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U.S. Government aiding schools?

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posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 12:18 AM
What doesnt make sense to me is the way our country spends its money, specifically with education. Japan seems to be a far more advanced country with more intelligence and longer life spans than the US. Their technology seems to be utilized much more effeciently than ours also. Which makes me wonder why we do not spend more money funding education. The future of this country is in the kids of today. A recent bill which was narrowly rejected, proposed even more education cuts. This is pure ludicrousy when my brother and I are each paying $360 for the 3 sports we play (Golf, Basketball, Baseball). Schools should also be provided with enough teachers, and qualified ones at that. Teachers salaries should be increased with qualifications due to their pivotal role in developing the brains of the future. I'm surprised that education seems to be neglected in major discussions today. Security and saftey are important in this country. However, I'd like to see more money put into our school systems.

Does anyone have comments about public education, and why it is lacking. I know that our private schools are world renowned, however our public schools are not equal to those of other countries.

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 12:43 AM
That's because the "powers that be" are not concerned about the future of you or me. Their priorties lie elsewhere.
We are just chattle handed a bone once in awhile to keep us passified.

You also have to understand schools are not provided to educate us, they are designed to mold us into comformity to authority. Society has reached such a high state of conformity now it's self perpetuating. As far as the "powers that be" are concerned school is not a high priority anymore as far as controlling us.
Society itself is teaching us conformity. Everytime someone calls you a nut bar for questioning, the governments job is done for them.

Not necessarily relevant but Interesting read...

You call golf a sport? LOL just kiddin

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posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 01:06 AM
America spends more than enough money on education now. In fact, education is over-funded in my opinion. Let me explain – Money does not guarantee an adequate education for students and the amount of money spent per student does not positively correlate to increased knowledge in students as demonstrated through testing. The problem with education is that we have become overwhelmed with political correctness and a secular humanist view that is degrading the individual students’ rights to excel.

A good place to start in explanation of the previous sentence is mainstreaming. Mainstreaming allows students that have mental or physical issues to be placed in the same classroom as regular students. While I agree that students should be given equal education, mainstreaming, especially of students that are disruptive to the classroom, does little more than take resources away from student that, if given attention, would excel in school. Mainstreaming has given rise to terms such as “deferred success”, which is a political correct term for failing, and has eliminated many honor students because honor students would make those less capable feel bad. Got to artificially increase that self-esteem you know – because as research confirms – an artificial increase in self-esteem increases teen sex, drug use, and teen suicide, and that is just what secular humanists want.

Many mainstreamed students require an individual to shadow them throughout the entire school day. This individual is paid a salary that could be otherwise spent on quality teachers. Mainstreaming is a pure statement that says everyone is the same, even if they are not.

Other than mainstreaming, think about where money for schools goes. To see where the money goes, just look at the requirements of some school buildings. Where I live, we have spent 3 million dollars on a school for 5 students – nice. (I live in Alaska and I know this is fact) Also, how about the requirement to build classrooms and schools that make certain that little Johnny does not get a boo-boo when he falls on the playground.

Want quality education – forget it! You first need to learn that little Johnnies mommy is really a guy, and you don’t have time to learn math because, if you live in California, you have to take surveys asking questions like – “How much time do you spend touching yourself each day?” Students in today’s schools have no need for academic subjects, as it is now more important to become a world citizen than an educated American. Besides, an ignorant voting base is required in order to keep democrats in office. (Whoops! Did I really say that?)

Ok, I have taken up enough space for tonight. No, mainstreaming and other issues I have addressed are not the only problems, there are many more, and I will add to this when the comments come.

Oh yea - I forgot. In Japan excellence is a source of pride throughout society. In America excellence is a black mark, especially if you are a minority and are not conforming to the expectations of certain groups - just ask any successful Black Republican.

---Edited to add this:

....far from failing in its intended task, our educational system is in fact succeeding magnificently, because its aim is to keep the American people thoughtless enough to go on supporting the system.

~~Richard Mitchell

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posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 12:16 PM
This does seem to be the case in my school as well. We have too many kids that try to conform to society, instead of just being themselves and letting society conform to them.

One funny point about my school, it is in Massachusetts and in a small town- about 12,000 residents, is that we have been trying to cut back on spending the last few years due to our towns sparsely populated business. I dont pay the town taxs, but I know that my parents along with all the other residents here pay one of the highest tax rates in the state. Supposedly we dont have enough business in the town. However, what is funny is that this year the town office tells us that they just found $900,000 dollars of extra money for the schools to use.

Luckily for me, Im a senior and Ill be heading elsewhere for my next four years of learning. Does anyone have any comments about private colleges, are they similar to public schools, but just rape money out of you? Id like to think that they are there for your benefit? But there is always deceit. Thanks for any comments.

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 04:31 PM
Public versus private schooling is a very individual type of opinion. I received my Bachelors at a public college, my first and second Masters at private universities, and I am enrolled in a PhD program at a private university. My experiences are that private colleges aided my learning by allowing me to express my opinions freely.

I am a very conservative on some subjects and very liberal in others. I found that public colleges, while they pretend to allow freedom of speech and thought, actually tend to punish conservative views. I wanted to obtain my masters in education at a public school, but actually withdrew from the program after I, and others, were subjected to negative actions by teachers that refused to respect my views.

Additionally, I find that the quality of education is better at the three private universities I have attended. When you pay $475 per credit hour you expect something better, and private universities understand that if they do not deliver, they are history. Public universities get money from the government - a usual waste of funding in many cases.

My suggestion is get your general education requirements (those that will transfer to a private college of your choice) and then transfer to a private university. That way you save some money and get to experience both school types.

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