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Is the Universe itself a computer program?

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posted on Aug, 5 2006 @ 08:15 PM
my sentiments exactly. everything we 'know' is all relative (i believe is the word im lookin for) to us.

(according to us) just as a person passes over the event horizon of a black hole they would be stretched to the point of molecular non-existence. but to an outside observer it would look as though they were, for lack of better analogy, frozen in place.

so if i can come back to what iwas getting at, ... another poor/ repeated metaphor on my part : we are just cells that made a telescope to see what's outside.

it's all speculation and opinion based on observation from one of the senses that we are connected to this universe with. i am starting to lean towards that, hopefully... if we can survive this generation, that this very subject will become similar to that of a science in its self.

almost a iamology, the study of science and everything that comes before and after.

lol.. boy am i gettin lost.. so hoOrah!

posted on Sep, 15 2006 @ 02:47 AM
The ideas here seem plausible to me. We could be one 12th graders science experiment in the year 3950. The kid that sits next to him just saw his world tear itself apart in sim year 2000, and weeps when he receives an F, while our "god" sits back and smiles.

posted on Sep, 15 2006 @ 03:00 AM
'64K ought to be enough memory for anybody.' --Bill Gates, 1981

posted on Sep, 18 2006 @ 04:00 PM

Originally posted by Conspiracy Theorist06
I think its got to be a computer program. If it wasn't, Science would be able to explain everything. We would not be "evolving" and we would have created the universe.

Surely if the universe was a computer program, we would be able to explain it. If it was something entirely different to what we have ever created (i.e. not a computer program), then it would make sense that we do not understand all of it.

Originally posted by Conspiracy Theorist06
Have any of you seen that movie, the thirteenth floor, well think of that but the whole universe. There are other humans creating it. Anything unexplained would be glitches in the program.

Anything unexplained would just be something that we havent worked out yet. Pure and simple. Humans do not, and will not ever know everything. I don't see how a UFO could be a 'glitch'. It behaves similarly to our airplanes, and the so called 'beings' inside behave like any other life form supposedly. I dont see how a glitch could do something so elaborate. Glitches usually just cause the thing to crash, and as of yet, the universe hasnt gone all fuzzy and come to a standstill, only recovering when the Big Guy outside rebooted the system.

Its an interesting theory, but belongs in Sci-Fi movies and books. It is not a truly plausable theory.

posted on Sep, 18 2006 @ 11:17 PM
A really interesting radio program on the Seti web site for those who are interested with an MIT professor by the name of Seth Lloyd who suggests that the Universe is a giant computer.

Look for Quantum Universe, it's about the 11th program down, a very interesting listen. You can find the podcast of the interview here.

This is an excerpt from the ad for the program, i found it fascinating even though alot of it was over my head.

Few things are stranger than quantum physics – unless it’s the idea that the atoms and particles that make up the universe are also components in a giant supercomputer. But for MIT physicist Seth Lloyd, the idea that the universe is the mother of all computers is only logical. Find out what the universe is computing, how one might program it and whether it runs on Mac or Windows. Also, the rediscovered story of Henrietta Leavitt, a Harvard “computer” who devised a measuring stick for gauging the size of the universe. And, find out how a supercomputer was used to make the ultimate thrill ride – a journey to the inside of a black hole. But remember, it’s a one-way trip. Buckle up!

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 10:33 AM
Conspiracy Theorist:

CT >> Is the Universe itself a computer program?

Not exactly. The visible universe you see in the cosmos is the inside of Adam’s broken body. You are I are incarnate here from an Infinite Realm far beyond the boundaries of this temporal universe. Since some of us are guilty of conspiring to pierce Adam right along with Satan, then God has ordained that we must incarnate inside of the victim’s body and admire our handiwork from the inside out as mere men.

CT >> Who created the Universe? I mean the WHOLE THING. Like I am not talking about planets and crud. I mean the thing that contains the planets and crud.

God (Genesis 1:1) created the universe (John 1:3) ‘through’ His Word (John 1:1-3, 14, Colossians 1:15-17).

CT >> I think its got to be a computer program. If it wasn't, Science would be able to explain everything. We would not be "evolving" and we would have created the universe.

We disagree. Remove all the ‘negatives’ (wasn’t, would not) in order to establish any thesis. Creation is more like a living being that just happens to be broken. The ‘Big Bang’ theory is a MYTH. All of this did not come from a single explosion. Everything in this universe was “one thing,” that Satan caused to explode into a cazillion subatomic particles. Adam = all of those particles joined together into ‘one’ thing. The redshift qualities of matter are present, because the outer extremities of Adam were propelled by the sudden expanse of all the inner parts. Therefore, the very outside spheres joined together and rotating by the forces of gravity are traveling at speeds exponential to those from the inward parts of Adam’s broken body. God’s reconstitution of creation (Revelation 21:1+) will see the renovated galaxy strings possessing blueshift qualities, as this broken universe begins to collapse back upon itself. The ‘ages to come’ will see God reconstituting this universe time and time again, until Adam is finally restored to his original singularity expression. Adam of Genesis 2:7 is the ‘incarnation’ of this entire universe in a single ‘man.’

CT >> Do you get what I am saying? I emphasize the WHOLE UNIVERSE. If you still don't get it think of it this way. Not the water inside the water bottle but the water bottle itself.

Yes sir. I get it. : 0 )

CT >> I Have any of you seen that movie, the thirteenth floor, well think of that but the whole universe. There are other humans creating it. Anything unexplained would be glitches in the program.

Yes. That is a very good movie with ‘some’ corresponding features comparable to reality, IMHO. However, a better example is seen in “The Matrix,” if “Neo” is allowed to represent the single man “IN” whom the entire Matrix exists. Therefore, Neo plugging in and entering the Matrix can be compared to Adam (the entire universe) incarnating in Genesis 2:7 on this earth. Adam’s true existence is beyond this universe, but he is jacked in and walking around inside himself through his ‘incarnation’ as a mere man. The similarities are quite amazing when we begin listing them. Adam is said to be the original cultivator of the land. Genesis 2:5, 15, 3:23. The powers of the cultivator of the land are displayed in the prophet Elijah and Moses. They include:

1. The power over drought and rain. 1Kings 17:1, Exodus 9:23, 33+34.
2. The power to divide rivers and seas. 2Kings 2:8, Exodus 14:16+21.
3. The power to call down the fire of the Lord. 1Kings 18:36-38, Exodus 9:23.
4. The power to raise the dead. 1Kings 17:17:21-23.

Scripture prophesies that Elijah will return (Malachi 4:5+6) and restore all things (Matthew 17:10-11) and that person will be the ‘incarnation’ of Adam the father of us all representing this entire universe as a single ‘man.’ He will be like Neo in the Matrix with all of these powers and others we cannot even imagine.

CT >> Does anyone else agree? I need to know.

Well, kind of, : 0 )


posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 07:49 PM
If someone created our universe in a computer or not, Who created the creaters universe. I personally think you have seen the matrix way too many times.
Our universe is here and we are in it, I dont think somebody created the universe but it just happened.

posted on Oct, 28 2006 @ 02:22 AM
for every movie made there will be someone to grasp onto it much like a religion.

the matrix was a cool movie, but hello, its a movie. utter nonsense to think there is even a glimmer of ACTUAL truth to it. not trying to offend, im just saying.

posted on Oct, 28 2006 @ 08:16 AM
Sorry if this has already been brought up, but I'm too lazy tonight to read through 4 pages of replies. I posted a similar thread a few months ago, about a theory based on the idea that one day, computer technology will improve to the point where we will be able to perfectly mimick a universe.

If computers progress according to moores law, and the human race lives long enough, one day, we will have a processor/gpu/programming language & technique capable of perfectly replicating a universe, down to the finest detail.

However in order to observe this universe, the 'scientists' would need to actually enter the universe.

Suppose future computers were capable of generating 1,000,000 artificial entities to populate this universe, at least one scientist would need to 'enter' this universe to observe these beings behaviour, thus, the chances of you or I actually existing (as opposed to being the product of a computer program), are 1,000,000 to 1.

However, because these artifical beings are contained within a computer program, they may not even be capable of realising they are an artificially created entity, or that a universe exists outside theirs (another dimension from their point of view).

Now, assume the original person who came up with this theory decided he wanted to prove it's validity, he/she would never succeed, because he/she is programmatically confined to the artificial universe he/she was placed in, thus, the only way to prove this theory, is to wait and see if computer technology improves to the point where we ourselves can create entire artificial universes (note this would also indirectly prove the multi-verse theory AND god. We (god/'a higher power' in the eyes of the artifical beings we create) create a universe. Those beings evolve, create their own universe (in turn becoming gods in the eyes of their artificially created beings) etc etc).

I believe that humans have the intelligence to develop this technology one day (VERY distant future). The big challenge is managing to NOT wipe ourselves out first. The first step is finding the artificial intelligence equivalent of Einstien or Nicholas Tesla. Someone that shakes the very foundations of computing and brings about entirely new ways, new languages, new techniques or new technologies that push artifical intelligence to new levels, something akin to the transition from vaccum tubes to nano-transistors.

posted on Nov, 3 2006 @ 03:11 AM
Here is what i believe God is. God is the yes or no to every question ever.

Think about this one. Everything ever down to which way an electron spins has a yes or no answer. What is unsettleling is that i deduced this all down to binary. The infinite detal large and small all is allowed to do somthing or not. The "answers" to what it can or cant do defines what it is to be that object.

God is the Unmoveable Mover which sustains itself because that is all it can do and is the most important thing to its wellbeing. WE, yes you and I, are all God. Nothing we are or own is "ours". If matter can neither be created no destroyed, all that is and is not matter belongs to that which it is and contains it all.

This means that everything i am and see IS God. Our thoughts are allowed to exist if even for only an inmeasurable amount of time. The thought is "activated" from the endless list of possibilities. We just borrow God for a time until we decay back into God which is not possible really because we are God no matter what we are.

God is a liquid in which matter and energy are one and are the building block for all. we are built up blocks from that root, lets call it one, which we seem to think are actually different things. One is like the watter in a fishtank. when you look at it, it seems to be the same thing through and through. but imagine if we could zoom into this , 'one' water, and see infinite universes in which we are just a 'speck' in. If we could see that we are composed of the 'one' element and everything was a universal liquid which could be infinitely divided, maybe we would understand we are all God and can never be anything else.

after you read this and before you consider to flame me i would like to point out that the conception which i and "trying" to describe is beyond words and is so abstract that it is hard to grasp.

OH AND ALSO, this God theory of mine 'defines' God regardless of what it is.

That which is it all, even if its nothing, is what it is; and that is God

"Now I know that the LORD is greater than all gods: for in the thing in which they dealt proudly, he was above them"

This quote is tattooed on the back of Tupac Amaru Shakur and is from the bible. It no only explains monotheism but also brings to be a better scope on the sheer 'size' of God.

lets see what you have to say or ask in hopes to clairify this as a whole.

maybe together we can acomplish an understanding

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posted on Nov, 8 2006 @ 08:25 AM
A friend of mine had a good idea. what if god carved the universe out of himself? that would explain why god is all around us and why planets and such seem to "roll" along a dark matter.

posted on Dec, 15 2006 @ 08:01 PM
"Here is what i believe God is. God is the yes or no to every question ever.

Think about this one. Everything ever down to which way an electron spins has a yes or no answer. What is unsettleling is that i deduced this all down to binary."

I was thinking of the universe the same way.Interesting thread guys,Some really great theories! My way of thinking is like with computers everything can be seen as 1 or 0 yes or no.In our lives we must constantly make a decision to continue with the next level of events happening to us.Should I wake up and go to work or should I sleep in late.1 or 0,but it's more complicated because then we need to calculate what will my boss me?Or if I go to work now should I buy a coffee to wake up?The 1's and 0's are calculating super fast in our brains,like a computer.Should I go left or right?Our brains do work with electricity.We are robots with sensors,The nerves in my hand say! Or Snow...cold...brrrrr.Then it gets more complex with in between variables like Ahhhhh I guess we are very sophisticated robots that can also think in Analog too.

not only us but the Earth The stars the whole universe seems to follow mathematics which are just complex "decisions".I also think that what if the Universe is just a rotating Disc?would this explain why the galaxies are all expanding outward instead of a big bang and where gravitational force is created from?What if there is no end to the Universe because it is round so if you go straight you will always end up where you started from...eventually.

posted on Dec, 15 2006 @ 08:13 PM
Ok sorry I just want to finish up my thoughts.If the Universe is a rotating Disc or ball,then it is possible that Deja-Vu which feels too real for me(I'm not buying all the other explanations for it)could happen because we have done the same place or event a zillion times already.We may be following patterns on a programmed we never really die ,we eventually get reset and must follow in the same general track over and over.we are given the power to pick which path we constantly take 1 or 0 .So we can change our path to be different everytime we are "reset"except sometimes we make the same decision and we remember thus triggering the Deja-vu.This could be why some people are psychic,they remember events that may or may not happen.Just my 2 cents,had a few beers,later when I go back to read this I will be like ...WTF?

posted on Dec, 15 2006 @ 09:42 PM
dejavu could just be inherited in a lineage of a linear existence of the human genes. we pass so much along through our genes why not thoughts, experiences, lives. we're all one.

posted on Dec, 17 2006 @ 08:53 AM
I actually favor this theory about God to a certain extent, I compare God to a computer programmer alot, and the universe to a program alot.

It's because thats all we know as humans that would make sense, thats the only way we can explain how someone can create reality, because thats the only way we can simulate it and make fake realities on digital media, even live ones (MMORPG games).

I like to ask 'okay, the solar system floats inside the galaxy. the galaxy floats inside the universe. what does the universe 'float' or stay inside of, and does it have limits, or is it truely endless like a repeating decimal?

I have a theory. If you go far enough out from where this 'big bang' supposed to have occured, even though it may not have been a bang at all, you will pass all the solar systems and galaxies and stuff .. and get to just darkness. If you keep going, eventually a force like gravity might begin to pull on the matter of your spacecraft .. thats the universe's gravity pull! you'd be outside the universe into repeating darkness of nothingness comparable to a repeating decimal that always has a number and never ends (3.543543543543543 to infinity). I dont have a word for this place beyond the universe, but there are other universes, and it is done that way to keep all matter from one universe within itself, not crossing into another, where the matter may be drasticly different, as well as the laws of the universe (physics, biology, science). there might not be gravity in the other universe, for example. oxygen may not exist in the other universe, for example.

heaven could be another universe.

heaven could be another dimension within this reality that 4 dimensional life cant see, at least while it is flesh. but i guess when we die we are no longer 4 dimensional beings, so all we have to do is get killed to achieve greatness! lol .. what crazyness .. and it actually makes sense, oh dear.

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posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 07:01 PM
Dear CT06

You asked: “Who created the Universe? I mean the WHOLE THING. Like I am not talking about planets and crud. I mean the thing that contains the planets and crud. “

It takes a much better cosmology to work with than the current model would suggest in order to answer the question even part way in my opinion.

While the present thought as to how the “WHOLE THING” got to be where it is based on the thought that it self-exists, or that it was created by design, both views fail to understand that the universe is segregated into three basic components each of which is a system operating according to its own rules of behavior.

I won’t discuss the three components, but I will speak to the systems themselves and their coordination and integration that results in the observable universe, the value universe, as both are integrated to form the purpose of the universe. I can not discuss the purpose of the universe because it is not known.

Each universe system has its laws designed to allow elements outside of itself to be un-conflicted with each other inside themselves. By this it is meant that in the example of a star that blows up, the effects of the disaster still follow the laws of cause and effect. The laws of cause and effect do not in any way conflict with the laws of value, however violent the material system reacts.

The system of value-laws says they must be engaged with intention, and the intention itself is a value added to a value that has no debt owed to material systems. Good people die in an earthquake, but their good remains to build upon where the earthquake happened. The laws of value may not be quantified but they can be qualified. One may not say, for example, three values plus four values = seven values; rather, the same sum in values is really equal to an exponential value of the sum of its parts as truth, beauty, and goodness to those who perceive it.

So then, how are the systems integrated to form a purposeful universe?

The universe integrates material and value systems through three primary cosmic capacities. Matter and Value exist in each, and in each the lower capacity is integrated with the higher. The cosmic capacities are known as:

1 - The capacity for consciousness in a finite-experiential, cause-effect, growth space area;

2 - The capacity for eternal consciousness that transcends beginnings and endings as in the finite areas of space, but is not a perfection of destiny;

3 - The capacity for perfection, the final area where matter and value are one energy expressed as divinity.

We may understand that capacity in 1) is the time-space universe we live in. We have no experience with a measurement of the capacity in 2), and in capacity 3) we really only see it as a potential from our point of view.

Actual integration is through a series of Deity unions which contain all potentials and actuals of the WHOLE THING and re-issue reality (what is possible at any given moment) through the three mentioned filters in constant refreshment. Coordination for the finite-time areas lag all other areas because of their relative state of imperfection. On the other two levels of cosmic capacity and integration, they are fully coordinated and eventuate new living realities without error.

Thank you.

posted on Dec, 22 2006 @ 07:40 PM
The only programmed thing is us humans.
We are the ones with the constraints to live in this environment of space time. God the creator was the first programmer of this universe and we feel and know that within our selves the lack of God makes us feel a bit worthless.

But if the universe is the illusion then something created it and obviously so you either believe in God or you don't there is not much difference. The Biblical God has so many programme laws in nature it's obviously a design. So what ever is going on it's so much in man's heart to deny God that we would except an Geeky lab technician doing the work of the universe. An instrustion book called the Bible came along for us to play the game straight but because there are so many other interpretations of God then the choice is yours. I can not say for you you need to descover.

posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 03:39 AM
There was an article in PC gamer a few months ago about how NPC's are beginning to fit the definition of a conscious being:

The state of awareness of the self and the environment.

(taken from

A computer controlled character is aware of tis surroundings, what its wearing, the current weapon or tool it is carrying, and possible actions that can be performed with the combination that it has... give them an imagination and they're practically us.

posted on Jul, 31 2008 @ 12:42 AM
Please Note:- This is Not a hoax or Fantasy...

If you really want to know the Truth about whether the Universe is the result of a Computer Program then feel free to contact me at

I have been designing and building Optical Computer Interfaces with The Mind. (I am not referring to the Mind as it is understood Incorrectly by science today but of The True Mind that looks into the program you call your Universe.)

I now have a Library of over 30,000 Drawings in Geometry, that show how All came from Nothing, how to manufacture Optical Interfaces, and how they work, including programming.

It is no problem at all to send these to you.

I can also show how Humankind, can interface with the Outer True Mind and Edit anything in your Universe.

Else where in your so called Universe, Optical Based Computers, are used to interface with what is a Program that produces the illusion of your Universe.
These Computers are used for building, editing, transportation control systems, Creating Worlds and Many other uses.

The Universe as you know it, is only one of Billions of Universes, in fact there are so many other Universes it is impossible to count them.

Besides these Universes there are more Worlds than Universes, that are Nothing like your Universe or any other Universes!

There is No mystery to your Universe, or why it exists at all.

Humankind is only a very, very Primitive Primate, and their knowledge is Only Guess Work.

Guessing Does Not Give You Knowledge!

I can Prove, all that I can explain, in very very simple demonstrations, that you can both see and feel.

The greatest "Error in Science", is the "Human Theory of Light".

Humankind is totally Incorrect, in their Theories and assumptions.

But I can prove to You, that Your Scientific Theory is Incorrect and demonstrate the Truth. about Light what it really is and how Colour is Produced!

Again I must stress, this is No hoax, or the Work of an insane person, but can be backed up with proof, anyone can check out themselves!

At present I am teaching about this in China, but am returning to my home country which is New Zealand.

In the past I have had my own Automotive Computer Design and Manufacturing Co.

I am at present in the Business of Importing but spend many, many hours involved with Optical Interfaces with The Mind that are able to Interact with your World!
Sincere Regards


posted on Jul, 31 2008 @ 01:25 AM
reply to post by Conspiracy Theorist06

Yes it is the product of an Optical Based Computer Program and can be proven to be so!
All came from Nothing but Nothing is actually something.
It is a very important component of everything and is used in the programming of the Universe as you know it.
Example:- Nothing is present at the Center of a Circle or any other object as the true Center has No size or Shape Geometricly speaking....
If you ask a young child what is in the empty cup, they will answer "Nothing"...
All things that exist, even Conceptually or otherwise, have an Inner and an Outer component.
All is created by two building blocks "Straight" or "Curved" or a combination of the Two, and you will find you will be unable to find any other shape in existance any where.

The Matrix Traveller...

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