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Illusions and Manifesting

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posted on Nov, 19 2005 @ 09:02 PM
I believe that we can manifest people, places and things into our lives. I think being a creative being that we very really could have the power to do this but that we have to be 100% without doubt that we can make things appear and disapper.
With that in mind, I also believe that life is an illusion of which we create as we go along, which if that is true then fortunetelling would be just another tool giving us information in which to manifest. It would inspire (?) us to consintrate on what we think or want to happen in our lives.
I cannot say for 100% that I believe in manifesting BUT I am pretty sure we can do it. I believe I can and everyday I work even harder at manifesting the things I want and need in life. This site is just one of those many things.

posted on Nov, 19 2005 @ 09:29 PM
We can manifest people and things? I dunno.

We can influence things, happenings and people, just through the strength of our thoughts, well we can talk about it.

Personally, i think life is a big stream of possibilities and chances. Using a metaphor, we could say life is a big river, with many turbulences, in which we're doing rafting.
Every turbulence is a possibility. There are many people who just blindly run through this river, hoping everything goes well. There are others who have understood how to peek a little above their rafting board, thus being able to see which turbulences and/or rocks they may find during their path. So, these latter people have also the "power" to change their course, or influence the flow of the "life river", in order meet -or even create- the turbulences or rocks they want to, and avoid those they don't want.

In other words, you don't "create", but you have the power to manipulate life's stream of energy to suit your path and objectives.
Still, we don't have to forget the power of other peoples' free will, because it may influence and even modify the effects of our own capability to manipulate life's stream of energy...

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 12:39 AM
I am surprised to see your understanding of this. Not many people do or understand it. Ever heard of a Golem? I think thats the name of it anyway.

Anyway with what you said I belive it is based on other things as well one being numbers of people.

Next is who knows this and what do they use it for. Think higher up the food chain. Now what is the ultimate thing to do with it. Self gain sure why not but if you look on a global scale what why and how could we use this and the negative and positive actions from it.

Also do you learn it and if you do, do you keep it a secret? Can you learn it and can only people ready for it learn it and the depth.

We can do a little test. This will be directed at you only however. Its a simple test I am sending you a number a single digit number. You know this number if you second guess your belief you will not get it right. If I second guess your belief or my belief you will not get it right either.

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posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 12:55 AM
Its funny my last mention I just did the same test with my wife via email. I sensed her doubt so I knew what her response was gonna be before emailing me back. However you can look at this deeper and maybe I just doubted her however I think I just knew as she is not very familar with this and I have not talked to her about it as most people get very uncomfortable when you lay out the truth. Last time I tried explaining it she freaked out and she is of solid mind I never seen her get uncomfortable with anything.

Magic I tell you magic. Its hard not to doubt your faith though until you get to the point of beliving. If you can't have a true form of belief or faith on something don't continue. Its funny how faith has insurance policies if you don't have the faith nothing will happen for you. I am not talking faith in the pope or Allah but a faith of something more which you will figure it out without me telling you
Anyway you will start to see the variables among people and how hard it is to get X amount of people on the same wavelength before it can manifest into much much more.

You can also figure out who I am
If you do, don't post it here for obvious reasons. Just message me and I can than go in further detail about everything.

Ah now she just did it to me. I told her I sensed her doubt still yet I was able to get it. Than her reply was no that was an easy one to guess. I replied see what I mean by having doubts yet I try to never doubt myself even if another person has doubts about it and get it anyway. Either way numbers is simple yet can become chaos as its just one thought but how easy can it be for that other person to doubt it will work and maybe if they thing of one number or word than think of another and say crap did I just mess it up. No you can't mess up faith in it you just think belive and make it happen. If you sense doubt in another have faith in them blah blah blah anything is possible.

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