.

And downstairs - in the morning..The children are crying - cause it's just to unfair to get up in six o'clock in the morning..Being the perfect child. The mother screams at the child. Take you shoes on - leave your toys!! Die child just die!!
But they always make it on time.

One more thing about the UFO thing... How can people who work everyday in this civilisation say there is no UFO's when they don't even have time to watch the skies..? All they see is walls and streets.

I just hope the children get enogh of all that perfection.
it's a heavy subject!! also.. robots - geeek!!

Oh by the way.. I had a warning in a war-room. Im not good at wars..

A little of subject... But have you guys seen the new Playstaion 3 games?
I tell you - If there is any way we have to get used to weird looking aliens..It can be done through the Playstation 3..The grafic's are lifelike - so that creatures don't look like pixels anymore.
And so we can talk through the Playstation 3 - By live TV... Now that is important..
Cause it will break even more barriers down - and that can stop the need for wars...
Cause the world will be known...To everyone with acces to a playstation 3. I think that is beautiful... Also - People can fight their wars on a computer instead of killing in real world..
Heck! ive even heard people say online - And what can we learn from computer games... Wars are no good... We just die. I encourage people to buy a playstation 3... Cause it has livefeed TV... Now the livefeed conversations are not just for the president... Hell no... We all have that possibility in short time from now..
And so - Everything will change.. People can set up camera's where there is UFO activity - and we can see it direct... And save it to harddisk... that is amazing.
I encourage communication... That is the way to evolve this planet.

So you people - Save up money and go buy a playstaion 3... For your children or just for your self.DONT FELL ASHAMED ABOUT IT. We don't need Mass media brainwash - we can brainwash each other.. we don't need leaders to tell us what to do - we have brains ourselves..It will revolunize this planet... We need populations to communicate... It might be hard in the beginning - But when we get used to talk together..Not just freinds - but all of us... On big family.. then the planet will the stars..

omg Ram.. And we can sell playstations to other planets... And communicate with them also.. Our children would love to do it. Give em a break..

And can you imagine what free energy will do!!?? WOOW!!

I welcome the end times... And every thing about disclosure. And a very important subject are the 2 - 4 hours work time... and embrase the lazyness.. Our kids are allready doing that.

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